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Wise Simple Reminder For Muslims

February 28, 2013

Assalamualaikum brothers sisters. Kerana manusia untuk lupa, kita kena selalu saling ingat-mengingati. I've shared what I've learned in my Islamic Studies class last Wednesday in my twitter site. Just want to re-write it back. Spread the reminder.

Ustazah pesan. ( ammend with my words )

1. Jangan tinggal Al-Quran. Bacalah selalu. 
- Jika tak mampu nak baca bermuka-muka surat. Cukuplah sekadar satu muka surat. Jika tak mampu membaca, perdengarkanlah alunan Al-Quran. Kalau tak mampu, cukuplah sekadar memandang. Tapi bukan kita tak mampu, cuma kita tak berusaha untuk jadi mampu. Kalau mampu scroll timeline twitter / facebook sampai ke previous previous page, takkan tak mampu usaha untuk Allah.

this is cute :) I miss Melaka :(

because this thing is so cute. So I decided to share it here. But wisely learn from the picture. We spend most of our time with this, even up till the moment you read this through, you still do. Jangan dragged. Spend time with your Al-Mighty too :)

2. Berusaha untuk solat jemaah. Di rumah rumah Allah. Jangan tinggal solat. 
- Kalau dulu masa SPM mampu nak buat tahajud without fail. Segala solat sunat ialah solat wajib. Tapi bila dah dapat result, dah tinggalkan kehidupan tu, kita macam lupa siapa KITA suatu masa dulu. Sebab kenikmatan yang Allah bagi sekarang, macam dapat belajar dekat tempat yang baik, semuanya boleh jadi keberkatan doa doa kita, tahajud kita suatu masa dulu.

3. Hadirkan diri ke majlis ilmu. 
- Sebab malaikat menaungi hamba hamba Allah yang datang ke majlis ilmu. Kerana hati manusia ini bersifat berbolak balik. Iman dia turun naik, maka perbanyakkanlah ibadah . Dekatkan diri pada Allah. Amalkan puasa puasa sunat. Datang kelas Islamic Studies , even tak masuk pointer, biarlah datang kita tu bermanfaat, ada sesuatu yang boleh kita take into account in life. Supaya apa yang kita buat tak sia sia. Datang sekadar untuk datang. Balik tanpa bawa apa apa.

4. Perbaiki diri setiap hari.
- Kalau perempuan, berusahalah melengkapkan quota menutup aurat. Pakai stokin. Consciousness nak buat semua ni datang dari hati.Hati yang selalu sangat melakukan maksiat, akan hilang nur dari hati dia. Maka hati jadi gelap. Jangan sampai hati mati, sehingga tak mampu menerima teguran.

5. Exposed diri dengan bahan bahan ilmu agama. 
- In technology time, we easily access to internet, banyakkan dengar ceramah agama. Sebab mungkin terlalu sibuk untuk membaca. Tambahlah ilmu pada dunia akhirat. Jangan zuhud dengan dunia. Jangan lebihkan cinta pada dunia. Takut takut akhirat jadi sulit untuk kita.

Kerana Manusia ini sifatnya dari azali ialah lupa, maka salinglah mengingat. Kawan yang baik ialah kawan yang mengajak rakannya bergerak bersama mengikut jalan Allah. Kawan yang baik jugak mampu menjadi sebab kita nak apply good life here after.

All human need it :)
Moga bermanfaat :)

Self babbling ramblings

February 25, 2013

Anis Najwa Nazari. 

Berbahagialah Najwa. Don't ever waste you tears on someone who don't really appreciate you in their life. 
Allah tak uji kalau tak mampu. Value on how others treat you and reflect upon yourself. 
Jangan menunding jari pada orang lain , kerana pada masa yang sama 4 jari tunding diri sendiri. 

Why I am supposed to cry .
Why I am supposed to feel betrayed.
Why I am supposed to feel these things. 
For someone who don't really value me inside their life.

For each thing that we do, there were strong reasons behind it. 
Whatever the reason is, thanks because I've been realizing lots of things. The day I figured everything that you've had been deceiving me these days. This is a cycle of life.  I learn to accept the reality that I've been in a wonderful play of you. You denied them so well but in reality you were different.

Not anyone's fault. Its just me. 

Senyumlah :') walau payah.

Self babbling ramblings

A day :)

February 23, 2013

I get excited easily. Typical girl who had overdosed by the fangirling hormones :p

As I've been promising to make a special post credited to Ainaa Mazelin Mustafa. *Motif? * haha. We went out for shopping :) Yeayyy. Its rare for me, I mean for us, for not having class during weekdays. Having hard time to choose where to hang out. As midvalley and KLCC is too mainstream with people , the crowd , include the boring mood too. Ainaa came out with an idea : The Mines. Considering other people's thought saying that The Mines is boringggg , we almost change the plan while we're on the ride. But still, I wanted to explore new places and to The Mines we go :3

I did research earlier * research , like seriouslyaaah najwa? hahha. I do research before I shop because I wanted everything to be well planned. Bhahah. Membosankan bukan saya? I am not. At first, I was like meroyan nak tengok Kerat 14 but by reading valuations and reviews on the internet, they declined my meroyan degree.

