FAITH itu percaya.

Did you know that Islam is one of the religion that need faith through our life?

Trust is the unspoken beauty that reveal itself when the right time comes. 

Sebab kita tak pernah nampak physical how Allah look like. Tapi kita percaya dia ada. Thats why kita berdoa. Sebab kita tahu Dia ada, Dia dengar and Dia faham kita. 

Sebab ada Rukun Iman , kepercayaan terhadap perkara -perkara yang kita tak nampak. Contoh Qada' dan Qadar.

We never know what will happen in the future , tapi whatever it takes we understand and percaya ada hikmah. You don't really see the HIKMAH when you say it but you believe there will be one. ( at least ) in the future.

Faith is beauty. Serious. Beauty yang kita tak figured out physically tapi beauty on how our mind works to assimilate and accept things that were left unsure. 

Contoh ; 
Thes two days , Selangor punya air mengalami gangguan. I mean its like a hell two days. Living with limited source of water. You see people purchasing for water dekat mydin. The moment when you see mineral waters masuk keluarga barang kawalan. That WAS AWKWARD I TELL YOU. It was a hard living days ( two days kemain hard dia ) , tadah air hujan. Beli air cactus sampai RM 9.00 dan dibuat untuk mandi. Do you know that kind of feeling seeing your money flows like the water flows? 

So despite the hard time, I try to tell myself. Ada hikmah. Percaya yang ada hikmah. 

YES, ada hikmah. Hikmahnya is when you realize how these days - ada air semua , you never say alhamdulillah for this kind of 'small' blessings. Sebab kita tak pernah rasa susah. See how people desperately need water and when it comes pouring through the pipe , that was blessing. Kita belajar macam mana nak hargai air, berjimat pakai air. Wasn't it called BEAUTY? 


Currently I am so so so busy with all these uni's application - from the personal statement to university reviews , admission tests for law school in UK. Bila first time buat, perasaan dia macam Oheeemgeeh apa ni apa ni apa ni susahnya *tarik rambut* . Lagi -lagi JPA letak syarat untuk Top 50 unis. When its top 50 unis , they're expecting only A's and the addition of A* . THIS IS NO JOKE FREAKING HARD WHUTT.  So kalau ikut kemampuan diri, rasa macam, ergh I am so not gonna get through this. But then , the beauty of Faith tells us yang -

Percaya apabila Allah bawak kita ke satu jalan , dia akan bawak kita go through the path set up. No matter how hard it will be, He'll guide through. 

Konsep dia sama macam SPM PMR or even UPSR. Dulu macam tak boleh buat je , kalau lepas pun takut tak kemana. Tapi sebab kita percaya , kita letak faith by praying to Him . Kan dia bawak kita through. I mean. This is beauty. 

Its always man who plan his course, but Allah is the one who're guiding the steps. 

Faith is yet so important in our life. 

Sebab dengan percaya , kita akan jadi manusia yang lebih bersemangat. Sebab kita percaya. Kita akan rasa disayangi - I mean if someone who you love dearly , trust you, wasn't that feels good? Faith towards Him  jadikan kita seorang yang mengharap tapi pada masa yang sama , if what we're asking for is not good for us so Allah tak grant the wishes, we tell ourselves yang akan ada hikmah in future. 

If you're a muslim. Faith kena kuat. In and out. Sebab dengan percaya jugak, kita tahu yang Allah ada two four seven di mana mana :")


Cantiklah di mata Tuhan :)

This morning when I am walking to the class , walking through the field . 

"Bila tak mampu cantik dalam definisi manusia, berusahalah untuk cantik di mata Tuhan "

         Sebab tak rasa diri kena judge. Tak rasa discriminated sebab acknowledge yang Allah tak discriminate manusia ikut skala kecantikan. 

         Sebab what differentiate a human to another human ialah Taqwa. Taqwa is define as pengabdian secara menyeluruh seorang hamba  kepada Tuhannya. Pengabdian? Secara menyeluruh? Any specific measurement to say that ? No and infact kita realize yang kita tak own pun any measurement nak ukur besar kecik taqwa kita. 

