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Its your true calling!

February 24, 2018

Today as I entered the class, I had an insightful simple talk about the profession I am venturing into by our lecturer. I always adore how classy he is, the way he teach - 

I don't really catch the whole thing since I entered the class on time ; he said few words before that 

He said that someday we might be someone who's in the picture of changing someone's future. Be a part of someone's life, that one very point that will perhaps help someone with their future

Like being involved in criminal cases -winning the case , defending the accused. 

I wondered before, like how if later at the very end of defending an accused person , we won the case, got the accused accquited then suddenly you know the person is really guilty for the offence 

Well one you can't really put the whole blame on the defence counsel, as acquittal is a result of prosecution fails to furnish the court with sufficient evidence hence fails to establish a strong case against the accused. Because the burden on the defence counsel was only to cast doubt on the case. 

But lets just say at the end of the case, you realised the acquitted person is really guilty -t see it as human make mistake, and we're doing our job, and that acquittal is perhaps the chance for the person to rectify on his or her mistake.

Because he said, the winning part might excites you for few minutes , but later you'll be back at the office, drafting more affidavits ( evidences ) 

And he said, the profession is certainly for the chosen one. And you ( us ) being the chosen one since we're in our mom's womb - its your calling !

He's actually getting into the point that we should answer to our calling , by studying , by reading more, by starting to question the things you don't know. 

Its an ongoing process so long you decided to be on the rolls ( we lawyers have our names later on a thing we call 'the rolls' ) , that's why we're PRACTISING lawyers, due to the need to study into the law and cases, it doesn't stop with just CLP, in fact CLP is just a start to it. 

Having said all the things above, I know I haven't really start to dwell into my CLP. To be honest its quite rusty after missing one weekend class ( when I fall sick last two weeks ) , but considering that so far I enjoyed my classes, the rusty engines perhaps lubricated with the happiness of attending class haha. 

If you ask me where I see myself next few years, I am still uncertain about it. 

What I am doing now in life, is to be on track, on the things I think I supposed to do at the moment. I don't really know whether I really wanted to be a lawyer considering the stages I need to pass seems so tough and blurry ; which don't really qualify as excuses to stay stagnant in my life. 

I guess that one speech during my graduation really resonates inside my head every time I don't know what I am going to be in the future,


of course you don't stop there. 

Do things that you feel right at the moment, plan whatever things you want to achieve, somehow it will help you guided in your decision making - by having a goal.

life is perhaps a tunnel of cave, it may be dark but it has a way out to it. Keep walking ! ( Aillwee Cave * lol I can still recall the name wohoooo Ireland January 2016 ) 

Yesterday my boss's husband , which indirectly my employer too because he's always around, he asked us whether we had a specific sylibus on decision making? Which I don't think there is, its always indirectly taught isn't it

But nevertheless he said, to decide on something, you should lay down the good and the bad, the pros and cons. Sometimes its obvious that the cons overpowered the pros - but sometimes we're perhaps stuck in a balance pros and cons. He then continued, then we should lay down ways to overcome the cons , so we'll be at ease to go for it. 

But in case you don't think there's a way out to all the bad things about a decision, then it should be a big no. And overtimes your heart will tell you that something is clearly is not good. They said when you start to defend on a point, trying hard to justify it - then you know something is just not right.