October 04, 2015

Its been a while I bet. 

( I was emotionally complicated ) ( hypothesis shall come first ; women memang complicated ) 

I'm a woman 
hypothesis accepted , 

I've been constantly writing through other mediums ( laying low as for now ) till my friend ask me a short question " Kenapa Najwa dah tak tulis blog ? " knowing that she don't ( really ) read my page hence why question . I spent quite some time explaining on why I choose not to write on this site  ( plus with all the protections I put on the comments site ) , I guess it was meant to comfort myself. 

In fact I was trying to do the same for other social medias. For comfort. Disappear to give myself a little space ( though by not writing suffocates me inside , because its been always be writing that sooth me * in a way ) I sounds depress aren't I? Well to be exact , I'm not since I'm enjoying what life offers me at the moment . Tipulah tak rindu all those babbles moment nak spur your heart out , nak tells whats inside your mind in the limited 140 characters or even share the happy moments on the instagram and to store all the stories inside the blog . I miss the 'ME' that spends a portion of my life trying to fancy the life we put on our (not that) social medias but its for good cause kot ( like living a livelier present ) , so I (hardly) choose to detach myself from these things. 

it ache. it does

For someone who I can say , were very attached to all sorts of social medias , detaching is always the hardest part. You need to restrain yourself dari nak update segala macam perkara , I do take pictures like OOTD (har har ) like everyday and till one moment ambik gambar sebab suka suka bukan sebab nak put in on the timeline ( which kejap lagi you see yourself checking on the likes ) , if its not you , its me . Tapi entahlah , I just feel like not publicizing my life anymore which that includes me reflecting over stuff - storing memories. Kot. Truthfully what happened in the past regarding the blog really affect me in many ways and to write back , to be able to inspire some eyes is so hard for me now. 

I write because there might be someone who've been reading through my rumbles and thoughts .  You must be that someone that secretly delivers love and support which I appreciate that so much :) Time heals don't they?

It heals a bit since I've loosen the protection towards the commenting site ( dah vanish dah kot all the super menganggu fikiran comments ) 

I hope you stay healthy , bright like you always do , have a good day  ( You applies to anyone who're still scrolling through ) 

Do send me bundles of doa. You might see me actively writing in the future. I hope to see some improvement with my perspective and my spirit towards (public read ) stories. or whatever you call it heh. 

Nah , ( for I don't know what ) but it was the first day of class , and I was excited sebab first time duduk atas sekali ( tak atas sekali but atas la ) ( me being asian sits at the third row from down below dari sem satu ) but this semester punya jadual memaksa daku untuk berlari lari anak dari law school ke this lecture theater hence explains why I need to sit dekat atas hew. 

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