But WAIT... 

We have the strategies on how to increase or to strengthen the invisible bond we had between the Al- Mighty.  For me , when you're able to rely your faith , to strongly believe in what is fated , being able to see things  such as problems as something that we can learn from , to put the trust solely on Him , decreasing your dependency towards human , believe that the connectors between you and Him is through prayers ( your 5 solat wajib + solat solat sunat + doa + recital of Al-Quran ) and anything that make you and Him closer .

Feel free to read this Nilai Taqwa Dalam Kehidupan.

But you have to know , jalan menuju kebaikan ni tak sunyi dengan dua benda - satu is where kita berjalan dengan orang yang sama sama seek kebaikan dan dua jalan kita dihalang oleh anasir seperti syaitan , ataupun manusia yang bertopengkan syaitan or any disturbance that might exist in between

Disturbance boleh jadi macam tiba-tiba jadi riak dengan good deeds yang kita buat. Or apa yang kita buat memang hanya untuk attract humans attentions . And at that particular moment , Allah dah sediakan cure untuk penyakit hati berbentuk duniawi ni - which is by reciting Astagfirullahalazim . Say it like thousand times and mend balik niat " Aku buat ni kerana Allah " 

ONE DAY you will realize that depending on human too much can cause you heartbreak at the end of the day because human naturally breaks , neither purposely or by accident . One day you will realize that you're trying so hard to blend into the society that demand so much thing from you and you need a comfort zone. The comfort zone , the truly comfort is when you're close to Him. Dia tak mintak banyak. Infact He's the only One that completely understands you without you telling Him what you feel because you know that He knows everything. He's the wishes granter. He sooth the heart through His words in Al- Furqan . Whenever the world is not taking your side , you always hope that He will come and rescue. He's  anywhere , anytime when you need Him. With Him , you can tell everything - you can spill and cry. To Him you thank for everything you got inside your life. Its only you who leave Him behind , who seek Him during hardships. Despite all the shits we do , He still open a path whenever we need them to go back to Him.  Betullah manusia itu berbalik pada fitrahnya - fitrah agama pabila diri terasa sempit dan sesak. 

Bila tak mampu untuk cantik di mata manusia. 
Moga aku cantik dimata-Mu Tuhan :') 

Flowers - I love flowers.

These days what I posted inside the blog really portrays the hard phase I am going through.

And I eventually forget to see things in another angle. I stressed myself. And I forget that I wasted my time. To not value and appreciate things surround.

Have I told you I love flowers? Yes I do. Cliche aite for  a girl to madly deeply in love with flowers. Its a clear equation. A really clear one. Girl = flowers. I can spend my time in-front of the laptop searching for flowers pictures. Inside the tumblr and randomly post flowers pictures on the timeline because its simply colourful and give one sense of calmness. Even a flower would die and the beauty of it will fade through time - they once gimme smiles on faces. Give me a sense of tranquility. How it feels like eh to lie on a bed of roses?

Aku rasa nak pergi Holland , sebab nak duduk tengah tengah bundles of flowers.
Nak pergi mana mana field yang penuh dengan bunga. I even wanted to go to Taman Seribu Bunga in Melaka. Ehee.

They do not need to try so hard . They can make me smile just by seeing them gloom. 

Sebab fitrah manusia tu suka pada kecantikan. Maka cantiklah di mata Tuhan. Pasti jatuh sayang dengan diri sendiri :')

Its just I wanna spill here. Because I miss you eh?

Bestnya hidup dia.

Assalamualaikum and  a pleasant evening everyone :)

Seeing someone who're born in a silver lining family - selalu rasa macam best sangat hidup dia , sebab one factor of living well ( which is having wealth ) fulfilled. Orang yang lahir dalam keluarga yang sederhana cukup cukup je hidup . Tak mewah sangat - kadang kadang hidup sempit jugak masa tengah tengah bulan.

