Interpretasi. Kehidupan.

October 30, 2013

Oh hai blog. The first killing phase is over. A combo of Ucas - Ielts - Lnat - College committee  programme. Phase kedua - finals yang berbaki beberapa hari. 

Allah ease through and through. He really do. 

Ielts , overall band 7 . Alhamdulillah. JPA requirement 6.5 :')

Currently I am home. Away . Finding solace by myself. Giving myself the best environment before finals. Semester 3 end up fast heh. Tak banyak benda nak diceritakan di semester 3 sebab aku susah nak distinguish memory semester 2 dan semester 3. Mungkin sebab dalam tahun yang sama. Mungkin. Atau mungkin aku yang overdose ignorant. * freaked *

You've once enlighten my day. the reason why I smile. Thanks for being there. For a moment . Just like a firecracker. You light. And you disappear. Its time to face the music , I am no longer your muse. 

This semester , sungguh tak pernah menapak Mid Valley . Sunway apatah lagi. Adalah sekali menapak Paradigm. Sekali .Itu pun sebab nak grant a bestfriend wish nak makan Seoul Garden.  Social life memang ke laut aaaa. Tak nampak dah kepeentingan melayan hawa nafsu diri. Mana taknya , I am never delighted by those shirts , shoes , and all girls-stuff. Interpretasi yang namanya perempuan itu adakah seharusnya attached to shopping and fashions? Secara keseluruhannya ya. Maka aku keluar norma. 

Hambar. Iye. Hambar.

Rindu nak tulis dalam bahasa melayu. Yang betul betul Melayu. Yang tak bercampur dua bahasa. 

Interpretasi manusia berbeza. That produces a creativity of thinking. Aku selalu fikir yang apa yang aku fikir tak akan sama dengan apa yang orang lain fikir dari sudut yang berlainan. Dan seharusnya aku menghormati sudut pandang tersebut. 

Macam tengok Sampah Remaja KL ( twitter ) . Every pictures which they choose and categorized it as sampah and adakah betul benda tu sampah? Mengikut interpretasi dia , itu sampah. Just because someone point it out it as crap , it doesn't mean that it have to be a crap. 

I once attend a forum , ada sorang panel tu pernah cakap , mindset kita kena sama so barulah boleh bincang on thing together. Dan aku silently opposing to the idea. Yang kita kena ada dua manusia yang berbeza dengan satu mindset yang sama. Takpelah interpretasi manusia tu berbeza. Kalau samaa , apa guna berforum , apa guna bidas bicara. Apa guna 360' degree yang manusia kira? Its okay to have different mindsets. Its all about tolerating with each other. Macam friendship , wouldn't it be boring if the members inside the group have the same idea - same thinking - same degree on viewing stuff. Bosan kot. Its about assimilating things. Respecting. Value ni semua takkan jadi applicable kalau semua orang ada satu degree interpretation yang sama. Kita share satu kehidupan yang sama tapi berlainan nama - kongsi tanah bumi tapi lain tempat  - kongsi satu semesta tapi kala aku malam , kau siang  - berpusingkan pada 360 sudut . Dalam setiap sudut pandang , pasti ada beza. 

So its okay for you to have your own definition on words. 


Lima perempuan pasti ada definisi sendiri perihal ini. Juga sebaliknya. 

A level

My personal statement - Law.

October 22, 2013

         So since I've send my application , I would like to share my personal statement here. Feel free to read through. Boleh dijadikan rujukan idea. InsyaAllah. And remember ! UCAS detect plagiarism :)

I am applying for law degree. And currently doing A-level law in Intec Education College. A subject combination of English Language , Law and Economics. AS History.

My personal statement .

