👩🏻‍⚖️ The writer

Assalamualaikum ,

Since its a new year , let's give a fresh start to this introduction 😄

My name is Anis Najwa binti Nazari . I've been writing for like almost a decade now. Started back in 2008 when it was kinda a trend to have a blog , so I had mine ( I deleted the old blog , and wishing to keep this one alive insyaAllah )  , not knowing later it has been one of the important part of introduction about my life. I just love to see how I grow up through my writing. 

Because later ,

 I might find reasons to smile , and more reasons to be grateful. Being grateful over the blessings and the hardships I went through. Because one day I might able to pat my own shoulder and humbly said 

' You did it '. 

Current life update : 

I'm currently reading Law at Cardiff University , finishing very soon so I do hope you send me massive of prayers , so I will get through this with ease :) 

and at the moment - I am so not prepared for post-graduation life ( cries a river of sausages and fried chicken ha ha with mashed potatoes please ) 



any inquires , you can email me at : najwanis24@gmail.com