Tapi another way round , orang yang living with wealth kata , bestnya hidup orang yang sederhana sebab one factor of living well ( which is having lovely people - like families around ) fulfilled. Orang yang lahir lahri terus kaya - maybe parents dia tak lekat rumah - maybe siblings sorang - dua orang . So dia condemn life dia tak best.

And poor people were expecting they're living in another way round, like born again , lahir lahir dapat keluarga yang serba mewah. Tak payah nak kais kais apa apa nak dapat apa apa . Kan?

Dia nak hidup macam dia - dia nak hidup macam orang lagi satu - dia taknak hidup dalam kehidupan dia yang sekarang.

End up tak appreciate apa yang kita ada and keep condemning on things that actually went right but seems wrong in our value of judgement. Sebab masing masing define H I D U P ikut kamus interpretasi sendiri. Sebab kita selalu define , hidup yang best ialah apabila ada duit , you enjoy your life to the max because you only live once ( we actually live twice - lepas dunia nanti ) . Dia macam definisi cantik ikut pertandingan ratu ratu cantik tipikal - cantik itu tinggi , fair , pear-shaped. Tapi actually cantik kan lies on the eyes of the beholder. Cantik tu universal . Gelap boleh cantik. Pendek boleh jadi cantik. * open your mind bebeyh *


Semua orang kena claim life dia best. We don't need to try so hard to feel bad with our own life.
Cuma kita kena ubah sikit persepsi best. We never know behind story of someones life yang kita eager sangat nak jadi . Dia maybe nampak macam living so well dengan duit yang dia ada - tapi another way round dia orang yang lonely - and mungkin dia nak hidup dalam kehidupan kita. Just stop to try so hard to live a life that others had. We might know their names. But not their stories behind em.

Bersyukur dengan kehidupan sendiri. Dengan jalan yang ditentukan. Kaya pun bukan berdefinisikan physical semata. Kaya akhlak juga kaya. Cuma tak nampak kayanya sebab definisi masyarakat kita .

Hidup ni economy. Ada opportunity cost , to live well in one side , we need to give up in one side. Thats living after all.

Kau tak faham. Sebab jalan kita lain-lain?

We always hope that the world would be at our side. Hoping that everything blend in with what you want.

Mengharapkan semua di setiap pelusuk dunia memahami setiap liku situasi. 

Dan akhirnya kecewa menuturkan " Kau tak faham " sebab kau tak rasa

And expectation kills whenever you think that everything would stand at your side. Like you're the boss - and the world need to understand your life. And you're just another person that is hard to be understood. 

* jerit dalam hati *

Aku faham kalau kau tak faham apa yang aku harap kau faham. Sayangnya , kau tak faham. 

Bila datang seorang manusia lain untuk memujuk seorang manusia lain , memberikan kata semangat - menunjukkan rasa simpati - untuk meredakan rasa hati , selalu manusia akan cakap , " Kau tak tahu apa yang aku rasa . " sebab kau tak faham. Again sebab kau tak rasa. 

Tapi , 

a condolence from a human to a human - terlaksana dah amanah dia. 

Betul yang dia tak akan pernah faham unless dia dah go through jalan yang scene dia sama. Tapi , jadi manusia. Berwibawa la saudara. Kita mana boleh expect setiap manusia jalan cerita dia sama. Dah ada episode, dah ada bab , dah ada aktiviti yang sama rentas garis masa. Kalau cemtu , esok lusa kau boleh rujuk jiran sebelah - makcik jual ayam - pakcik siram pokok - " Apa yang akan jadi seterusnya? " TAK. Dalam mimpi.

Tapi hidup , jangan selalu meminta belas ihsan manusia. 

Jalan kau. Akan jadi jalan kau. Jalan aku . Akan jadi jalan aku. 

Kita cuma pernah jumpa intersection point - a T junction maybe - then kita jadi kawan.
Atau kita pernah berselisih - tapi tak pernah jumpa tempat bersapa. 
Atau jalan kau dengan jalan aku sebenarnya lebih kurang sama , cuma nama kita beza beza.

Atau jalan kau ke utara dan aku menuju ke arah bertentangan. 