            “If we are living in the world where eye is for an eye and tooth is for tooth, everyone in this world would become handicapped.”  This phrase really caught my eyes and made me think of the importance of the legal system. If everyone were to vindicate for themselves the wrong done to them, would we not then live in an unsafe and chaotic environment? Would the innocents not be victimized too?
            These thoughts led me to see the importance of the enforcement of law in a country. Coupled with my passion for justice and truth, law became my obvious choice of career. I would like to make sure the wrong are punished accordingly and the innocents are vindicated.
            However, the main driving force why I choose to do law is the demise of my beloved uncle. He was a victim of an accident. The driver of the car escaped with a minimal sentence. A dear life was lost due to his negligence and careless and all my uncle got was nothing that stands at his side. In my anguish and grief, I wanted the driver to pay with his life. Being young and na├»ve, that was how I view life. But later I know, taking the revenge itself is not how justice is being stood up.
            How can a young girl get justice for the meaningless loss of a good man?  So, I put my heart and soul into my studies, spurred on by the awareness that the only way to ensure justice is served by being a lawyer.  My efforts paid off. I was offered a government scholarship and accepted into A-levels, majoring in law.
            As I grow older, I develop a keen interest on how the political system works in my own country. Recently, in Malaysia, a well-known provision was made in our judiciary system that allows indefinite detention without trial. It is ‘The Emergency (Public Order and Crime Prevention) Ordinance’ which is commonly abbreviated as Emergency Ordinance (EO). This Ordinance which was established in the year 1969 was about to be abolished as it fails to curb the alarming crime rates. In my point of view, its abolishment is seen as a pure political move to please the majority in order to solidify Malaysia into a proper democratic and to respect the very basic aspect of liberty itself which guarantees freedom of movement.  However, the logic why the law exists almost about five decades before is because it’s needed to suppress the violence and prevent crimes involving violence. I believe its abolishment would later propagate more capital crimes; such as gangsterism because the process of detention needs proper warrant which will consume more time towards the enforcement bodies.  Somehow as it fails to meet its objective at the first place, the law should be subverted as there is no reasoning for the law to stay.  To think back from the other angle, it’s not about the ordinance, it’s the regulations and the enforcement of the law that should be given an attention here.  The system that regulated and enforced the law should be more efficient. It’s a two ways of interaction. No matter how good the statute was, if it’s conducted in wrong way, even if there is a new law to be replaced with, it will give the same effects.  
            It was in my high school years that I developed a love for debate and verbal exchange, which to me is an added advantage to my choice of career. I have actively involved myself in symposiums and debates such as Fully Residential School International Symposium (FRSIS) in which I was one of the 16 students who was awarded a gold certificate. I am one of the forum panel speakers for an international benchmark with Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College, Brunei Darussalam discussing leadership issues.

I believe a lawyer fights for noble causes, for truth and justice. It is not just any profession as a lawyer is an agent of change. I will put my heart and soul into my studies until such a time when I am in a position to be able to make the changes required for a better nation.

Stalk and Kill.

October 14, 2013

Well hello , I'm clicking and stalking. And obviously wanita ini takde kerja lain ke nak buat ?

*pandang buku law dengan mata kiri - sinis tanpa perasaan * 

I kinda realized that its been a long time since I last constantly stalk. I mean , stalking in twitter dah macam less challenging since all the conversations semua atas timeline. So , I stalk the blogs. Tapi since dua tiga bulan masuk semester tiga ni busy semedang. Kenkadang tu tak busy - tapi sebab reality treats better so kinda abandoning activity orang forever alone cenggini. Haha.

Alang alang ada masa free - semua orang balik ( I mean all the juniors were home ) - so everything is on the timeline - I tend to - S T A L K . Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy girl , I know. Haha. You can't help aaa , seeing links semua , I mean ; its free for viewing. Call me lame. I am . So anyone who ever posted any links or blogs , sure sure akak creepy ni baca. Leulz * puking rainbows *

By the way , I don't really call , reading something that vividly seen on any social nets timeline , considered as stalk. So... takyah ler sesungguh kata " Kau stalk fb aku ehhhh " Tepuk diri sendiri sikit, tolong.  