Lets cut it short. I wanted to try the Water Taxi Service :p We did. Yeaay exclude the water that stinks. You wouldn;t smell that much while you're on the ride. Because yeahh maybe wave for smell ain't that fast as the wave of the air. Merepek physic apa kauuu najwa hoi. Its RM 2 per ride. Affordable. Include the fact that we're the only two on the boat. With the boat driver. Like a boss boleh? Hahah we're like camwhoring at every seats. In the taxi just because we wanted to have some good lights. *hihi*

Masa on the taxi tu, as you go inside The Mines, you'll get too smell and the adrenaline suddenly rushed by foods. Food restaurants. Food stalls. Food isz everywhere. As we haven't had our lunch, we went for lunch at Popeye. Popeye is nice. I guess. For me. The chicken tender, just walla :D . Tu belum kira , balik toilet nampak takoyaki * I've been mengidam since ever for this, last time I went to Mid *

We don't watch any movies because we decided to walk around and explore stuff. We did :) I went to a shop to get a new handbag. Because the prices always come first , we get excited by reasonable prices and cute shops. Ainaa with her Hello Kitty-ized. I finally had my new sling bag. Need to say goodbye to my old bag. Because talinya sudah terputus di tengah jalan :'(

Having crazaaaayh shots in the PhotoBooth :3 Ahaaa freaking kalut jugak. k gelak gelak sakan ingat masa nak ambik gambar, or bak kata ainaa, pukul gambar * I am affected by her Kelantanese dialect nowadays* *insert chaotic moment* *insert laughing like had * * insert girls camwhoring expressions*

Previously we entered book stores, I bought an Old Maid *old times* purposely. Ahaks. We even entered ETUDE House ,  a store which offers you convincing promoters with their beauty products. At first, I don't really into these facial thingy. But when the promoter started to make me wonder , he was like saying : Why don't you look anything suitable for your facial needs? * I nodded inside * * I wanted to* *But IDK whats the problem with my face* Aaaaaah he just bravo-ly convinced me to buy their products. And we did. Lols. Takpe laa, umur awak dah nak masuk 19 najwa hoii. The age of 2 is approaching.

Well my investment for today I considered worth it. The memory we had too. Memory being inside the packed KTM. Not sitting for an hour journey to Shah Alam. Fiuuuh -.-'

Ever since I remembered, this is my first time, shopping with ainaa. Ever since we know each other months ago. Its months ago but truthfully I feel like knowing her for years? *k poyo* haha. Knowing different personality each of your friend owned , ainaa is unique in her way. Her way is just too complicated to be written here. Lets say, with my GF in intec, we rarely shop girly things. I mean like we're not really into it while we're shopping. But with other people, like shopping with Ainaa, i get myself exposed to the girls stuff. Girls time, being in and out from stores to stores. i loathe shopping but sometimes, I am enjoying it :) Like 22nd February :D

I found out that The Mines is notttt a boring place to shop, yet its nice because maybe its my luck today, so the shopping complex is ain't that crowd. Maybe its because of today is friday. Maybe. Maybe. But I justtt love the new experience I explored.

Blessed :')

Now the time for picturessssss :'s . Its not in order but yeaaaaah like who caresssss

don't get deceived by the flawlessss photo. Even us got mini heart attack seeing ourselves inside the photo. Luls.

The water taxi yang ktorang dua orang je dominate. Seeeee. Seeee :D This water taxi exactly located like I read inside the blogs. It just a distance away from KTM Serdang. You need to cross the jejantas to go here.  You can choose to walk to The Mines too. Not that far laa. Tapi berpeluh aaa jugak. Tapi manusia jakun ni haruslah tidak melepaskan peluang untuk berzumbaa di atas teksi air :p

Tapi masa balik, as we want to have sudden exercise *bahhaha tipuuu ni tipuuuu* we walk to the KTM. lololololol. Running out of money obviousssslayh. 

The place where I shop my new hand bag :p the second time walking at the same path. Ughh feel like having new baju. Got boring with this red luuls. 

suddenly we're in the time machine. Zaman sembilan belas tahun. And run to zaman Tok Nek. tok Abah :o. Tok Ainaa pakai glasses yang tak cabut tag harga. hahaha.

Again. the deceiving flawlessss pictures.

This is nice. I tried it for times in Selandar :P Okonomiyaki. Japan's pizza. Hamekk engko tetiba tekak jepun'ized. haha Tekak aku purely Melayu. But sometimesss, nak jugak keluar kepompong makanan mamak seksyen lapan belas tu. Include makanan kafe intec. Lol

some random video, got excited on the water taxi The Mines . luls wuuu wuuuu sejuk woo. wooo.

A level

A levels. Never easy. May Allah ease :)

February 21, 2013

Assalamualaikum .

Out of sudden , tetiba rasa nak bercerita perihal preparation yang aku tengah buat dekat Intec sekarang.

After a semester. Now in the second semester. Somehow I am glad that I've been stepping this far. But somehow I'm strikes by reality : " Najwa, you're doing A-level " So? "A-level is a preparation for overseas" What? " Yes, you're preparing for Over The Sea  " -.-' K.

