Doo Joon Oppa, Happy Birthday !

July 04, 2014


PRE SCRIPT * selalu orang buat post script haha *  : You can always skip this post because its my fangirling post.  

I never see myself as a fan to any korean idols group. But recently I guess I should give it a try. In the pastyears , kpop fans seems to be absurd to my eyes , mana tidak , all this while tengok dekat social medias how teenagers yang very into kpop couldn't differentiate mana tindakan mereka yang bijak mana bodoh . Here in INTEC , having a group of friend that were really into korean entertainment , it kinda change my perceptions towards these korean fan clubs. Sometimes  I would clueless-ly listen to their discussion regarding the korean entertainment world , then  I started to lessen my discrimination level and try to assimilate the different preferences towards musics . 

I guess thats how a relationship should work - accepting and assimilating the differences. 

It all starts with me watching a korean drama , Let's Eat - Dae Young oppa. Well let me just give a brief idea regarding this story , basically its a drama yang every episode mesti ada makanan and you can just see passion through the eyes of the actors while they're eating. I watched it masa in between trials and final exam - which basically kadang bila rasa takde kawan nak makan sama , or I am just too lazy to eat outside , I would open this drama masa nak makan. Wahaha motif sangat kannn , well basically sebab you kinda get the mood to eat from the drama. To cut it short why the tittle above is Doo Joon Oppa , Happy Birthday is because he's the hero in the dramaaaaa. 

I fall in love with his passions.
I fall in love with his smile.
I fall in love with the happiness he create. 
Well I do fall in love with his good looking face + body :D

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Thanks to twitter that I can view like a lottttttttttttt of his faces. Hehe. 

I have no idea that he was an idol because to me any group muka semua sama. Oh luls though I've been seeing him in Running Man all this while  . It was my sister that told me that he was an idol and till one day I realized that he's the leader for BEAST group. Well I have no choice but to minat the whole group . Not that I have a choice to like Doo Joon alone because obviously he's working as a group. Lols my logic. 

I could see myself crying ( fangirling ) while seeing him singing in any of his music videos. I've been liking one of BEAST song since I was in highschool , Fiction. And to know that its his voice that I like a lot - lagilah bertambah kuasa fangirling lols. 

And it seems like its the right moment , I was introduced to a reality TV show , BEAST Showtime. Now that I can see him , knowing him ( at least from the perspective of a fan ) , how he's doing the real life. Knowing his characters and all. I just can't believed myself the moment I am googling " Fact about Doo Joon " and even making his picture as my whatssap wallpaper. Then I started to realized that I've saw him in Running Man.  So I concluded yang benarlah kata pepatah , tak kenal maka tak cinta wahahaha adakah masuk idiom ini disini?

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 Now I sound like a typical fan. I bet. Haha. 

Even there were times I can cry sebab nak husband serupa Doo Joon. * lagi nangis sebab boleh jumpa dalam mimpi je *

He's the leader for BEAST group.
He loves to eat chicken.
He don't like eating out alone. 
He love soccer.
He hopes his future girlfriend loves soccer as well , so at this point I'm shot by the reality supaya berhenti berharap pada Doo Joon Oppa ( wakakaka sebenarnya layak ke nak berharap daripada awal ) 

4th of July. Lets celebrate this as my first year , first time celebrating an idol's birthday. Most importantly , MY FIRST IDOL that I put my eyes on to. * well ignore all the grammar errors *

Happy 26th ! Keep all those positive spirits !

Happy birthday oppa ! May I find reasons to smile whenever I see your smile. May you have a good life ahead. You might be so far in real life but yet you're so close to the heart. ( eiuuuuu cheessssssyyyy eiuuuuu myself cheesiness level berkuasa lapan )  Happy Birthdayyyy !

To Beast , keep making good songs ! I've been hearing to Oasis , Rainy Days , Will You Be Alright , Fiction , Shadow , How to Love , and recently Good Luck ! * another one lupa * haha.

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So I decided to write things down here - just to reminisce the memories how it all started . 

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