Bila read through blogs kan, kenkadang tu gelak lima saat. Contoh : You're stalking someone younger and y'know there's this one phase we kinda spell ' gewd lark , korunks , and all alien spellings that never synchronize dengan cara kita cakap , like seriously we speak " Korang " sounds O N G behind, never once we said " Korunks " R U N K S , awkward kan? So tell me , from where the spelling derived from?  Takyah jawab, aku pun celaru jugak cenggitu ( zaman dulu kala ) , kalaulah blog lama tu wujud lagi , confirm aku bunuh diri sendiri baca balik posts alien coming from the Mars. Eheks. Tu belum lagi post ala ala doktor cinta pro gila masalah hati wanita - masalah percintaan species monyet. I DID THAT THING TOO EARLIER. So macam tak boleh nak judgemental sangat aaa. Sebab once aku rasa nak gelak , dia sama macam gelakkan diri sendiri di masa silam. 

Amboi sakan guling guling najwa. 

And somehow I am glad I am growing to realize yang all the stuff I shouldn't do before. Sebab aku rasa macam jadi perosak bangsa - bahasa sudah semestinya - ni mashing english malays pun dah langgar ethics bahasa. Tapi making alien spelling previous day and making all those 'konon-cool-stuff' was so wrong. Sebab I could never give reason why I spell that way. Parahhhhhnya zaman zaman itu. Padahal sekarang buat je lagi " leuls , lol " semua. Kira masih dalam zaman yang parah. Hahah I need to show a sign inside my writing that I am still young , so I pakailah word choice ( jargons ) orang muda. Hah cenggituuuu. * sepak diri sendiri * haha.

So what do you actually expect me writing today? Stalking someone you like and they like someone else and I feel like dying ? Oh No. Cliche sangat tu. 

I shall have better reasons  to kill myself then. * charm * 

well this says that my doings were socially accepted. Ahaaa. 

That one big elephant lifted off . IELTS, LNAT & UCAS done :)

October 12, 2013

All these days , letak reminder sana sini , IELTS ( International English Language Testing System ) 5 oktober 2013 ; speaking . The rest of the components ( reading , listening , writing ) is on 12th of October and in 
between terselit LNAT ( Law National Admission Test ) on 8th October. So before meeting the dates , I ever wondered , apa bakal jadi minggu ni . Dengan UCAS ( Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) yang tengah undergo process nak hantar to respected uni's.  Belum campur presentations ( this one was not that burdening , alah present je pun - ketuk kepala sikit ) dengan class yang masih berjalan seperti biasa . Walaubagaimanapun ,wanita ini masih juga sempat menonton 17 episode Master Sun seminggu sebelum itu. * cry * 

So mungkinkah yang lifted tu cuma anak gajah jumbo? hahah

So basically memang turun naik emosi guwa minggu ni. 

LNAT - meh sini nak share cerita ( ecewah mentang-mentang dah habis ) , well basically LNAT is some sort of admission test to enter some law school in UK. Tapi banyak je uni yang tak mintak LNAT ni sebab based on apa yang encik google bagitahu , makin lama benda ni makin tak reliable. 

Jadi if you rasa tetiba lepas baca benda ni nak ambik law , aware with the test . 

Ada 3 je possible test centre dekat Malaysia ni untuk buat lnat ni , satu Petaling Jaya ( to be exact Phileo Damansara ) , Cyberjaya and Johor Bahru. So last Tuesday , aku buat dekat PJ , kebetulan ada 4 law mates buat on the exact date - thanks to my classmate Khadijah for the ride. Sumpahlah kalau aku sensorang redah public transport semua , menangis sebaldi. So if anyone happened to take the test in PJ , the landmark there is the Eastin Hotel . Blok F , Level 3 ( Wordware Distributions ) . For added info's , test tu boleh ambik sekali je and the test cost you 70 pound which is equivalent to RM 350.00 . Menangis kan tengok duit terbang begitu sahaja . 

Its basically a test with 12 passages with few objectives questions for each passage. Jawab dalam masa 80 minit. The second part was an essay : 3 diff question. Jawab 1. I choose to answer the first question : " Do you think that we have a general duty to obey the law " Since its only for 40 minutes, I ignore the second ques yang panjang dan pelik. And the third question was about sportsmen that take drugs should be banned for life. Erks tu memang bukan field makencik. Sorry. 