Tapi aku tahu.

Jalan kita akan sama - sama cari syurga. Cari damai , cari ketenangan. 
Tak kisahlah jalan kau ikut kanan ke , across the sea ke , or bersimpang siur ke. 

Kita berjalan ke arah yang sama. Jadi....

Ada masa aku faham apa kau faham , sebab jalan kita lebih kurang sama. 
Ada masa kau kena faham yang aku langsung tak faham , sebab jalan kita lain * obvious*

dan setiap masa, kau kena mengerti yang. Kita semua cari syurga. 

Kau takkan cakap yang kau tengah cari jalan pergi neraka kan? Sebab tak cari pun , sedang berjalan ke sana. Ohooooooooooooooi sentap. K. 

Every seconds - never waste.

Ada masa kau akan rasa terbazirnya masa yang dah berlalu pergi. Bila setiap saat pergi macam tu. JE.

Tak fill in dengan apa apa.
Tak ingat Allah.
Tak fill jiwa dengan benda yang mendekatkan diri dengan Pencipta.

Sebab sedia maklum umur biasa tinggalkan dunia bila dah masuk persatuan warga  emas - perak - gangsa.


Kita lupa. Mati tak kira masa. Banyak cara. We never know how our ending would be. Baik ke buruk. Jadi untuk berjimba jimba masa muda dirasakan biasa. Mana benda yang tak biasa masa muda ? Lepak wayang. Tak lepak wayang , sembang dunia dengan kawan - downgrade manusia sana sini - cakap belakang. Merepek dekat twitter , sedang diri tu tahu yang banyak lagi benda yang bagi pekdah. ( faedah ). Weh, aku tulis pun aku terasa. Deep.

Kan semua ni benda manusia. Orang muda. katanya.

Sebab kalau tengok orang yang dah tua , BIASA untuk nampak atuk atuk gerak ke masjid , anak anak stay dekat warung. Untuk nampak orang lagi tua gerak cari syurga - itu biasa. Tapi...

at one moment , have we ever thought

nak tunggu umur macam tu ke baru nak lari tinggalkan dunia.

Oh. Yakinnya.


Zaman millenum. zaman Malaysia terasa aman - dengan maksiatnya.


Now. For every seconds , I never ever thought I'll be like this. Rasa kalau setiap saat berlalu tapi tak basahkan diri sendiri dengan zikir - rasa macam big lost. Mungkin terasa ditembak. Ditembak dengan benda yang nama dia ujian. Killed. Silent.

Ni nama dia hikmah. Alhamdulillah.

  • Jangan delay prayers for whom happened to read through. Sebab ada masa kita desperately want Allah to grant our wishes on THAT MOMENT. Tapi tertembak dengan realiti - aku dulu delay prayers, layak ke merungut bila Allah tak grant wishes on that desperate moment.
  • Basahkan jiwa dengan zikir . Basahkan jiwa dengan zikir. Zikir. Please. Muda tak janji apa - kepuasan pun sementara. Serious said. 
Allah tak suka orang yang membazir. Kita banyak dah bazir masa. Rasanya layak tak disukai Pencipta?


*kisses on forehead* - You're loved.

No matter how hard you're tested. When you're able to walk again. Brace yourself to move forward.

You're loved. 

[ pemilik asal ]

Because the beauty of being tested is you're able to seek the real you. How strong would you be. You're able to be someone that you never imagined you'd be. Because past few days you thought that your degree of strength and capability meet at this one point, today , your degree of strength go beyond you can imagine. 

Ujian mendekatkan hamba dengan Pemiliknya. 

The moment when you're feeling hopeless , He sent you surroundings. There were people that always try to bring you down to the deepest sorrow. But you realized it when these people can't bring you down because you're loved by a surrounding that lift you up. There are moment saying that you're incapable to walk through the path set up. But then, you never realized when you said those line, you're still walking through - slowly , gathering the spiritual courage - that come from no where. BUT you know, you're loved.


These lovely people send you numerous of prayers.

