X is not for V. Its for A.Wait.. Where's Y?

April 28, 2013

Apaaa ini. Mungkin juga equation mathematics yang mana tahhh datang . kur kur kur. Well to be exact post ini agak tidak sesuai dibicara di sini disaat final lagi satu hari. sa-tu-ha-ri. 

Tapi apakan daya , jari ini yang memaksa. Enuf with those sastera sound. Kau memang betul kena invade Kerajaan Parameswara. 

Ini hanya untuk mereka yang faham.

sumber bernama Google.

Tadi aku menelaah Lawak Kampus. Menelaah yang betul telaah. Misi 15 ke mana. A-level revision ke mana. Anggap sahaja nak meredakan lipatan otak tepu. Gheeeesh. Seronok cari Anthony kejar Xena. Tapi sayang Xena cuma gila bayang terhadap Vaness.

If and only if all love story macam Anthony cari Xena. I mean, Anthony tu kan hensem. Suka Xena. Yang err, bukan tak cantik. Tapi Anthony deserve someone yang lebih cantik, mungkin Xenassa Hudgens. Erk.Tapi biasanya memang reality check , Anthony takkan tertarik pada Xena. Dan ramai Xena di dunia realiti. Manakala Anthony ialah manusia RARE. Lelaki jenis spesies jarang-jarang hidup di dunia. Mungkin Anthony asalnya dari Mars. Sedara Bruno * merepeks *

So aku meletakkan diri di tempat siapa? 

Nak kata Xena. Tadi baca fakta , cuma 4 % wanita percaya yang dia cantik. Jadi, aku suka menjadi minoriti di sini. Maka aku kata aku bukan Xena. * so memang kau nak cakap Xena tak cantik...* 

Tetiba rasa nak jadi Yumi. Sebab Yumi selalu dengan si kucing technology possesed.  Aku rasa. Aku nak jadi Yumi. Ahaaaaaaaaaa. 

So mungkin pembuat jalan cerita boleh finally bagi Xena terbuka pintu hati pada Anthony. Dan Vaness yang gigit jari sebab tiada siapa lagi yang mengejar empunya diri. Tetap bersama Froggy di sisi.

Too much najwa.
Enough said. A morning bla-bla-bla. 

Battle-field. Lets fight :)

April 27, 2013

I'll be fighting for my end-of-semester-2 exam.
Fighting for Mathematics. Economics. Statistics. History. English 

Awak awak : If you happened to read through this. Please pray for me. And the rest of A-level students :) 

Thank Youuuuuuu >.<

May Allah ease. May Allah repay your kindness. 

Sometimes, the right journey might not be the easiest. But I do believe that every single thing happened with hikmah. As well as A-level. Make the journey worth O Allah :) Lillahita'ala.

Sight-seeing Melaka. Sisterhood.

April 22, 2013

Its rare. I know 

Well Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera, kerana saya menyaksikan berderetan bendera biru berdacing, maka saya tambah Salam 1 Malaysia. Ahaks. Semangat giteww. 

So mission accomplished. Me and my sister had our sight-seeing walk along Sungai Melaka seperti yang dirancang. Ala-ala tourist gituu, sebab yang wujud dikala pagi hari di compound Bandar Hilir tadi cuma pelancong dari Singapura. Nampaknya cuma aku dan cik adik yang terlalu teruja bercuti di negeri sendiri. Ihiks. Even sebenarnya bermata panda di siang hari, kerana asyik berjaga malam bergelak sakan melihat Lelaki Berlari. 

Iarghhhh lately the language seems to be different. a BIT. Ter-affected dengan Kerajaan Majapahit yang invade Kerajaan Langkasuka. Mungkin. Ke laut. 

Biar gambar bicara. 

Its my shoes anyway.

April 21, 2013

You can't really expect people to fit your shoes. 

because its your shoes. Your life. Its always easier said than done. Kan?
Pernah ke bercakap itu susah bagi manusia yang punya pancaindera yang berfungsi sempurna.

Its never easy tho for me to fit your shoes. Because its yours. 

Even though I never fit yours. I never stop trying to understand. Because life is not all about shoes Its not about fitting to one another. Its about assimilating the differences that we had. Assimilating, accepting , don't discriminate , don't judge , don't pre-assumptions. After all, its all diversities and colours in life. Friends are colours in life. Even the rainbow wouldn't be a rainbow with just a colour. 


History Class.

April 18, 2013


This special post goes to my History Lecturer : Sir Hafidz Hakimi Haron.

Time runs faster than I expect. ( cliche ) , I was doing my mathematics revision and suddenly it came across my mind, just now was the last class for history with Sir Hakimi. And I don't really get the chance to show my gratitude towards you. Out of sudden I remembered about how I first react towards the History Class. I can really say that Madam Rita who "force" me and Ainaa for history class. At that particular moment, I don't really feel the stress . But once I entered the class, maybe its because of the surrounding an also the subject itself , it makes me determine to drop History at that moment.

