February 25, 2017

I concluded that my weekend is wayyyy busier than my weekdays. And sometimes I can't wait for Monday to come ( since I don't have class on Monday when almost everybody else does ) , so I can have a day off. 

Have you guys met Y U N N Y :) 

I came to realized that I tried so many new things this year. Perhaps because it's my last year here , that's why. I went to the career and employability service provided by the university to check on my curriculum vitae because finally someone is getting serious about the her future plan. Though many things seems so blurry now to be honest , because it kinda overlapped between the Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP) and employment , as well the contract with the sponsor. 

The people in the office are so warm and polite , and I'll definitely miss those good times meeting good people. 

But insyaAllah, build as many hopes you wish , may Allah bless it in any ways they can be blessed. 

Talking about blessings , yesterday I am not sure how we get into the 'rahmah' discussion ( it's more like how our kakak naqibah elaborate on it , which is admirable ) , I guess it's Ajlaa's hadith presentation , that speaks about 'rahmah' ( blessings ) , 

That says , what we're enjoying now is just 1% out of 100% , which another 99% of it Allah keep the happiness in the heaven. 

Blessings , specifically from Allah , is something that He gives to us human , wanting tons of good things to happen to someone. One point , on why through Quran , Allah speaks about blessings He gave , is for us not to loose our hopes on whatever things we're doing. 

Kalau cita cita kan syurga , impikan syurga yang paling tinggi. 

( I should have jot the notes down yesterday ) ( I will ask Kak Aisyah again on this hehe ) 

I have so many things ahead me , but I'm still lazying around. Should have start with my practice for the seminar. I've been taking things lightly which I loathe that side of me. 

Ohhhh and by the way , I just got back from setting technical things for the Ummah Week happening in Ireland , a video conference with Syed Azmi , the activist . I personally loved the session which speaks about the 'taboo' topic in our society ( among Malaysian) , which concerns about child grooming which kept hidden behind the societies in order to save their face , or for some personal interests. 

Amirah asked me earlier ' This child grooming case , is it accelerating in our society ( and perhaps because it is increasing that's why we're discussing it today '

and I think the social problem concerning sexually abused children had been there for ages , but not many people take steps to make it known to the public , not many take initiatives to educate the society about this matter , because it may sounds disturbing and when it involve children , children who're abused sexually usually tends to keep things to him or herself. And which it affects their personality when they grew up , either they turn out to be violent or be very reserved. 

I really love this ummah week as I can feel the positive impact of our tiny efforts to make people aware with the humanity issues going on. I remembered some positive feedbacks from the local people who attended our Rohingya talk , they felt so grateful that such awareness talk happened , because they never came across the issue or dealing with it seriously. 

I was really contemplating at first to help with the technical settings , but perhaps this is the way Allah answered the prayers of ' Allah berikan aku kebaikan atas kebaikan yang lain ' 

I am just too tired right now , too lazy to even tidy things up , but I need to wait for my friends to come at 1.00 and I have a day talk tomorrow which starts at E I G H T 

Cry me two rivers please.

Self babbling ramblings

Kau tak buat banyak benda pun.

February 20, 2017

Rasa macam tengah ada dalam perlawanan bola sepak dan sedang desperate nak mintak a time-off sambil buat gaya tangan yang 'T' tu haha. 

Tapi aku sedar je sebenarnya yang tak boleh nak mengeluh penat pun sebab kau tahu yang kau tak buat banyak benda dalam kehidupan . Dan ada orang lain jauh lebih sibuk. Tapi aku cuma nak rehat. Kejap. 

( mungkin sebab manja sangat selama ni macam bersenang lenang ) 

Rindu pulak nak tulis dalam bahasa melayu. Punyalah pening dua tiga hari ni draft email dalam bahasa Melayu , pastu ada beberapa mesej disampaikan dalam Bahasa Inggeris Bila mintak tolong si Google Translate , rasa macam aneh sangat transisi bahasa tu. Dah lepastu habis redha bila ayat bunyi macam janggal. 

Selesa je pakai Bahasa Melayu sepanjang hidup , cuma bila kena menulis penuh dalam bahasa Melayu rasa macam ' ergh ' 

Tapi sebenarnya aku sangat menghargai saat saat kesempitan masa yang lapang tu a.ka kesibukan.  Sebab statement ' Orang yang bahagia itu adalah orang yang sibuk' , punyalah aku beriman dengan ayat ni eh. Sebab setiap kali rasa macam lesu , jadi bersemangat secara tiba tiba ! 

Nevertheless , 

aku rasa aku ada issue untuk kata 'NO' tapi baru tolak satu jemputan untuk adjudicate debate tanpa berfikir dengan panjang . Sebab sangat terikat dengan tuntutan sebagai pelajar tahun akhir. Dan saat jemputan tu datang , aku baru habis 'freaked out' dengan diri sendiri sebab terima posisi sebagai moderator seminar ( jerit keluar tingkap )

Bercakap tentang tahun akhir , sponsor baru je emelkan surat berkajang mengenai urusan tahun akhir , dan di dalam bahasa Melayu. Dan itu semestinya memeningkan bila nak berurusan dengan universiti hahahaha , penatlah cari perkataan nak ganti urusan , google translate bagi cadangan 'affair' pastu rasa macam sekali lagi kedengaran aneh dan janggal. 

