Its a huge stress and I tend to spill it here :/

Let. Me. Talk.

sparing precious moment for myself. I am crying inside. Badly. You know how it feels like when you actually feeling so bad inside : feels like the heart crashes  , and the moment that you need someone's shoulder to cry on, someone's ear to hear them. Then you got nobody. Not a human. Not even a friend.

I'll Feel So Bad.

Macam ni kau buat aku. Or even another kau buat aku. Then I'll feel damn stupid previously  to spare my time and energy to sooth your problem, to think what are the things that actually make you people laugh. And now....And this is how you treated me. Fine. Huge Thanks.

Can't you just understand :
Aku penat penat balik kelas, aku penat wehhhhh. Aku penat kau faham. Aku bukan sengaja tak angkat call, aku tengah kelas kau faham. Then I call you back untuk ambik berat : and this is it?

Wehhh. Aku sepatutnya tak payah bother. Sepatutnya.
You should tell me why . Apa weh salah aku. I am figuring it out.

I feel scratch inside. Huge Thanks. Aku menyesal sebab aku ambik berat. 

Friendship doesn't count miles,it's measured by the heart.

Assalamualaikum .

Its 28 of August. Less than 20 days, the very first batch of machinants going to fly. Followed up by the second batch and it goes around. And around. So I have such lovey dovey-affected reading tweets today. Tweet that show sadness. Counting days left for someone that we love so much and so deep, going to fly soon, pursuing studies. Its' gonna be MILES AWAY.  Separating . Not knowing what will happen actually in future. In 5 years, so many things could change : including the hearts. The feelings.

Omooooo. I can't help myself. This love-thingy stuff. Sorry.


Distance do create a boundaries. I do believe. They do create. But somehow, distance can make the rindu grows even stronger. But how if the feelings of rindu being channeled away. Eh apa aku ni. =='. By the way, channeled your doa to HIM if the one that you love so tight, being so far away. Take care of my beloved once. Not because that you wanna spend the life with him. Kalau kita doa supaya jagakan dia untuk kita, its like, if HE is not meant to be yours? acane tu?

Obviously It's Not Me , dear people.

Have you ever face a situation. When you're actually having a serious crush on person. You want to end your life with that someone and at the same time, not knowing how the fate will treat you in future. Does it will be everything like we wish where imagination turns into reality.

Things like :
He or She happened to be your soulmates. Long-lost soulmates.
We have many kids.
We even live happily ever after. <---- you might want to be a part in fairy tales. Uh?

Or even something worst : He or she turned to be your bestfriend someone's . That is such a disaster huh. If we're still keeping that kind of love-inside-the-heart. Oh heartbroken. Into pieces. Sobs.

See. No matter how far we plan. How deep the planning was. Still, the fate ain't in our hand.

Barangkali yang kita suka, bukan yang terbaik dari Dia.  Pegang kuat kuat kata Allah. After all He won't take something from you unless he's giving something better : mungkin better can be define as ujian. Through ujian we get experiences. You'll never know unless you face it.

So see. How dovey I am today. Talking about soulmates and stuff even I know I shouldnt do so. I got two critical years to face. Not allowed to get into married people group. And now what? Omooo najwa . Make up your mind.

Mintak Allah jagakan my long-lost-18years-soulmates bebaik.
Idk who. Idk why I ask this. Idk everything. What I know is , I wanted the best for Unknown H.E, the future father to my babies :P

gone far.limit limit najwa.

Semangat Batch. Go Machinants.

Assalamualaikum people.

Oh yeaa its about times jugak I've ever update about my batch . Who cares. Its my blog. The people whom I love so much through out the years. The people who're close inside the heart. O Allah I love My machinants. I love my DEUS EX MACHINA.

Naaaa I am writing this lepas kena tweetlimit disaat timeline twitter laju dengan machinants. Thousand times jugak aku try tweet balik, sebab aku  Ya Allah sedih je dapat tengok dari jauh masing masing being so supportive. Each tweets datang dengan spirits of siblings and friends.