Because of these things I could slap my face for times. Iarghhh. Sebab kadangkala tu macam terlalu berjimba . Kadang kadang rasa macam tak study *even sebenarnya depan mata berlambak buku* . Kadang kadang rasa macam muka bahagia senyum habis ke telinga. And questioning myself. " Tak Takut Ke? " -.-' K takut.

Here in Intec. I could find people struggling very very super hard behind their vain ( vain is not the word but I couldn't find any words to put it here ) faces. You can see early in the morning, before stepping on the bus, the people who're sitting at the bus-waiting-side were READING. Early In The Morning. Belum kira dalam bas. Lots of people here claim that they don't study but I tell you, their results prove that they're lying. Reality checked. Never trust someone that said : I don't study. Padahal malam tu dia punyaaaaaaaa menelaah tu. Fiuhhhh *lap peluh dekat dahi*

In INTEC, I've nurtured some positive values inside me. Like sleeping early. Be on the bus early. Get to class early. Kalau dulu dekat Selandar , kalau kita tak suka satu subjek tu, masuk je subjek tu rasa lemah longlai ke tanah tapi here, you have no choice. Because You Have No Choiceee laaaa. You need to go to class because you're paid for class. You need to perform on your subjects. Because again You Have No Choice. Even sekarang kalau tengah lagho duduk layan twitter, I'll make sure that I'll open one academic file and read it in two sides. Tweeting and reading. Meski peratusan pembacaan tu rendah, at least I'm not wasting my time. * nak jugak menang* . Kalau dulu dekat Selandar, buat latihan addmath selalu je tiru orang, takde effort nak buat sendiri sebab MALAS, sekarang I've ditch the malas berusaha tu di belakang. I'll do my math exercises and whenever I couldn't find the solution, then I'll ask. Kalau dulu suka beratuqqqkan semua homework sampai bertimbun, here, I never dare to tangguhkan assignments . If I do, I'm killing myself for last minutes works. Iargghhh.

Kenkadang tu fikir jugak balik, kenapa dulu tak ambik UIA. Freak gila k soalan. Tak baik najwa. Tak baik. Allah lorongkan jalan ni, lalui dengan kecekalan. Sebab bila Allah tunjuk, dia guide through. InsyaAllah ameeen.

Banyaklah value yang aku value diri sendiri bila masuk sini. Tarbiah every single deeds aku buat masa sekolah. As past shouldn't be repeating itself , so banyak sangat valuation yang aku gone through. Dari super malas , kena jadi rajin lebih sikit. Kena. Wajib. Sebab preparing yourself for something yang tak pernah kita bayangkan, like stepping to UK for degree . ANIS NAJWA, this is no joke. K. Always remember yang tak semuaaaa orang dapat peluang belajar dengan selesa, ada tu yang tak dapat sambung belajar, jadi , dapat belajar tu kan satu nikmat Allah, jadilah hamba yang bersyukur. Yang tak kufur dengan nikmat. Yang tak zuhud dengan dunia.

Jadi, apa lagi, marilah. Lets Study people :)

macam takde kaitan kan? Ehek hek.


Cliche Najwa is cliche.

February 20, 2013

Maybe its because I just melted by Xoxo ( obviously fangirling over Remy Ishak. Wuuu wuuu ) so here you go, Xoxo. And suddenly I decided to change the tajuk because I couldn't relate what I am saying with XOXO. bhahahhaha. Lame me? I am.

Its rare for me to stay awake in front of the laptop. Making post. During week days. Where tomorrow my class would be at Eight. eight : i SHALL be sleeping at eleven. Even senanya tak tidur tetapi bergolek golek ke sana ke mari. Turun naik katil. Suddenly rasa nak pakai lotion *insert gelak sopan here* But thats the way I ajar myself to be on the bed at eleven without your phones or laptops on your hand. Miahahahha. Nampaknya it ain't working today. Sorry. 

I just did my Math homework. Yaaaa even banyak sangat side notes on the answers but still I'm satisfied with the little effort I show in the book. I get excited when I flip the book from the start to the end. I'm doing such a good effort here. Bravooo najwa. Bravo. 

I had my statistic exam today. Truthfully I feel suck. But yeah as a start, I guess a big O.K for that? Alhamdulillah . And Islamic Studies too. Even though it happened that I don't really remember some terms. Ignore the uneasy feelings. Done too. Economics and Math next week. Huhh Huuhhh Najwa chiaayo'

I got a statement that strikes inside my head. " Najwa is happy when she's studying, " Its my classmate who said that. Giving you credits Danial because the dua's. May Allah bless your life . Moga moga I feel like freaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaking happy by studying. Ameeen ameeen. 

By the way. I guess some people would perceive that I had a boring life. Kriks kriks. Or is it me who said so by viewing from another angle of my life and I'm the one who actually saying that its boring. Or what now? Najwa. Kau pelik. Tahu? Yes.  But they're wrong because I just feel that I successfully separate my personal life with the life I had in the college. I mean in the class. I enjoyed my personal life by talking, do weird things. Make people laugh. Hear to stories. Be the spirits for others. So I am not that kind of boring. If you know me by the heart not by the name. Gahhh terasa Hitler betul hidup :p 


The dotted line is for something I couldn't spill it out. But yeah. Its invisible . Only my eyes could see it through. Merepeks. 

