2.57 am February 9th

February 09, 2016

2.42 am

even writing seems hard enough.

wide awake still. I don't even think my duvett served its function to keep me warm since I've been waking up to see my duvet on the floor. The room is warm / hot-enough / and I hate it frankly speaking , it was not into my liking either if its too cold but the problem with the house this year is when the central heating is turned on , all the radiator in the house will be heated and you have no choice to keep the one in your room not heated. My room was rather small / than last year / and so the heat is regulating inside the room hence the reason I'm struggling to get my sleep.

There were too many things I had in mind these days. I'm facing a major breakdown , well I don't even want to acknowledge it as a breakdown , but since it kept bugging my head and my heart had been aching - I failed once again , somebody had broke the walls I build. I voluntarily allows myself to get hurt again - by human. Wasn't there enough reminder huh ?

late night thoughts should be the truest you had in mind
but it doesn't seems to be the case here. I guess I've created more filters inside my head , filtering what should I tell what should I write down.

/ in the middle of detaching phase / 2.0 3.0

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