Nothing can ever express how deep my love towards my batch. Don't ask and never question the love.

Macam mana boleh rapat macam ni.
Macam mana boleh supportive macam ni.
Kenapa kemana-mana aku akan carik Machinants.

Yes. Do not ask why. Be glad. I am glad to be Machinants. Just too glad. Thanks Allah.

Terima kasih Allah  sebab jumpakan saya dengan kawan kawan yang baik, MACHINANTS ARE OSSZEMM. Mereka lebih daripada seorang kawan. They even act like the siblings of mine. Its not like I am not adapting with new situations. Bila dapat meet virtually kat timeline twitter, even jauh , lama tak jumpa, the feelings are still the same. Still like old days. Rasa muda *boleh tak gaya dah 40 tahun je tulis post* haha.

Dulu waktu sekolah, penangan jauh dari budak batch tak berapa nak rasa. Tapi bila masing masing dah jejak menara yang dikatakan ada gading. Rasa dia menusuk gilaaa. Tskk tskk.

Antara ayat menusuk kalbu berkaitan dengan machinants.


Ada masa qila akan text aku pepagi time dia otw ke intec  : AKU RINDU MACHINANTS. <-- aku punn.

Kalau tweet memasing : SPIRIT MACHINANTS. MACHINANTS. ohh ohhh kenapa korang touch nerve aku.

Jom sama sama pakai tshirt machinants malam niee...^_^
Weh rehan tade mengene ngan jodoh kot. Siyes tade. This is all about us. Machinant
Jodoh rezeki ajal semua dah ditetapkan. So kalau kita percaya menda tu semua kita tkan risau yg lain

Sumpah macinant terbaik weh. Sorang2 datang bagi semangat. Thanks korang

InsyaAllah Poie. Kau jaga diri kat sana baik2. Ingat tujuan asal kau. Machinant still doakan yg terbaik antara satu sama lain. Jaga solat.

Kitorang akan sentiasa doakan kejayaan setiap Machinants. Don't worry. Just don't be like this anymore :')
Aaa sedih aaa cmnie,poie jgn le cenggituu...k lah nk tidur,kbai semuaaa :*

Lek laa poie. Xmo tacink2. Dafuq laa kalo ade member lupa kawan and aku tau xde machinants cmtu. Keep the machinant's spirit. Jom all out.
 poe bertemu dan berpisahlah kerana Allah kerana ianya termasuk dlm golongan yg Allah muliakan. Cewahh. ada hikmahnya nnti k.

Sumpah nak nangis da nie. Machinant doakan aku selamat nnt kat sana. Aku akan jaga nama machinat kat jordan k.

 the twittah conversation :D <--- SEE tweetlimit menyeksa aku :p

Orang kata. assabiyah. Ehh. macam mana nak cakap : I just felt yang vanderwall Machinants kuat sangat.Tolak tepi soal assabiyah tu semua boleh. Aku taknak cakap pasal sejarah :p lol. Guys. Terima kasih. Banyak banyak. My heart filled with you guys yaww :D

ALLAH. eratkan hati-hati kami. Meskipun bakal berjauhan, berlainan benua, izinkan kami lihat langit yang sama. Ya Allah, sesungguhnya kami telah bertemu dan berpisah kerana-Mu. Dalam perjalanan yang masih jauh ini, kuatkanlah hati-hati kami.Permudahkan urusan kami.  Ya Allah, peliharalah ikatan ini dan moga-moga akan dilimpahkan kurnia dan rahmatmu atas persahabatan ini. Sampaikan doa-doa ini kepada setiap antara kami. Sesungguhnya juga aku bersyukur atas rahmat-Mu. Telah kau karang cerita hidup kami untuk bertemu dan berkasih di bumi Selandar :') .

Blessed us O Allah.