Okay. I got no points here. Feel like talking. :3

RASAAAA NAK PRIVATE BLOG. Kbye. But I don't need too. Because I had my another personal blog :) kbyeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

If people got swag. We got gross. We don't grow. But we grossed *hands in the air* By the way I just dont get the idea why I am not looking at the camera. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Well these girls is just too adorable right? O by any chance, we're the future lawyers :) May Allah bless the friendship till we're called Tok Nek, Tok Abah. Here after :) 

Menjauh itu lebih baik.

February 18, 2013

As I feel insecured about myself. I tend not to be hurt for the same reason. At the same place.

Yes. Even sampai sekarang. Masih. 

Then I tend to create boundaries in life. If I cross the line, I could never blame anyone else if I'm hurt. I will blame myself because its me who go against what I've been promising to myself.

To love you is one of the best thing could ever happen in my life. To leave you I guess would be one of the best moment in my life. But to feel that I loose you, damn it its hard to resist you from my mind. Why its hard. Why it seems easy on you. :'(

While I am writing this, I know that you don't even give a damn about my life anymore.
I realize where I am when I say this. I know who I am. I know.  Just I don't know why I am writing this as a piece of heart-saying.

For this time being.  1000 of guys couldn't beat the existence of you. In my heart. Did I just overdosed by the love potions? Cursed.

Kerana takut nak jatuh sekali lagi. Lebih baik untuk menjauh.
Kerana takut nak menangis lagi. Lebih baik untuk menjauh.

I don't know that did I make the right decision . I don't know whether I am stepping at the right path. But what I do is for me.

Self babbling ramblings

Anda bijak jika tidak menyambut Valentine :)

February 14, 2013

Assalamualaikum. Biasalah, tajuk cliche 14 February widely known as Valentine's day. Tetapi jika anda bijak, pasti anda tidak menyambutnya. Maka dengan itu, because I know most of my reader *tersedak tersedak, reader? Luls* were Muslims. So this is just a piece of saying from me yang takdak berapa nak baik but I always try to be one :")

First and for most let me tell you this. Hukum Menyambut Valentine ialah HARAM. Sila jenguk ke laman laman web yang disertakan untuk mengesahkannya : Hukum Sambut Valentine Day

Anda bijak jika tidak menyambut Valentine's Day. (VD )
Sebab orang yang bijak tahu membezakan yang haram dan yang halal. 
Jika anda melakukan suatu perkara yang anda tahu ianya HARAM, maka tidakkah anda wajar dikata  bodoh. Kan?
Jangan dikata saat anda membaca ini, anda kata anda taktahu yang menyambut VD itu haram.
Maka anda tidak bijak kerana telah saya nyatakan di awal bicara bahawa hukumnya haram.

Kedua , kita lihat pada kebiasaan sambutan VD ni.
Setiap tahun Majlis Agama setiap negeri pakat overtime nak curb masalah pada malam 14 Februari.
Kerana apa? Kerana kebiasaannya orang menyambut Hari Kekasih ini dengan aktivti maksiat.
Maka, jika anda orang yang bijak, orang bijak tahu bahawa melakukan maksiat itu haram.
Kalau gagal membezakan, layakkah anda digelar bijak?

Ketiga ,orang yang bijak menghargai sesuatu tidak kira hari tidak kira tarikh. 
Sebab kebiasaannya tujuan menyambut VD ini ialah untuk memberi penghargaan pada orang yang kita sayang.
Sebab esok bukan satu benda yang pasti bagi semua : orang bijak tahu mati tak kira hari.
Kalaulah nak bagi penghargaan pada orang yang kita sayang nak kena tunggu 14 Februari setiap tahun.
Nak dibuatnya takdir kata : 13 Februari anda mati? Tidakkah anda rasa menyesal menunggu 14 Februari?
Maka orang yang tidak bijak, selalu rasa menyesal dengan apa yang dia lakukan.

Maka, jadilah yang Muslim yang bijak.

Berapa ramai di luar sana yang belum Allah suluhkan hidayah. Berapa ramai yang bersyukur bahawa dia lahir sebagai Islam. Berapa ramai yang masih dahagakan kasih sayang Tuhan, sedang Allah dah pilih kita untuk lahir sebagai Muslim. 

Berubah. Walau Payah.


My first driving day :3

February 13, 2013

Assalamualaikum. Its 1.00 now. And I am writing.

Harus faham. Aku dah lama drive. Cuma tak pernah drive dekat bandar. And its my first time ayah let me to.

Just to share how memorable today is :')

*insert muka cuak. Muka eksaited*

           Today is my very first time ayah allowed me to drive. Like away from the house . Even senanya benda ni tak masuk dalam planning kepala for the-list-to-do in a week. Because I badly wanted to buy scarf dekat Melaka Central. Ahaks terasa hendonnya. Beli scarf . Di Melaka Central. ( MC ) Lulz. So what? I want to buy stuff with cheaper price. Please understand meeeeyhh. Bila fikir balik, tak ramai manusia datang MC *semata mata* nak shopping tudung. Seriously rasa hendonnn weh. T.T