Allah sayang sebab tu Dia bagi ujian. 
Ujian datang ( baik atau buruk ) semuanya berlaku sebab Allah izin. 
Allah bukan saja saja bagi ujian - sebab ujian itu peringatan. 
Nak ingatkan yang dah jauh. Nak ingatkan yang dah alpa. 
Nak kuatkan yang sedia ada. Nak menambahkan kekuatan yang kita tak sedar kita ada.


Mungkin ada mulut sinis yang kata : Baru sekarang nak ingat Tuhan. 

...  hidup layan definisi mulut manusia - kau merana ...

Biarlah. Aku bersyukur kerana diingatkan. Allah. Jangan tinggalkan aku sorang. 

Bless the life of those people who sent hope to someone. Who dedicate prayers to someone. Who love someone. Because of these people that You sent , they give virtual - physical *kisses on forehead* , knowing that I'm loved. 

* hugs * 

Break you heart.

Love is when you're able to move on to see the person that you love happy with what they chose to be.

Love is when distance don't really matter. 

Love is when you're having faith. You trust. You build in hopes. 

Love is when you're ready for all the consequences for the steps that you've been taking. 

So how you actually define love. 

You know how it feels like when you need to destroy your own hopes because you feel that , that's the best decision to be done. When you feel like, moving on is what you should've done earlier. Because when you do it later, you're like stabbing your heart with infinities of razor blade. It hurt you so bad. Wasn't love supposed to make you happy? No.

You're able to let someone that you love with someone else because you love them, all what you want is for them to be happy. Wasn't love supposedly about togetherness? No.

Menyayangi itu tak berarti selalu berdekat-dekat. Seperti mentari, seperti rembulan, menyayangi bumi dengan jaraknya.

Jangan menangis. Sebab dengan rasa cinta juga, Allah dah space a guy that worth the wait. Sebab dengan rasa cinta, Allah uji untuk lihat sejauh mana kekuatan seorang hamba. Sebab definisi cinta di atas semua disandarkan pada manusia. Sebab manusia itu tinggalnya di dunia - lupa asal usulnya dari syurga. 

Well I don't really know why I wrote this. This is what I felt months ago when I decided to move on. And because I mourn myself during the sadness, I forget to spill it out somewhere. I sooth myself, telling myself , don't really cry because things that won't matter tomorrow. 

Sebab bila fikir balik, apa guna bersedih , bila banyak lagi komitmen da'wah yang perlu dilayan. Kalau bab cinta yang tak pasti, jiwa dah rasa punah ranah , kau expect Islam akan jadi kuat mana? Kalau pejuangnya tak mampu kekang rasa hati. 

R A Y A A A A A A. Social freaked zone.

Piuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Boom - " Aku cuba nak buat bunyi Thunder Clap tapi macam errr sangat. Heh."

Its Raya ye dak?

Jadi cliche la segala lexicon seperti rendang - ketupat - lagu raya - suara anuar zain kecik kecik di radio serta gambar seluruh umat memakai baju kebangsaan berlari laju di timeline memasing. Cliche semua ini cliche. Ahaks.

Di kesempatan yang tak berapa nak menyempat menaip apa apa dalam blog ni , I would like to seek apologize to whom happened to read this through. Sama ada yang nampak. Yang tak nampak.  Yang sedar dan tak. Ampun & maaf dipinta. :)

You don't really say things like , " Masa nak raya nilah baru kau terhegeh hegeh tagih ayaaq mata minta maaf " - Ugh hello, patut hang syukur ada raya kalau tak sampai ke tua amalan bergantung di udara ( sebab hutang kemaafan cenggitu ) haha.

So this raya I've been seeing people with their gadjets ( disebabkan phone aku tak berapa nak ada kamera depan ataupun skrinnya bukan berskala sentuh dan bergerak , maka phone dicampak ke merata pelusuk dan hanya dicari apabila merasakan perlu ) I know thats what gonna happened and inilah zaman society-look-freaked-or-I-could-say-damn-freaked-out because of not grabbing the chance to appreciate people that the meet by the eyes in the reality. Tapi kenkadang bukan salah kita , salah orang yang kita nak get to say hye-apa khabar- selamat hari raya pun sama dua kali lima masuk dunia maya. Cis.