I am just TOO GLAD to be the part of DEUS EX MACHINA.

Why the what. Why we tweet. Why we update facebook status.

Assalamualaikum and a pleasant day. I bit. 

also Louis
please. I want an attention. please.

So I've been reading a post from the friend of mine. About the human addictions towards social networks. And here, despite of copy-pasting. I would to share the point of view. On my own words. The words may trembled. Grrr.  

Motif utama post : Sebab aku terkesan dengan post tersebut. Quite starlighting terus ke dada. Aigoooo.

This post is EXCEPTIONAL for ilmu shared-post.

So here. Why do I write. Why do I blog. Why do I tweet. Why do I update my status in all kinds of social networks. Why I feel like getting myself into tweets life is osszem? Huh? I got myself chucked to answer all this stuff. 

Why do you? Kenapa kita tweet kita kat mana tengah buat apa makan apa pergi mana . Kenapa kita update status hari ni I feel like sucks , I feel happy.Kenapa kita tukar status from being single to in a relationship when you know, sebenarnya kita kita je tahu dah cukup  Kenapa kita upload gambar.Situ sana. Self satisfaction? Really? Do you really mean it? 

Sharing? Huh ? Why there were sometimes, a thing that you share, people don't even bother. You considered it as share. Ahhh maybe. alasan diterima pakai. You may used SEBARKANLAH ILMU WALAU SEBARIS. Tapi yang kita tweet tu. Yang kita update status tu. Yang kita blog tu : Rasa macam memanfaatkan tahap ilmu orang lain. Tak?

Contoh : Saya sedang memasak ni.
In what kind of situation or where is the angle do you feel statement di-atas memanfaatkan tahap ilmu orang lain.
Despite you want the whole world to know : Ohh dia tengah memasak.You're seeking the very first attention.
Next status : Saya masak macaroni. Daaaapppp eghhhh.
You wanna tell the world, I am cooking macaroni. And the taste is delicious.You're seeking the second attention here.

THINGS LIKE THIS. its happening in real world. seekers. source. Tumblr.
Still here you don't want to admit that you're currently craving for attentions? 

You deny. 
You keep denying.
You're getting angry huh?

Isn't it?

Then you're a human-being.

MOST OF THE PEOPLE will deny when we assume human crave for attentions. They said. Most of them : its a  kind of self-satisfaction. Less will admit, they're seeking for attentions. As I said before this is exceptional for ilmu-shared post. 

And what do you feel bila ada yang re-tweet? Or even follower bertambah? Bila ada orang yang like gambar

You feel the different, aren't you? Feel like ter-exicted lima enam saat

Things like :
Amaigadddd I tweet something awesome. I should tweet things like this even more. 
You gain many likes on your sexy tummy picture, Amaigaddd I should post more pictures like this. 
Amaaaaagaadd, I feel like macam retiss bila ramai re-tweet. 

Here you see how the social networks are turning you into somekind of monsters? Monsters that crave for attention. You're tend to be dead meat when you can't share stuff on twitter.Blogs.Facebook. The power that social nets have to rule your mind. Sebab its not weirdos bila someone ambik gambar, then someone said :


hack it off..
Why people. You capture a picture to capture the memories. Suddenly the real motif of having a picture is to upload it on facebook and stuff? Damn it. 

you're somekind cursed to .We're that kind of monsters huh nowadays. we're craving for attentions. Inilah pengemis alam siber. 

*people shouldnt judge beggars only exist di kaki lima pasar* 

We should get a life. One day, facebook may suffered their glory time like friendster and myspace had. And when all this social nets gone, will the memories fade off? When you actually capture something just to upload it into social networks acc. Not more than that?
GET INTO THE REAL LIFE. try on what kind of life would you have. Without social nets.



Do not play with the future lawyer.