           It was worst than ever. I could never understand myself while I am driving just now. I haven't been using my license for a month. For a manual car. Lulz lagi sekali. Now I am cursed. Haha. It hard to recall segala ilmu dalam kepala regarding how to drive .By any chance,  Do anyone sell Driving for Dummies? Ahakszz again. Seriously WORST. I really hope people could understand me just now. Noobers P. Tambah dengan Melaka yang Maha Hebat Sesak dengan kereta pelusuk negeri. Like seriously , its annoying. Tambah dengan muka ngeri adik adik, tulerr siapa yang nak sangat ikut aku dghivee tadi. Siapaa siapa *mata mencerlang* haha.  Dengan boleh slow dekat highway macam siput vavi. Ohemmmgehh. Itu seksa okay. Aku dengan muka rela bagi orang belakang potong. Potonglah potonglah. I redha. *speed 60km/h*  Bila selamat sampai MC, I decided not to park dalam MC, kerana banyak nak mampuih bas , so I park at the at the mydin. Masuk masuk, ada parking, and my sister was like, hahh rezeki kau la tu. Masuk je parking tu , we just realized tu tempat OKU. lolsssss apa dugaan ini. i've parked my car kot. Pleaseee. I decided not to change the parking, tapi saat turun kereta je, ada manusia OKU pandang. Lolsss again apa dugaan ini. So dengan rendah diri, terpaksa tukar tempat park. And paling tak terima akal, I ask my brother to cop tempat nak parking. Bhahahahahha. Apa jenis driver haku ni? Hakunamatata gilaa.

Ayat paling tak boleh terima akal aku masa dghive :

Adik : Kenapa kau tak tukar masuk gear 5?
Me : Oh dulu akak belajar sampai gear 4 je.

KRIKS.* cengkerik volume lapan belas*

everyone laugh like hell.

Masa nak balik, adik aku siap cakap, boleh tak adik ambik bas balik rumah? Hengkoo memang , tidak tidakk , tidak sama sekali. engko temankan aku balik *muka garang* . Surprisingly I have gathered my confidence masa drive balik. Wehehe. Sumpah balik relief gila tahap giga. Miahahahah.

Balik balik je, semua pakat report aku drive macam mana . Guys, gimme some good expressions boleh tak? I safely drive you guys home tau. *muka puss in boots* Pehh aku berzikir bawak kereta kau faham. At least one good experience I had.

You, brighten my day. Today :)

Lawak. Kbye. :3

Let go things.

February 11, 2013

Pulling back myself. Pulling back my heart. From the past. From the things that keep buggering inside my head. From the things that I fail to let go.

Stalking had been one of my solid reason for me to forget something. To let go things. To forget. To move one. To spare the heart for anyone else. Not for someone in the past.

Well exactly I'm talking about the heart. I am a type of person. Idk every woman had these kind of weirdo syndrome. But I had these sides of me.  I am too attached. To anything. Anything that I used to like and love. Too attached. Even they walk away. Still the heart is clinging on the past.

Now. I know I need to say bye to the past. What is past should be past. I need to keep moving on. Spare the heart for someone else yang dah Allah tulis di Luh Mahfuz.

Self babbling ramblings

A's on the slip.

February 10, 2013


These few days, my sister keep worrying about how her SPM result this upcoming March. I know how she feels like because I had that kind of feeling back then. Adding the fact that she got her cousin, that happened to born at the same year. You know that kind of feeling, the moment you had a family gathering, A's on the slip might be something to compare. After all, being a typical Malaysian including me, we judge easily. We judge on a particular area . We judge a persons capability to live just by their A's on their slip.


Getting lots of A's or even A+ in your exams, " Hah ni nanti boleh jadi doktor... engineer..."

Getting less A's or more B's and you list it down : " Hahh tulah, malas etc etc anak hantu.. etc etc cuba kau tengok anak * insert the name * , pandai, belajar tinggi tinggi, kau? apa ada? Kau nak jadi apa dah besar nanti. Apa kata kengkawan nanti. Mana nak letak mukaaa.. " Hamboih deramaa nya. :3

Berbisa bukan? Society manpower to judge a person path. Just by A's on their slips? Fair enough people?

I don't know why this kind of situations occurs. Cliche masalahnya. Sebab semua orang dah terdidik dengan satu mindset. Kalau dulu ada A1 and A2. Sekarang ada A+ , A, A- . A's pun boleh ada sign bagai. You got less good grades on the slip, you bodoh. you *insert negetive things inside*

         Its hard to change society perceptions. To satisfy their needs. To suit into the perceptions itself I consider hard. Sedangkan masyarakat tu do nothing on us. I mean like , they never know how we perceive our future. They never know how we plan what to do in future. All they know is to judge. And judge. And again judge. Sampai ada orang sanggup nak puaskan hati masyarakat, doing things against what they believe they can. Sekarang awak percaya yang rezeki tu datang dari siapa? Masyarakat? Dari mulut celupar mata sinis tu? Cakap *garang* .

        Its never fair to judge someone based on their ability in education. I mean ability in OUR *Malaysia* education system. Exam based. Like in school, the surrounding itself nurture the situation where we need to do everything to make sure our grades is good. Get less than 1.00 for the pointer.  I know some people, they got flying colours. They got to study in better place. But *not that kind of suprisingly*  they had no softskill. They can't present themselves that well in terms of talking, not like how the present themselves like so excellent on the slips. Kelakar bukan? Pandai ke langit, tetapi bisu ke tanah.

