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Kesayangan dunia akhirat , GE'EF

July 14, 2014

Hello its been ages ( well weeks kinda ages to me at least haha ) since I last keep writing inside here and well ayat starter memang selalu cliche macam ni . So ignore this first two lines. 

I just had such a wonderful weekend , meeting my girlfriends. My GE'EF , I've been wondering about the phonetic GE , sounds /ge/-/girl/ which we always pronounce it as /ji/ and I got confuse whether we need to change it to JI'EF or stay with GE'EF or lets be cooler , its G'EF haha <-- benda macam ni pun Anis Najwa kira macam masalah , masalah sangat dia ni  

You know I had this one insecure feeling , aku takut bila dah lama sangat tak jumpa GE'EF , and only connected through alam maya , I'm scared that we can't meet points to merge our stories , and it'll be super awkward - you surely know how it feels like bila kita dah lama tak jumpa kawan lama - and we met some new friends - and nak taknak you kinda expect ke ' awkward ' an between the people in the circle. So do I , thats what I thought would happen. And eventually , I am so wrong !


Nampak tak gaya cerita nak drama?

We've been planning this meet since January - dulu dah pakat memasing nak jumpa dekat INTEC , sebab ada yang tengah free and 3 out of 7 girlfriends memang dekat INTEC , so we kinda plan and eventually Allah punya plan lebih baik. Dia tangguhkan planned meet tu dulu and tested the relationship - which I felt tested and somehow it hurts my emotions through months - and alhamdulillah we settled down and I'm healed . Which ujian tu memang ajar aku untuk jadi lebih matang to deal with people and to watch out my deeds and its kinda a step better in committing inside a relationship. 

Hannis Sofea Johan . Aireen Zuraini Ahmad . Nurain Syuhadah Abdul Rahman. Noorliana Masri. Norsahidah Abdullah . Nurul Aqila Mashkuri. Anis Najwa Nazari.

Then all of us sibuk dengan battle academic masing masing , me and Nurul Aqila faced our final Alevels last May till June , Nurain Syuhadah with her short semester , Norsahidah with her practical days , Aireen Zuriani and Noorliana with their final exam for the first year degree and Hannis Sofea with her long long long happy holiday as a chef. haha. 

And we thought bila semua dah settled down , we're going to meet right after Alevels end tapi the route isn't that smooth either , and Allah panjangkan lagi tempoh masa in between , probably for us to pile up rindu . 

Even weeks before this weekend meet , I was so stressed up walking all the talks , planning on what to do , how to make the journey smoother and to merge the schedule for 7 girls were definitely not an easy task sebab we all come from different part of 3 states , Melaka , Negeri Sembilan and Johor . Sebab tuan rumah kan , so I can't help to sometimes feel pissed off and demotivated to reunite the girlfriends. 

Tapi , I always tell myself , " Najwa , what you're doing is for the sake of Allah , nak jumpa dengan kawan kawan , merapatkan silaturahim and berkasih sayang di jalan Allah . So be happy because the reward and the memories worth the while

And everything started to settled down bila sorang dah datang rumah and sleepover for two days and  esoknya complete the seven girlfriends. 

So let me tell you who're these awesome girls. They're the one whom I met in SBPI Selandar and wish to meet till the hair turns grey , the wrinkles on the faces starts to appear , and mungkin sampai masing masing pegang title nenek :  2 of them is my dormmates masa form 1 ( Syida and Sofea ) , the rest of them mostly classmate dari form 1 ( Aqila , Aireen , Yana ) and lagi sorang were dormmates masa form 5 and my Majlis Tertinggi partner , Ain Syuhadah.