Assalamualaikum . Entry tak bernada nak carik pasal atau nak file case sue-sue manusia. I just love the phrase. Aaaaaa *sila jatuh rahang*

When you have an account twitter, you tend to spill there often with simpler words.
And it happened to be I almost forget that I do have a blog to make the fonts talking louder.
I guess I am being to go-lucky these days. Something went wrong. Nerve for sadness ain't working well.
If it's working though, I kept denying facts and facts and be happy :)

see I am happy. Oh yeah. Yeah two times. Yeah for the third time. YeayyYeayyy.

Memandangkan tajuk entry berbaur perihal manusia bergelar peguam. I'm gonna spill about my classmates. My law-coursemates. Mehh beta kenalkan dengan classmate beta di intec. Penggunaan bahasa Melayu saya agak tunggang langgang di sini. Ignore me. What a bliss life.

I got 30 in my class. Eh no. I dont exactly know they exact numbers. 30 kot. Mungkin.
The guys, as always a minority in the class but still these precious guys needed for each group tasks. Seven of them. Sherlock Faris. Holmes Faris *desk name* , Arif Izhan , Aiman Azizan, Dharma Danial,  Fikri and Ikram. Class rep : Aiman.
The girls. Okay lets see did I succeed to remember their names. Syahirah Naimi ak.a Senah, Amira Safia , Raden, Kak Intan, Angel , Ameera , Elida, Syasya , Alina, Hadhinah, Mell, Muneerah, Aliatul , Nadilah, Sakinah, Fatin, Nazira, Adibah  ada lagi tak yang aku terlupa? Harap tidak. Harapnya..
Not to forget my deskmate : whom I close too : ehh yeke? ye ye : Ainaa Mazelin , Nurul Nasuha and Ajlaaala . Not to forget me Anis Najwa.

the sisters. :__: *cc SyasyaAzman for le pictures.

I am still in a phase of adapting myself with you guys. Accepting new things. Assimilating with the current status quo. I am happy to have you guys around. You guys is a good surrounding that help me to develop myself. :)) Why don't we hold our heart into one, aim for the best for these upcoming semesters. We know we can do it. Very yeaaah :)

tetiba rasa nak ajak kelas pergi Times Square. :P i love playing.

I love my 10LW2. The lecturers. Miss Vel for English. Mr Lee for econs but sadly he's replaced with another lecturer *unknown* Bye sir. I love you. kuikui.Mr Thava for law. Miss Nazlin for psycho. They're fun. awesome. enjoyable. Even sometimes, it happened to be a slight misunderstanding. Very tiny / Very slight.

So with prayers, pray for us. Please. We're the one who will be the next lawyer generations. We gonna help the nations. Secure the judiciary field.

 Ya Allah, eratkanlah hati hati kami :))

Ujian tak datang bila Allah tak sayang.


Havent you heard a phrase : Kalau Allah uji, maksudnya dia sayang?

I heard it for times. Bila rasa macam burdened dengan masalah, then come across a voice, deep inside the heart, whispers : Allah sayang sebab tu dia bagi ujian.I dont know if, it a voice that my head spinal cord-kan ke hati, ahhh apa bahasa sains aku ni =='. But just, yes, after all, aku terasa disayangi despite all the pains and obstacles sebab phrase itu :


Then. I kept experimenting on statements. Ujian datang dalam bentuk apa? Banyak bentuk. Boleh jadi dalam rezeki yang melimpah ruah, its a type of ujian. Apatah lagi dalam keadaan kesempitan, hidup asyik mengais pagi petang macam ayam *tak masuk* haha , always, its considered as ujian. Nearest example : Masa aku dapat tawaran JPA previously, many people thought : ouhh rezeki tu. Yaa I admit, its a type of rezeki, but at the same time, I should admit, from another point of view : its a kind of ujian. Idk how to explain why because I am not good in arranging words. Y'know there's a kind of situation : when lots and lotsa things on your mind trembled and mixing up : then you can;t even interpret it in a statement. Ahhh kelingnya aku ni.