      Kadang kadang, kita ni dah usaha. Tapi kalau bukan rezeki kita macam mana? Kadang kadang jugak, kita tak usaha, lepas tu salahkan rezeki. * weirdos people is weird*

Kalau dah terdidik dari kecil hingga ke besar macam ni, Tak hairan wujud makcik pakcik bermulut celupar di masa hadapan. Serious said.

      Taking the example of ME. Bunyi seperti menjual diri. Keh keh. I got 7 A's for my SPM. Where people know I am one of SBP product. They expect more A's. They merujuk pada masyarakat sekeliling. When I got Seven. Where I feel thats the best for me. That is the best I've done. And That Is Not How People Surround Me Behave. Mocked voices. They judge. They say anything they want. And getting chances to pursue in A-level is something that goes beyond what I believe that I can get. Mohon scholar pun saja saja cuba nasib. Well even people said : Kau 7 A JE, luar tu berghibuuuuuu straight A. Berghibuuuu straight A+. It pierced me inside mannn. Tapi Allah Maha Tahu. Dia yang atur rezeki. Bukan manusia manusia derjanaaa yang mengata yang atur rezeki kita. They KNOW NOTHING about our future.

Because I know I can't change the world and the system . Who ever happened to read this, change yourself. Change the view on how you look on someone's performances. Change the #SoTypicalMalaysian. Spread the knowledge :)

For whom who feels what I feel. Bersabarlah. Diamlah apabila ada yang mengata.Kerana doa orang yang teraniaya makbul di sisi-Nya. Percaya bahawa setiap manusia ada jalan hidup dia. Susah senang, kan Allah tak uji hamba dia kalau hamba-Nya tak mampu. Kan? Percaya. Bahawa yang tentukan rezeki.  Hanya Allah semata :) Bukan setakat jodoh je tauu rahsia Allah. Rezeki pun sama :)

Rezeki tu Allah tak tulis dalam bentuk A je faham?

Be positive.


Suri Rumah :)

February 10, 2013

Kerana belum bertangga, maka bersuri rumah la kita :)

    So basically sejak dua menjak tiga menjak ini, bila dah masuk umur umur menginjak angka 2 , I is more likely having fun and spending time cooking for the family. Not saying all. But at least trying to. Tapi almost of the time, its me who cook. Keh keh keh nampak tak muka menipu? Ehh tak tak. Mana tipu. Kita masak okay *muka serious*

For me, doing house chores are passions. I am more into cooking while my sister enjoy doing the works. Sejak sejak masuk tertiary education, I started to ponder upon future. Its not really that kind of 'ponder'. More to berangan senanya. Haha. So biarlah saya kongsikan angan angan di angin. :3

Its family time. So I am appreciating every single moment I had.
Doing everything I could to make things run smoother in a day :)

Nak jadi kakak dan anak yang baik.
Supaya nanti jadi isteri yang baik juga <-- cakaplah yang ini kau angankan *gelak sopan*

cooked this.

Berjalan di laluan kenangan.

February 09, 2013

Assalamualaikum :)

Usually I would say : Down to Memory Lane. Not today. Inter-language mode , Turn On. Asyik bercerita soal A-level. Maka kepala ini naik tepu dengan segala jenis binantang yang inter-related dengan A-level. Intec. Gossssh. Now lets make some vice verse moment. Lets walk through the lane.

     Tinggalkan semalam. Semalam itu kenangan. Berjalan lagi hari ini. Supaya esok , ada semalam. Yang penuh dengan kenangan.

        So by saying this, I was like, Najwa ambik sastera heh dekat intec? * duck face * . Seeing the juniors back home. I know that kind of feeling. The feel of relief. The pleasure . I know how you guys feels like to get connected to social networks and stuff. I know.

       But someday, you'll get a feeling that suffers you, which you can only get interacted to you friends by the social nets. You met them virtually. Not in reality. Masa tu sumpah rasa yang , kalau dulu masa sekolah dalam jumpa in real life, kalau buat lawak hambar ada yang gelak guling guling. Boleh main lempang lempang.  Sekarang, buat lawak hambar dalam twitter, cuma mampu membayangkan every " haha " and " krikkk krikk " yang diaorang tulis. Membayangkan reaksi *buat muka vavi* . CUMA MAMPU MEMBAYANGKAN.  Menyeksakan bukan? 

Jadi, jadilah manusia yang bersyukur :) Yang bersyukur dengan everything yang happened in your current life. Its okay to ponder upon the future. But it will be suffering , to remember all those days. Yang dah tak exist untuk sekarang.

    IDK that I had this kind of syndrome. Bila tengok orang * juniors esp *  post post gambar sekolah and everything regarding the school, ingatan ini dengan tetibanya berjalan di laluan kenangan. 2007. 2008. 2009. 2010. 2011. 5 tahun. Yang sekarang : Ayat cliche orang 18 years *by month* : Kejap je 5 tahun. Dah habis dah. Ehekk ehekkk *lap air mata*

Last 3rd of february buat video untuk one of my GF. Aireen Zuriani :) So proses nak buat video tu requires me to look back into our album zaman memuda dedulu *cam makcik 80 tahun nampak* . It happened to me , when I look back, those days we had. Those moments we shared. All those days. Tears streamed down. The moment when only tears portray what you feels inside. That moment is just ... SBPI SELANDAR, by just saying it, everything rush into my mind. They made my eyes teary too.