Menjadi minoriti di sini , aku redha dengan dunia sekarang.
Anyone who're reading this. Ditch down your phone. Tak habis baca post ni pun takpe. Ahaa kaitan sangat -.-'

krik krik krik ( volume up )

Hambar kan? K aku sedia maklum.

Okay gonna share some family pictures here. Setahun sekali je pun buat benda benda camni. Ni kalau sapa sapa yang ada social net aku, sama jugak gambarnya sebab aku memang hambar malas nak ambik gambar - masuk dalam gambar rajin - aku bukan berdarah photographer.

Bebelan penaja : Aku sangatlah lame. Baju raya yang aku pakai asal tujuannya bukan untuk raya sebab aku dah pakai banyak kali dah kat intec di awal semester 3. Shawl juga dibeli dari housemate semester lepas - prelove berharga 5 hengget sebab aku mati akal nak pakai tudung apa. Lilit pun dah kira lilitan basic pemalas kuasa tinggi. Di pagi raya, adik aku semangat tepek satu mask, aku pepagi dah masuk dapur, merasakan malas kuasa entah berapa , aku cakap kau, TAKDE SECALIT BEDAK PUN AKU PAKAI KAT MUKA - dan terus beraya. LOL  80x .Basically aku cuma mengangkut 2 baju kurung yang pakai pergi kelas untuk baju raya dan sehelai jubah. Thought that I'm going to have a baju raya - just left as thoughts. hahaha. Baju raya pending. Pergi kedai konon nak beli peplum, dah fit in dah, sekali hamekau satu ratus enam puluh sembilan. Maka diletak kembali. 

Tu belum kira angkut novel pergi beraya ~ because  smartphone is too mainstream. Eh no because my phone is a dumb phone. heh

Ini buktinya - aku rasa aku membesar untuk kelihatan hambar sepanjang masa.

bersama "KAKAK" yang lebih muda. ( whattodo, people say so)

Deceiving camera. eheeeeeeeeeeew.

Terima kasih untuk tidak menunjukkan infinity flaws dekat muka beta. eheks.

Second raya - mini open house

Selingan : Next , raya ni musim musim budak States pakat fly. And two from the Machinants family ( the batch ) gonna fly soon , Hazwan dengan Faziera. Ahaaaaai jealousnya jealousnya. Nak ikut fly sama. Safe journey brother sister. Take care dekat States. Kirim salam Statue Of Liberty. Motip? 

Qiamulail : The way how I see it happened.

Hai assalamualaikum :) Gathering ideas to actually write here is definitely not an easy task to be done.

Blessed for going through twenty seven days of ramadhan and each day I was trying to reflect my deeds on that day. Did my behavior reflect what a Muslim should be like or not?

So today , given a chance to be one of Allah's special guest before the sun rises , before the dawn. Qiam jemaah dekat Masjid Tambak Paya ( where I live )  . Since I never went back to Melaka last year during Ramadhan , my last time having qiam jemaah at our place was like 2 years ago and I still remember how the situation was back in 2011 - where there's only like 5 - 6 jemaah perempuan and I'm not sure about the guys line but seeing the transport parked, there were just a few of them. Ramai yang tua. Ramai yang dah cecah usia emas. But the situation is rather different today , I was amazed to see the full line for the women and quite numbers for the guys. This time around , ada orang tua. Ada orang muda. Ada yang kecik kecik. Dia macam feeling feeling terawih pukul 3 pagi.

We did tahajjud 2 rakaat - Tasbeeh 4 rakaat - Taubat 2 rakaat - Hajat 2 rakaat.