 I had one of the most tremendous moments in life . I cried almost every night .  To my friends and family. The day before the history class, I told my mom, I can't really go with History. I'm done. I'm quitting. Then I entered the class. After the class, you actually talk to five of us. I can tell that, IF AND ONLY IF YOU DON'T TALK TO FIVE OF US AT THAT MOMENT, I AM REALLY QUITTING. I don't why , but once you said that you said that I had that face of becoming a litigator, I feel enlightened. Then I started to value back about my decision, and at the end, I do said : If I'm quitting earlier, I'll be one of the most unluckiest person in life. Not having any single regret dropping law, even I'm currently in the lawyer-to-be-path. Because you taught more than you're paid for, you taught us your experience. And we really appreciate that. We're getting both law and history input in your class :D

So Sir,

Thanks for everything that you give. From the knowledge wise and du'as.  Moga dihalalkan segala ilmu. I would like to apologize for the all 'lost focus' in class , for being the 'late comers'  .  In future insyaAllah, I'll be meeting you , and maybe on that particular time, I'm already in the field of justice. I'm saluting you in every single way :) Terima kasih sir. Have a good life here after. Good luck in pursuing your dream. Even though you said that this was the first ever experience of teaching, you're very great in teaching. You've already IN THE STEP OF YOUR DREAM, you've left something ( its a lot of things ) that are beneficial for us, your anak bangsa :) And one fine day, we'll spreading your taught and wise knowledge.

TERIMA KASIH SIR. Only Allah can repay your good deeds.

Too much emotions.

April 15, 2013

Assalamualaikum and a pleasant day. I don't really have "so-called" pleasant days thee days. Whether its me who're taking things for serious. Or its just the emotion side of me, being a girl . Or what. 

Nak nangis :'(

I am a little bit reserved these days. Ever since the incident happened, I try not to talk in class. Be as silent as I can. Talk whenever I feel the need. Talk when the lecturer is inside the class. Other than that, I'll prefer to keep myself silent. Isolating myself at my place. I'm just happy to be that way. Because I don't want to feel the hurt twice. There's a wall that I need to build surround me to keep myself in a comfort way I wish it to be.

But the outcome seems to be different, I tend to be more fierce ad strict in combo.  I realized that I hardly consume normal conversation between me and my friend. I hate to be that way. As I promised myself to let go things and move forward but, its hard. Its really hard for me. Dealing with boys were never easy for me since high-school and I end up to be this. Trying to be as ignorant as I can . But literally, I fail.

I am not expecting anything from anyone. Not even a little bit of understanding. Not anything. Its just me dealing with myself. With my 9 emotion . Healing the wound. By myself.

Allah tengah nak uji.
He wouldn't let you go through things that you can't cope with. 
He wouldn't let you go through things like this alone.



A real tranquility.  

Its weird when...

April 12, 2013

Its funny when we started to recall back the memories.
How in the very first place : We're close enough like today?
Its weird when every sarcasm is the sources of laughter.
Its weird when different souls can find some pieces inside them to fit to one another.
Its weird when we end up , being a circle of friend.
Its weird when we started to think.
How the friendship grow?

Thanks for tolerating my dark side.

Kawan. Terima Kasih.

Somehow its not weird. Because Allah had planned it well. That way. The way we're now.

May Allah bless you guys. Here after. :)

April 10, 2013

To certain extent.


I can go beyond my limitation. I am not fighting for worthless arguments. Because I will make myself a complete fool and dumb. I am not mentioning any names here. Undeniable. I am a human with complete nerves. And they're working . 

Ibu, akak nak jadi orang yang Allah sayang. 
Ibu : Jadilah seorang yang pemaaf. Mudah untuk dinyatakan tapi sukar untuk dilaksanakan . Jika anis dapat lakukan dan tidak menyimpan dendam, itu yang Allah sayang.

Akak nak jadi orang yang Allah sayang.


April 10, 2013

Sometimes , its just a waste to disguise yourself with hatred.

Looking forward.

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious The Most Merciful, May He bless you with His blessings and tranquility. May He grant you good life here after.

And remember! your Lord caused to be declared (publicly): "If ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you But if ye show ingratitude, truly My punishment is terrible indeed.

Soothing words from Him from His Balm :')

DEUS EX MACHINA , Sbpi Selandar :)

April 07, 2013


Just by writing it down I can still feel the spirit of togetherness, understanding, the strong van der wall that we had between us regardless where we are. Up till today, the spirit is still the same. 

At certain moment in life, I can just burst into tears. Because I am missing my brothers and sisters badly. 

 If you're one of the 164 families, lets pray to Allah that , May He re-meet us. Moga jodoh untuk berjumpa , berkumpul dan berkongsi gembira jadi nyata :) Moga Allah jaga kalian. Moga kita masih bernafas di bawah lembayung rahmat-Nya. Ameeen. 

Jaga diri. 

once MACHINANTS and forever.

April 07, 2013

I don't know but if its only me having such drama inside my life. But seeing others , I mean girls within my age range taking a big step in life to change their status to Puan , I'm "a little bit jealous" . Its not like A-B-I-T, its A-L-O-T.  But if you ask me, whether I want an early marriage : the answer would be NO.

Sebab rasa macam penuh kekurangan. Yang belum mampu untuk melengkap sempurna-nya seseorang. 


Bukan sekarang. 

Kalau ikut fikiran punya percaturan. 

Tapi tak tahulah takdir ALLAH yang tentukan. 

Sesungguhnya aku tahu yang Engkau sebaik baik pengatur :')

April 01, 2013

Sebenarnya tak baik untuk illustrate kata itu susah ini susah. Sebab we're given things that we can cope with. 

But then , I found it hard to deal with STA-TIS-TIC. I've been and I'm working very hard on it ( I finished my whole one week of holiday for statistic most of the time )  I am yet so slow to pick it up. Even slower in the working solution. 

Allah. Guide Me Through.


For anyone happen to read this. Can you please pray for me? Thanks. 

Bye. Fight fight fight for Statistic :)