Everything about Machinants. About girls-bonding time. About sharing stories.  Laughing out loud dalam satu dorm yang berbelas orang tu. Sekarang dekat intec, satu rumah 4 orang je. Satu bilik 2 orang. Terasa sunyi. Include the fact yang aku more likely introverted these days. Lame days I had. Fighting hard on A-levels life. Meet new people. New surrounding. Never said that I don't appreciate my current life, cuma kadangkala terbawa ke laluan lama :)

Everything about past, even it hurts, still I miss those past. Still , kita kena berjalan tempuh masa hadapan. Because even the mind sets you behind, you could never walk through the time boundaries. You walk further away. Keep walking. Make new experiences. Enjoy the new life you had. Appreciate everything that happen today. As if you don't want to feel any regret about yesterday.

Thanks to Allah. For the wonderful written fate. For the chemistry we had between us. For the days I had. For the life that I feel blessed. For everything that couldn't be inside the list. Syukur.


Us. Once upon a time. 

Anis Najwa. Nurain Syuhadah. Nurul Aqila. Once upon a time. And today :)
GF in intec :) Moga Allah panjangkan jodoh di oversea. InsyaAllah. Ameen :')

A level

The stories for a week.

February 08, 2013

Assalamualaikum. Hey blog. I miss you. Trillion times by zillion numbers. I missssss yaaaah.

Reasons why I abandoned you for a week. Is because.

    First , its because the hectic week itself. I couldn't spare a precious moment for myself sharing stories in the blog. Workloads, assignments , and meetings. So its unfair to leave them and give you my whole attention. Kih Kih Kih.

    Second, its because the slow siput seduts mengengsot punya line internet. Sad me is sad. Nak tunggu dashboard bukak pun berzaman. Nak bukak facebook pun nak kena load berghibuu kali. Untuk kali ke seratus lima puluh juta * singing * aku rasa fed-up nak load menatang ni. Done.

So this is one of the week I had in INTEC.My A-level days . Second semester. Feels the heat. Its getting tougher. In any ways I could say it becomes harder. Tak mampu nak review banyak, all I can do is to keep holding on. To stand  strong. Walking through the path written. Do the very best that I can do. Anything I would sacrife . For the A-level. Bila dah berusaha, dan usaha dan usaha lagi, its time for me to bertawakkal. Berdoa supaya everything gonna flow fine. Even with

Semalam ada orang tanya, preparations lagi berapa lama. Mencongak dalam kepala. Tinggal setahun beberapa bulan. Like seriouslyits the second month of my second semester. *terketaaq.*

Bliss life I had. Tolak tepi semua hektikus. I am enjoying it :3

Pictures in a week :p . Because a picture worth thousand words. Lemme show you thousands of words. Wahah.

I love this picture like so much. So I'll post it like everywhere. ahaha. Thanks Ainaa.

Feel the heat laaaa sangat kan. Berseronok je nampak. Lulz najwa.

Semalam je dah berjimba ke KLCC bersama anak pakcik Mashkuri. Its my first time menapak shopping complex for the second semester. What have I done in January. Study all the way huh? Did I? I did. haha

Nurul Aqila yang ayu memakai skirt. Wehehe. Oh please. I know you're reading this. 

menapak ke Kinokuniya. 3pm-9.30 pm. Sakannn sangat ==' 

redeeming book voucher is ain't that kind of easy. Just spent only a piece of the voucher. Two of the books. Got more :'p 

A level

x² + 2x + WHAT?

February 01, 2013

Aiceeh apakah propaganda kau di sini wahai wanita. Semalam bercerita perihal A-level. Hari ini quadratic equation pula. Kali ini tertelan dos jenis apa? Potassium cyanide mungkin ( Out of sudden ikut balik jurus scheme science stream )

So I was like enjoying math these days. Which used to be a thing that I Despise I Loathe. So now, all the hatred is just not more than Used To Be. Saat saat tengah cuti ni, sangat amat tidak bijak jika masa yang ada dibazirkan begitu sahaja, ye dakk? Jadi atas kesedaran ( triggered by the homework too ) Maka menghadap mathemathic dengan rela tanpa merasa terpaksa merupakan suatu jenis keajaiban :'p

Gaya macam masuk perang Korea. *aiceh tetiba nak jugak History dia. 

Aku ni jenis yang slow poke for Math. Jadi , untuk menelaah buku teks dan consume steps dia tanpa ada orang atau sesuatu seperti youtube untuk mengajar. Aku akan jadi slow poke kuasa cubic. Amboih bahasa juga tetiba masuk ala ala John Lennon :p . Bare with my slowness. Saat rasa Math terlalu complicated, usually I'll babble on twitter sambil menangis air mata kesedihan. Luls. Mengharapkan ada yang sudi me-reply : Najwa, apa yang awak tak faham. Kita BOLEH tolong awak *berjuraian air mata ke tanah :3. Instead of saying something offensive like : Keep looking at the book. Kalau hadap twitter, sampai ke sudah la tak faham. Shit betul kan bahasa? Siapa kata kalau tengok twitter, sampai ke sudah tak dapat buat? Siapa ? Siapa? Oh lupa. Kau la kan. 