I did a mistake on that day , camni cerita dia : The whole time given for the test is 135 minutes , aku aware dengan benda ni tapi , masa buat objectives questions , aku mati mati ingat yang 80 minutes tu gabung sekali dengan masa nak buat essay. Fail doh math. Sumpahhhhh fail p triple f t. So aku cecepatlah buat sepantas kilat , konon kalau ada baki 50 minute, boleh buat essay lama sikit <--- tipikal. ahahahhaha. Dengan passage yang boleh buat kepala cramp. Menangis aaa kau lapan puluh tahun . Tapi bila dah habis tu , aku tanya orang yang jaga exam tu " Can I do the essay first then I do the essay?" he said tak boleh and aku tak pulak tanya pasal masa tu. The moment when I started writing the essay , tickling the keyboard , triggering the mind suruh fikir , aku tengok kawan sebelah aku yang buat test 30 minutes earlier and he still buat objective , and I was like " Kenapa mamat ni tak habis lagi " and that moment I REALIZED YANG AKU SEBENARNYA TELAH MEMBAZIRKAN 50 MINIT tadi T.T sebab they separate the time for essay and objectives. Time tu memang boleh meraung aaa, tapi bila tengok clock ticking from 40 minute to less , memang jammed fuuuuuf fuuuuf fuuuuffff huffle puff , dah bantai aaa, tawakkal. 

And mohon doa untuk mata mata yang membaca - supaya result lnat aku okay :')

So sikit yang aku boleh share :
1. Jangan jadi macam aku. Ignorant. Sobs.
2. Pergi dengan kengkawan and kalau boleh jangan ambik session petang - sebab petang satu kau penat. Next , petang , biasalah peejay jammed tu memang equation. Since the place , sangat sangat sangat susah nak dapat public transport, ambillah nasihat makencik dalam account anda. 
3. Essay LNAT ni , jawapan yang dia bagi most of the time, semua betul , cuma yang paling betul tu ada satu je. So buat je la kot. hahah. Evaluation essay tertakluk pada respected uni's.
4. Bring along your pasport ,IC semua. Dekat situ, while waiting for the turn , its very comfy sebab dia provide nescafe's milo teh tarik machine semua. And banyak air kotak. And masa kitaorang , adalah sepinggan dua kuih. So anxiety level goes down. Kehkeh.
5. Nak tanya detail ke apa ke? Use the social net uolls. 

IELTS - apa ini? Ini adalah english test ala ala muet. Ada 9 Band. Seperti MUET , band ielts , lagi tinggi lagi baik. IELTS takde tips apa pun nak share, sebab aku pun harommm juga binatang ini. Mohon didoakan yang baik baik. Atas band 7. Atas 8. Ameeeeeen :') 

UCAS , semalam mabecs ( agent ) called yang dia nak submit university application semalam. Moga dimudahkan segala urusan. 

Basically , I've done all my admission test . Habis jugak isi UCAS. Hantar dah semua. * tarik nafas sikit * Tinggal nak ace the finale je. Law. English. Economic . History. Boleh dah kot start momentum belajar. Steady girl. Waktu waktu camni sebenarnya sangat penting untuk makan kata kata semangat diri sendiri. Penat memang penat , kenkadang tu balik exam tetiba ada discussion , sedar yang esok ada presentation , penat berfikir semua , tetiba pulak ada meeting perwakilan kolej  , kena selalu ingatkan diri sendiri, ada orang lain yang lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii busy. So chill girl. Benda biasa tu. Eceewah. 

Bye elephant. * seeing elephant flew away back to Africa * haha

You're the someone that went away?

October 11, 2013

Because it keeps lingering inside my head

I know. That you're someone that I'll loose. Loosing you from the start. 

Maybe once . But now , you're is no longer my muse. Its just a painful truth.


In another life. Would I be your girl? 

In another life , even we're in another life , I couldn't make you stay.

Even I badly wanted you to tell me to stay.

You surely can replace me with millions of names.
We never once promise anything to each other.

I am sure, I never told you how meaningful you're to me.

I hope all those money can buy me a time machine. 

I've to say the words

Its not you.

That got away.

- a killing truth.