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February 23, 2013

I get excited easily. Typical girl who had overdosed by the fangirling hormones :p

As I've been promising to make a special post credited to Ainaa Mazelin Mustafa. *Motif? * haha. We went out for shopping :) Yeayyy. Its rare for me, I mean for us, for not having class during weekdays. Having hard time to choose where to hang out. As midvalley and KLCC is too mainstream with people , the crowd , include the boring mood too. Ainaa came out with an idea : The Mines. Considering other people's thought saying that The Mines is boringggg , we almost change the plan while we're on the ride. But still, I wanted to explore new places and to The Mines we go :3

I did research earlier * research , like seriouslyaaah najwa? hahha. I do research before I shop because I wanted everything to be well planned. Bhahah. Membosankan bukan saya? I am not. At first, I was like meroyan nak tengok Kerat 14 but by reading valuations and reviews on the internet, they declined my meroyan degree.

Lets cut it short. I wanted to try the Water Taxi Service :p We did. Yeaay exclude the water that stinks. You wouldn;t smell that much while you're on the ride. Because yeahh maybe wave for smell ain't that fast as the wave of the air. Merepek physic apa kauuu najwa hoi. Its RM 2 per ride. Affordable. Include the fact that we're the only two on the boat. With the boat driver. Like a boss boleh? Hahah we're like camwhoring at every seats. In the taxi just because we wanted to have some good lights. *hihi*

Masa on the taxi tu, as you go inside The Mines, you'll get too smell and the adrenaline suddenly rushed by foods. Food restaurants. Food stalls. Food isz everywhere. As we haven't had our lunch, we went for lunch at Popeye. Popeye is nice. I guess. For me. The chicken tender, just walla :D . Tu belum kira , balik toilet nampak takoyaki * I've been mengidam since ever for this, last time I went to Mid *

We don't watch any movies because we decided to walk around and explore stuff. We did :) I went to a shop to get a new handbag. Because the prices always come first , we get excited by reasonable prices and cute shops. Ainaa with her Hello Kitty-ized. I finally had my new sling bag. Need to say goodbye to my old bag. Because talinya sudah terputus di tengah jalan :'(

Having crazaaaayh shots in the PhotoBooth :3 Ahaaa freaking kalut jugak. k gelak gelak sakan ingat masa nak ambik gambar, or bak kata ainaa, pukul gambar * I am affected by her Kelantanese dialect nowadays* *insert chaotic moment* *insert laughing like had * * insert girls camwhoring expressions*

Previously we entered book stores, I bought an Old Maid *old times* purposely. Ahaks. We even entered ETUDE House ,  a store which offers you convincing promoters with their beauty products. At first, I don't really into these facial thingy. But when the promoter started to make me wonder , he was like saying : Why don't you look anything suitable for your facial needs? * I nodded inside * * I wanted to* *But IDK whats the problem with my face* Aaaaaah he just bravo-ly convinced me to buy their products. And we did. Lols. Takpe laa, umur awak dah nak masuk 19 najwa hoii. The age of 2 is approaching.

Well my investment for today I considered worth it. The memory we had too. Memory being inside the packed KTM. Not sitting for an hour journey to Shah Alam. Fiuuuh -.-'

Ever since I remembered, this is my first time, shopping with ainaa. Ever since we know each other months ago. Its months ago but truthfully I feel like knowing her for years? *k poyo* haha. Knowing different personality each of your friend owned , ainaa is unique in her way. Her way is just too complicated to be written here. Lets say, with my GF in intec, we rarely shop girly things. I mean like we're not really into it while we're shopping. But with other people, like shopping with Ainaa, i get myself exposed to the girls stuff. Girls time, being in and out from stores to stores. i loathe shopping but sometimes, I am enjoying it :) Like 22nd February :D

I found out that The Mines is notttt a boring place to shop, yet its nice because maybe its my luck today, so the shopping complex is ain't that crowd. Maybe its because of today is friday. Maybe. Maybe. But I justtt love the new experience I explored.

Blessed :')

Now the time for picturessssss :'s . Its not in order but yeaaaaah like who caresssss

don't get deceived by the flawlessss photo. Even us got mini heart attack seeing ourselves inside the photo. Luls.

The water taxi yang ktorang dua orang je dominate. Seeeee. Seeee :D This water taxi exactly located like I read inside the blogs. It just a distance away from KTM Serdang. You need to cross the jejantas to go here.  You can choose to walk to The Mines too. Not that far laa. Tapi berpeluh aaa jugak. Tapi manusia jakun ni haruslah tidak melepaskan peluang untuk berzumbaa di atas teksi air :p

Tapi masa balik, as we want to have sudden exercise *bahhaha tipuuu ni tipuuuu* we walk to the KTM. lololololol. Running out of money obviousssslayh. 

The place where I shop my new hand bag :p the second time walking at the same path. Ughh feel like having new baju. Got boring with this red luuls. 

suddenly we're in the time machine. Zaman sembilan belas tahun. And run to zaman Tok Nek. tok Abah :o. Tok Ainaa pakai glasses yang tak cabut tag harga. hahaha.

Again. the deceiving flawlessss pictures.

This is nice. I tried it for times in Selandar :P Okonomiyaki. Japan's pizza. Hamekk engko tetiba tekak jepun'ized. haha Tekak aku purely Melayu. But sometimesss, nak jugak keluar kepompong makanan mamak seksyen lapan belas tu. Include makanan kafe intec. Lol

some random video, got excited on the water taxi The Mines . luls wuuu wuuuu sejuk woo. wooo.

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