And the most challenging part is always tasbeeh prayer , each time when I performed tasbeeh prayer and its only when there's an imam who guide the prayer , when I feel like ' urghhhhhh ' ( because you can't really say whats inside your heart ) I keep reminding myself with one saying ( idk if its a hadis or not )

Solat Tasbih dianjurkan kalau boleh tiap-tiap malam, andaikata tidak sanggup sekali seminggu, andaikata tidak sanggup, usahakan sekali sebulan, sekiranya tidak sanggup sekali sebulan, sekali setahun, kalau setahun sekali pun tidak sanggup, kerjakanlah sekali dalam seumur hidup. 

Sambil dalam kepala dok kira tasbih yang ke berapa. And I was hoping that the recital would be a bit faster lagi lagi tang rukuk I can't really help myself with this .To say this thing , I realize that.aku rasa aku belum qualify nak jadi mujahidah islam . Sebab benda yang macam ni, tak involve weapon , tak involve perang bagai aku dah boleh hilang fokus. Mungkinkah kerana aku remaja then I am some sort of not having that kind of spirit to stay strong ? Or stay ikhlas to be precise. Tapi tak, ada je teenagers yang jiwa kental gila. Saat itu aku mengaku yang aku dah termakan dengan tarbiyah syaitan dalam 11 bulan dia tak diikat tu. * sigh *

Tengok orang orang dah banyak makan garam  strongly stand - compared dengan wanita yang baru nak menginjak angka 2 ( tahun depan ) aku rasa maluuuuuu sangat. Takkanlah aku nak tunggu usia dah cecah angka 5 baru nak tawadhu ikhlas dalam ibadah? Sebab mungkin masa dah ada pangkal angka 5 tu, hidup dah macam perfect and what you left to do is vow yourself to Allah. Tapi... itu untuk yang Allah bagi capai umur tu. Kalau esok mati? Nak appeal dengan Allah ke hidupkan balik? Even magic spells dalam any episodes of Harry Potter series told us that non of the magic  boleh nak hidupkan benda yang dah mati .

Sebab life expenses of human goes beyond our limitation of knowledge , repenting your sins should be every second in your life.

Sepanjang malam aku berfikir yang , padanlah dulu tentera Muslim yang tak bangun solat malam dalam satu perang tak dibenarkan berperang sebab waktu untuk menguji kekuatan seorang muslim adalah di 2/3 malam. Muslim yang sanggup korbankan nafsu tidurnya untuk merasa dekat dengan Pencipta. That the time to test rohani kita kuat mana, takat kuat dalam kata kata atau kuat dalam dunia nyata.

Aku terbayang kalau ada musuh islam lalu depan masjid tadi, tengok Islam boleh gather at that supposed to be sleep hour tu, siapa tak gentar ?

Bila aku tengok keliling , ramainya orang tua. And suddenly they fade from the sight ( adakah aku terlalu drama ) , bukankah satu hari nanti mereka akan pergi? Selepas mereka pergi, ada tak orang yang akan ganti tempat diaorang ni?

Bila dengar ustaz yang pimpin solat , umur dia baya baya encik ayah. Dan setengah abad. Bukankah dia juga akan pergi ? Akan adakah generasi yang Y X ni boleh lead depan saf ?

Islam bukan setakat perlu penganut. Islam perlukan pejuang. 

Bukankah kalau nak tengok masa depan sesebuah tamadun , tengok anak muda dia sekarang.

Tengok sekeliling , anak muda boleh dikira dengan perhitungan jari. Adakah itu illustration masa hadapan?

Berharap bahawa jawapannya tidak. 
Tapi apakah mungkin pengharapan akan kekal sebagai pengharapan.

D'one Steak House. The class iftar.

Okay the main reason why I wrote this is because I wanted to do review regarding this D'one steak house since what I've been reviewing before gimme such a disappointment because what I read is not tally at all with what I experienced. Lols. Memang sangat rare aku nak bagi review tempat makan ni, but this is somehow to adequate you guys with infos regarding the place. Eheks

Okay masa kelas rep aku kata nak buat iftar dekat this steak house , aku yang clueless teruslah menjalankan siasatan terhadap blog blog yang buat review regarding this place melalui agent Google. Hehe. Sebab aku jenis orang yang ... yang nak at least sikit info pasal tempat tu, like what are the food that taste good and apa makanan yang takyah order * because of the eiurgh taste * - so I did read some blogs.