If you asked me , how we started as GE'EF , camne boleh wujud GE'EF ni , frankly I loose that memories tapi what I remembered was dulu kitaorang tujuh akan selalu breakfast / dinner sama sama - nanti dua orang akan pergi ambik air and cop tempat , yang lain akan beratur ambikkan makanan , I guess its a typical story on how a fully residential schools students meet their friends and become close , sebab dewan makan . * lols * 

enough with the fancy history back to when we're twenty ( most of us ) 

This time around , what I expect to happen , did happened. Aku nak bawak konsep santai ( bunyi macam formal gila , I know ) haha. And we did . Last reunion was like two years ago and we did typical teenagers punya lepak - makan - wayang yang bosan - karaoke sejam hari jumaat. So memandangkan kali ni reunion masa bulan puasa , and we've grew older , we changed the concept to teenagers yang pi shopping barang dapur dekat Mydin , yang merepek dalam kereta dari Melaka Central sampai ke Mydin , pergi spend masa terawih bersama dan lebih banyak masa berkongsi cerita. 

And certainly , it feels better than the last two years meet. 

The reason why the meet masa bulan puasa was because Ain Syuhadah lepas raya dah sibuk dengan urusan nak fly ke US. While me and Aqila would be having our BTN , pre emotion weeks before result and insyaAllah making our way to UK and US ameeen and after that memang takde dah masa nak jumpa dan gather. 


To my all time favourite girls. 

Thank you.

For everything.
For making me feel at ease when I saw us reunited once again.
For making me feel sad whenever you guys leave the house. 
For making me feel touched because we're able to tell our stories , reminscing the days in Selandar though I guess sebenarnya banyak kali je kita ulang topic yang sama cerita yang sama . 
For making me know that FriEND does not necessarily ends with END , because we're sisters I guess , * nasib TERS does not mean anything haha * . 
For all the laughter and joy.
For growing up as women and seriously everyone did take care of themselves very well bilamana kita selalu saling ucap " Take care " 
For sparing some time untuk turun Melaka and gather .
For making me feel happy seeing 7 of us slept in a small room and shared stories , which mainly cerita korea and dunia hiburan korea haha . Nevermind , I knew a relation last when we're tolerating each others preferences and assimilating the differences.  

and for making this meet such a sentimental memories for us.
and for everything that I couldn't even mention , because its everything , from our first meet , to our last farewell. 

I hope this would not be our last meet . More years to come insyaAllah , we'll make some times and make our Korean trip a reality . Any trip as a reality ! 

Macam manalah aku tak sayang , 

  • sorang yang selalu sarcasm tinggi dan pada masa yang sama jadi orang yang memahami ( Aireen )
  • sorang yang jadi sumber inspirasi kekuatan tempuh hari hari ( Syida )
  • sorang yang boleh bawak through upside down , yang boleh ajak one to one tapi at the end of the day you know , fear of loosing each other lagi hurtful ( Aqila )
  • sorang yang boleh nangis baca email ( faham tak bestfriend contact through emails haha ) sebab kau tahu dia faham apa yang kau rasa dan yang selalu notice emosi ubah 90' ( Yana )
  • sorang yang kalau bercerita dengan dia memang gaya macam tengah buat filem KL Gangster dan sekarang berubah kepada manusia ayu yang duduk dapur dan selalu kongsi resepi dia ( Sofea )
  • sorang yang kenkadang respond hambar , tapi dengan dia kau tahu , kau bukan seorang , yang selalu sama sama walk the talk , yang faham dan menenangkan dan mencelarukan pada masa yang sama ( Ain Syuhadah ) 
Girlfriends indoor outdoor shoots , haha masing masing dah remind diri masing masing , kali ni mesti ambik gambar sesama sebab selalu jumpa tak ambik gambar sama sama :') - with our Girlfriends shirt.

Good luck in our future endavours , moga ikatan antara kita tak dijauhkan dengan masa dan jarak , aku nak selalu rasa perasaan yang sama bila satu hari nanti kita lepak sesama . Moga persahabatan ni jadi salah satu reason yang qualify kita ke Jannah Allah . 

Yours truly. 
Probably , your all time favourite GIRLFRIENDS , GF Anis Najwa. 

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Doo Joon Oppa, Happy Birthday !