Abaikan. Emosi mencapai tahap lebur.

So the Mathemathic.

After days menghadap buku tercinta, wasabilibilibiliwasabilionggapa. I did something good. Done my homework. Done dengan numbers yang ditinggalkan. Done done done tottemodaisuki. Doraemon.

Math. I shall say that being with you . Kau jenis yang mencabar kepala dengan benda yang aku kurang suka. Bukan tak suka, tapi kurang. Tapi yeah you don't gimme any choice. Hook or Crook , still kena hadap kau. Except for the wonderful first semester. Lulz. Well I try to consume every single formula you have. Trying to consume the concept. Meskipun kadangkala sudah terang lagi bersuluhkan lampu pendaflour bilik bahawa formula tercatat dalam buku teks bukan begitu, tetap mata ini slow poke macam siput sedut masak lemak cili api. Tetap salin formula sendiri dan akhirnya menangis sendiri sebab dari awal formula dah salah. Saat itu mata dan telinga , sudah pasti mereka memakan sumpah seranah dari mulut yang durjana. Aicewaaah kursus bahasa ke kak dekat intec tu? Sastera ikhtisas sangat ( mata ke atas )

So by the way. The C root can be generated by the B root. The cooficient of 2 divide by 2 and kuasakan dengan 2. Ahh don't forget to make the x² single  :) <--- guess what, I need 2 days to realize this. And freakin' slow bukan untuk memahami. ahah. Thanks to Master Google and Youtube. haha. Well at least I am doing something good with the connections.

Allah. Mudahkan urusan-ku. Mudahkan kefahamanku. Berilah ilham-Mu :")

A level

A level life #1

February 01, 2013

Hey assalamualaikum. Memandangkan twitter mengalami masalah burung kecil tidak mampu menampung berat ikan paus. Makanya marilah kita mengabdikan kenangan bersama. Aicewaah manusia ini baru tertelan dos cinta lebih dua sudu camca teh. Freak Off. Kau seram tahu najwa?

le moustache. Happy life :3 

Abaikan. Abaikan.

So I guess I rarely tell about my study life. Adakah kerana perempuan ini cuma tahu berjimba dan berseronok setiap hari, maka tiada diari belajar disisipkan dalam blog. *Haippp jangan bersangka buruk. Husnu zhon ye ( bagi sesiapa yang masih membaca hingga ke line ini sila bersangka baik ) . So I decided to make frequent post regarding my study life. Kononnya nak berlagak seperti punya berjotaa readers. So the lulz. Tak, supaya nanti aku boleh go through balik sambil cerita dengan cucu cucu " Nenek hambik a'lebel dulu, pandai kan nenek engko" * mata ke atas pegang perut* See aura berangan mencapai tahap tak boleh nak dicerna kepala. Orait dah. Cukup. Pendahuluan je dah berbunga bunga taik ayam.

So Alebel. *sebutannya* ejaannya Alevel.

For the time being aku masih bernafas mesra dengan Math. Meskipun ada masa rasa macam nak tarik rambut sendiri sebab baru chapter 3 dah bising ke laut. Stats seems to be hard * like serioussslayyhhh kau wajar disyelek dengan tinner najwa. But yeah the mometn I decided to tear off the part where I malas malas buat latihan stats and start doing it over and over again, this get better :) Even the stats book looks better with the rajin me. Math, Stats. For this time being, thanks for the great moment we share. I'll spare more time to do personal bonding with both of you. Infact, till the very day, I do.

History. Dulu masa awal awal, hambik kau segala kebencian, kesedihan, kerasaan nak melepaskan history dan pilih law atau psychology, Allah kan kata dia yang pegang hati. Maka hati ini tetap untuk memilih sejarah. So yeah. Sila percaya aku makin rajin menghabiskan malam aku, selepas buat latihan math atau berjimba di twitter *selalunya harusss twitter, aku akan search pasal sejarah. Jot down. Dan dilabel rajin kerana nota 5 minit. Luls amin ameeeen :")  Clap to the usaha. Moga Allah mudahkan.

Subjek lain. English Economics. Alhamdulillah. Boleh catch up meskipun selalu dapat suprise dalam kelas english. Still I can negotiate the the subject. Econs, kan dia antara subjek yang aku sayang muahh muahh. Jadi, kerana sayang, aku rasa takde persoalan yang timbul di benak kepala. Cuma memikirkan bila nak revise balik Micro econs. Bhahahah.

Lain lain. Takde kot.

Meskipun jalan ceghita nampak macam hambar je hidup penulis belog ni. Oh tidakk. I am enjoying every single moment. Talking craps with my deskmate. My GF's. Everything makes my life gets better. Sometimes, banyak benda yang indah indah berlaku dalam hidup ni, tak mampu di-ilustrate dalam penulisan. Its better to keep it here, inside the brain. Down to the memory lane.

Oh life.

Live the life to the fullest. Ignorant is bliss. Kill the haters. Mari menari. UPS, mari kita mngucap Syukur Alhamdulillah :")

Ini comel. Feel like grabbing them and EAT. buarrrhaha. *gelak konon taff.