D'one steak house yang aku pergi ni dekat seksyen 7. Dekat dengan PakLi Kopitiam, if you're from UiTM belakang tu, d'one steak house macam agak ke dalam sikit, belakang belakang dekat kawasan perumahan ( jauh dari Jakel , Burger bakar semua )

And dalam blog blog tu semua, ada yang encourage makan itu ini and I did some conclusions.

Order spagethi sebab ada sorang tu order sampai berkali-kali : so aku assume benda ni sedap.
Order durian belanda sebab that is most preferred drink there. K.
Order Cordon Bleu kalau kau jenis fall in love dengan cheese sebab dia cheesy chicken.
Do not order burger sebab akan rasa kecewa hanya dengan melihat presentation dia.

and I did taste all of themmmmmm * rasa kawan sebelah kiri , sebelah depan , sebelah kanan *

and mungkin sebab preference lidah aku pernah jumpa makanan yang lebih sedap, dalam harga yang lebih kurang , aku kecewa dengan rasa spagethi dia. Sebab biasaaaa je sumpah . ( Spagethi PakLi kopitiam taste even better with the same price ) Cordon Bleu dia pun rasa macam tak berapa nak cheesy pun , even portion dia macam agak banyak.  Durian belanda pun taste biasa. Takde macam stunning tahap dewa. Takde.

Harga dia memanglah tak boleh nak argue , sebab its totally murah for a steak place.
Service, kerana ada service charge 5% , aku macam kecewa sikit sebab pelayan dia macam ignorant. Macam kalau panggil, ambik masa jugak dia nak datang meja. Hmmmph.

But thennnnn, what I suggest to eat there is Lamb Chop. Wuuuuu tu tak kecewa makan , lagi lagi kalau kau tengah puasa starvation macam 30 tahun tak makan, lamb chop wouldn't dissapoint you. And also ice-cream goreng. They taste good. Mungkin sebab aku batak tak pernah hadap aiskrim goreng , and the fact ice cream at the first place taste good, so aku berpihak kepada ice cream goreng ke acane? haha.

So habis dah review pasal tempat ni.

Sebab benda ni iftar kan, semua tengah lapar, aku hanya mampu bersyukur dapat peluang makan. Dapat minum. Dari ada orang kais apa apa tak makan apa apa. Class iftar end up good even at the first place aku macam don't really feel good sebab pening dengan flow nak ke sana bagai. Tapi , things get better. Sebab aku jenis yang macam tak well blend sangat dalam kelas : maybe because I chose to be one. Tapi , kita manusia kenalah macam pandai assimilate diri sendiri dalam suasana. You won't be expecting every single things to follow what you want la kan?

So balik dari iftar nak dekat pukul sepuluh, the girls ada yang nak gerak Tutti Frutti, aku dengan seharian berjubah , habis kelas rehat satt keluar balik, aku jadi macam " Nak balik nak balik " and they decided to play fire crackers dekat sebelah padang cemara, at first I was macam malasnyeww malasnyerrr, tapi sampai bila nak escape , tak join, pessimis bagai , lagipun takde benda nak buat memalam tu, so i decided to join , and lepas main - it feels awkward after years tak main kan ( sebab rasa dah dewasa lulz ) * mata ke langit* then lepas rafi pekena moreh sat dengan classmates. :)

Aku tak pernah rasa moment moment macam tu dengan class. It was my first time. Sebab last time class party aku tak attend. So Im kind happy sebab ada bonding time macam tu.

Thanks 10LW2. I know I'll still be meeting part of US bilamana masing masing diberi peluang melanjutkan pelajaran dekat UK, so having constant good relationship with you guys is always a must for me. I had a good time being with you gaissss. Muahhh :*

I only managed to get this picture, sebab aku punya kamera megapixel tidak layak ditayang di udara. ahahahaha. k bai.

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