Tapi betul ke kalau ujian tak datang. Betul Allah tak sayang? Hmm.

This statement is very general. I am no one to appoint. Yaaa. Assumptions may lead to being screwed up with your own words. So generally, sebenarnya. Life with tests and obstacles, is fun. Sebab kita belajar. Belajar daripada pengalaman. After all please admit yang learning is fun.

Setiap orang didatangi ujian yang berbeza.But y'know what. One thing yang aku selalu apply dalam hidup.

Bila aku rasa, ujian yang aku dapat cukup berat. Then I thought about others.

Kalau aku rasa susah, orang lain, ada yang lagi susah isnt it?
Kalau sakit. Mesti ada yang lagi sakit?
Kalau sedih. Mesti ada yang lagi sedih?
Kalau kita rasa itu berat. Orang lain?

Here :

Thats why there's a phrase from Allah jugak.

Tak dibebani seorang manusia, lebih daripada apa yang manusia itu mampu :))

and jangan pernah mengeluh dahulu. Jangan mengeluh dahulu. AFter all sighing tu kan tak baik.

So bersyukur dengan ujian yang kita dapat Sebab tak semua orang pilih untuk belajar dari pengalaman. Yeahh experience is more than a golden. At least emas still boleh dibeli : you got lotsa money : you still can afford buying golden. Tapi pengalaman, kalau mintak kat kedai emas pun : tokey emas geleng kepala. Waa tarak boleh jual sama lu pengalaman.

read and consume.
Muahah. Puasa. Puasa.

assalamualaikum :))

Oh. Aku. Rindu. Batch.:')

Assalamualaikum.*melupakan hal tak dapat log-in twitter* *nangis dalam hati* *blerghhhhhh*

I draw it. With the group. During english class. :p

Aku baru lepas go through blog batch. Go through posts. Go through albums. Go through everything about the batch. Rindunya. I just cant pull out myself from the memories. Its not like I am not adapting the new life. New surrounding. New people. Everything's new. I am still adapting, and feel like I am good in stimulating but just wanna scream out loud : Machinants. Saya rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. :'o

Tahun ni, suasana Ramadhan, wasnt like what I experienced previously. Sigh. Really. Deep.

Puasa tahun ni. Its like kelas. Balik kelas. Beli makanan buka. Buka. Solat. Belajar. Terawih sendiri. SENDIRI. *tu yang sedih. Its not like takde terawih jemaah, cuma aku je. I chose to. Kenapalah wahai hati . Tidur. Bangun sahur. Sometimes I cook. Oftentimes : biskut lauk milo. Biskut lauk nesvita.

The life treating so far : alhamdulillah. like always. Being good. Yes, its good. Its nice. I had my proper schedule for reading and revising.

I am not that okay with non-busy life. Then I'll be drowned into memories. How I wish pastyears become the present years.Helpless la bunyik. *off*

Now lets talk what's flying through my head :

Calon MT yang baru dah announced. I am not sure diaorang dah habis percubaan ke belum. But I believe, its early. Really early. Mungkin. Goodluck people. MT's, lead the school good. Teringat bench bench MT 10'11. Hazwan Ain Aqmal Syatun Syafiq Najwa. Four of us, battling up for overseas. Good luck MT'mate. Hazwan Ain, US insyaAllah. Aqmal, Aussie. Me, UK Allah will. Build the bond really close. After all, bila ada kepincangan yang jelas dalam group tu, then there will be tons of problems in the prefects themselves.

Oh apa khabar sekolah? I miss the scenery. The life. Even being hectic. Haha.


I miss you guysssss so much. Nak gather sesama. Buka sama sama. Ohh what a life. :))

iftar with Selandar. Mozac. TGB, last in Pak Li's kopitiam. Coincidentally.

poie fuza.

hazwan's here :))

the TGB'ians :p

the mozac's :))

ain. najwa. aqila ada jugak *tukang hambik gambar*