July 04, 2014


PRE SCRIPT * selalu orang buat post script haha *  : You can always skip this post because its my fangirling post.  

I never see myself as a fan to any korean idols group. But recently I guess I should give it a try. In the pastyears , kpop fans seems to be absurd to my eyes , mana tidak , all this while tengok dekat social medias how teenagers yang very into kpop couldn't differentiate mana tindakan mereka yang bijak mana bodoh . Here in INTEC , having a group of friend that were really into korean entertainment , it kinda change my perceptions towards these korean fan clubs. Sometimes  I would clueless-ly listen to their discussion regarding the korean entertainment world , then  I started to lessen my discrimination level and try to assimilate the different preferences towards musics . 

I guess thats how a relationship should work - accepting and assimilating the differences. 

It all starts with me watching a korean drama , Let's Eat - Dae Young oppa. Well let me just give a brief idea regarding this story , basically its a drama yang every episode mesti ada makanan and you can just see passion through the eyes of the actors while they're eating. I watched it masa in between trials and final exam - which basically kadang bila rasa takde kawan nak makan sama , or I am just too lazy to eat outside , I would open this drama masa nak makan. Wahaha motif sangat kannn , well basically sebab you kinda get the mood to eat from the drama. To cut it short why the tittle above is Doo Joon Oppa , Happy Birthday is because he's the hero in the dramaaaaa. 

I fall in love with his passions.
I fall in love with his smile.
I fall in love with the happiness he create. 
Well I do fall in love with his good looking face + body :D

Embedded image permalink
Thanks to twitter that I can view like a lottttttttttttt of his faces. Hehe. 

I have no idea that he was an idol because to me any group muka semua sama. Oh luls though I've been seeing him in Running Man all this while  . It was my sister that told me that he was an idol and till one day I realized that he's the leader for BEAST group. Well I have no choice but to minat the whole group . Not that I have a choice to like Doo Joon alone because obviously he's working as a group. Lols my logic. 

I could see myself crying ( fangirling ) while seeing him singing in any of his music videos. I've been liking one of BEAST song since I was in highschool , Fiction. And to know that its his voice that I like a lot - lagilah bertambah kuasa fangirling lols. 

And it seems like its the right moment , I was introduced to a reality TV show , BEAST Showtime. Now that I can see him , knowing him ( at least from the perspective of a fan ) , how he's doing the real life. Knowing his characters and all. I just can't believed myself the moment I am googling " Fact about Doo Joon " and even making his picture as my whatssap wallpaper. Then I started to realized that I've saw him in Running Man.  So I concluded yang benarlah kata pepatah , tak kenal maka tak cinta wahahaha adakah masuk idiom ini disini?

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 Now I sound like a typical fan. I bet. Haha. 

Even there were times I can cry sebab nak husband serupa Doo Joon. * lagi nangis sebab boleh jumpa dalam mimpi je *

He's the leader for BEAST group.
He loves to eat chicken.
He don't like eating out alone. 
He love soccer.
He hopes his future girlfriend loves soccer as well , so at this point I'm shot by the reality supaya berhenti berharap pada Doo Joon Oppa ( wakakaka sebenarnya layak ke nak berharap daripada awal ) 

4th of July. Lets celebrate this as my first year , first time celebrating an idol's birthday. Most importantly , MY FIRST IDOL that I put my eyes on to. * well ignore all the grammar errors *

Happy 26th ! Keep all those positive spirits !

Happy birthday oppa ! May I find reasons to smile whenever I see your smile. May you have a good life ahead. You might be so far in real life but yet you're so close to the heart. ( eiuuuuu cheessssssyyyy eiuuuuu myself cheesiness level berkuasa lapan )  Happy Birthdayyyy !

To Beast , keep making good songs ! I've been hearing to Oasis , Rainy Days , Will You Be Alright , Fiction , Shadow , How to Love , and recently Good Luck ! * another one lupa * haha.

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So I decided to write things down here - just to reminisce the memories how it all started .