Beberapa perkiraan tarikh yang aku rasa rumit alhamdulillah Allah mudahkan dan harapnya betullah perkiraan tu sebab sangatlah renyah kalau dia tiba tiba salah dan akan menyusahkan . Aku tahu je yang lambat laun memang kena hadap pun benda yang complicated ni tapi nak buat macam mana , nak lari pun taktahu nak pergi mana. 

Haha aneh bukan cuba berbahasa Melayu penuh dalam post. Tapi jujur sangat rindu nak menulis dalam bahasa Melayu. Sebab baru lepas buat CV , kolum bahasa letak Bahasa Melayu sebagai 'native language' tapi aku macam sangsi dengan penggunaan bahasa sekarang haha. 

Ohh , selepas beberapa minggu tak tengok pun traffic blog , harini sahaja ada 300 view yang majoiritnya datang dari negara Negeri Bersatu haha United States  , jadi kalau menulis dengan bahasa ibunda ( dan susah rasanya nak transisi bahasa sebab bahasa yang aku pakai pun separa normal haha ) rasa macam letak satu penhadang di hadapan , ( apakah yang dikau cuba sampaikan ) 

itu sahaja untuk update kali ni . Boleh berusaha lain kali Anis Najwa haha. 



February 08, 2017

What an invention of tittle Anis Najwa !

I've been browsing such calendar on Ebay and they cost somewhere around £4 and above , got this for a pound from Poundland yeay ! Alhamdulillah :D

Here I am again , at this hour , wide awake and still finds its the best time to write something down. Keeping stories of what's going on with my life for now. 

I just finished drafting the first raw draft for Master of Ceremony ( MC hahah now I know what MC stands for ) ( after many years ) text for Rohingya talk this Sunday. I don't plan to do that , at least tonight but we're holding a meeting tomorrow , so best to be prepared huh? I answered sets of personality quizzes ( szo expected of Anis Najwa ha ha ) they asked for multiple times , whether I am into the planned or adhock one , I'm good with both but I prefer the well planned one , then we add things in to make it perfect. 

But nothing in this world is perfect , so why plan? HA HA HA 

All is well for now insyaAllah. Signed up for a volunteering with Muslim Hands for Gaza this upcoming Saturday , I don't really get to know the community around so this might be  a good chance for me isn't it? 

Then the awaited talk on Sunday about Rohingya. 

I was trying to bring almost everyone ( the committees especially my adik adik ) to get the feel of doing this , not only for 'pahala' wise but to also empower more knowledge , intellectually , and we did it in our usrah ! I wanted to share it with the Ikram google group but I need to make it for structured. 

And I specially want to thank Kak Tim ( if you're reading this ) , when I read through your comment on my picture ' A bunch of inspirational people' , I find it hard to reply it back , since I know I don't do much , not to the extend of being an inspiration and little that she know , she's the one who inspired me to do that intellectual 'akhbar islami' session with my girls. 

There's this one session during daurah few weeks ago , I am sure its her that says something like ' In Ireland , we're lacking in intellectual discussion ' when we talked about the problem we're facing in our region. 

That's when I started drafting my plan for Rabtul Am ( an open program , I am not sure how to explain this )  , which to do an academically akhbar islami session. Basically akhbar islami is a session where everyone shares the news they've been reading on their timeline ( most accessible one ) and reflect in the circle.  So everyone will have sometimes the same sets of stories but the discussion , personally to me sometimes gets really vague and unguided. Because it was based on one source and that's it. 

Since we're holding an event of awareness this week , I think there's a need to educate everyone especially myself , what is exactly happening in Rohingya . So I looked up online on various article concerningg Rohingya , from different perspective other than just religion. The search include articles written by professors , the history of Rohingya , the roots of religion conflicts in Myanmar , the conflict may be more economics than religion.  This is to shorten the time ( next I should make everyone do their independent research hihi ) 

alhamdulillah it was a success and I received positive feedbacks on it. We have an actual 10 minutes serious reading time in usrah and we share and relate with Al-Hujurat. 18 verses in a chapter that taught us so many things relevant and applicable towards human-human relationship and most current issue ( all the news and advancement of technology ) 

There's so much to learn from the verses in Al Hujurat ( Chapter 49 ) - The Chambers which includes

Verse 6
O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.

Verse 11 

O you who have believed, let not a people ridicule [another] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one's] faith. And whoever does not repent - then it is those who are the wrongdoers.

Have a look at all the verses [here]

That's how a very short problem addressed by Kak Tim were developed into deeds. And I am thankful that I know such an inspirational people like you Kak Tim :) Moga selalu dalam jagaan Allah. 

And , insyaAllah starting for now , I will be the vice director for Spring Camp UK on April. Its my very first time acting in the bench of the committees on national level program  , I am always that person who're prone towards facilitators position , so this is very new to me , after many years I left school . In case you're reading this through , I am in need of your massive prayers. 

There's submission going on as well , to be submitted on the 16th of March. InsyaAllah starting on that very soon too ! 

Few days ago as I was laying down on my bed , lazily , slothing around , I read an article ' The busiest person is the happiest ' or vice versa , and suddenly I felt the urge of being busy lets get out from the bed * hahahaha I shall be happy then equipped with so many things * Alhamdulillah. 

Indeed this is always the best time to rant on :')