Be fair and it matters !

March 19, 2016

I'm always attracted to the idea of fairness. I guess this is better said or explained in Malay or not. But let's just see how this things go.

Aku sedia maklum yang fairness means to put something at the right place ( or where it belongs but it seems like it's not getting anywhere inside my head ) .

Dulu, to me the idea of fairness means you equally divide something . Let just say you have a piece of cake that you bought it with your other two friends , equal contribution of money  and you need to share it fairly with your friends.  So being fair here obviously means to divide it equally among you and your friends. Lagi lagi kalau kau bahagi kek tu depan mata diaorang and if you're giving a bigger piece to yourself or the others , and at the same time you guys share the same contribution towards buying the cake , here , fairness is meant to be equal distribution.

But , not till I saw a picture. A simple one , it shows three different boy with different height - short medium tall. All of them are trying to watch a football match behind a wall or bar or whatevs . so if I'm about to say that fairness means equal , each and everyone of them will receive a same height bench and the shortest boy still can't really watch the match , and though it seems fair for the medium and tall boy because they're able to see the match clearly, its not the case for the shortest boy and equal distribution defeats the purpose of being fair. Aku still ingat how dulu debate dengan senior when they said that even a percent of failure contributes to a failure ( lols sangat I know right ) , dia tahap taknak menerima yang 98% percent tu sebab still nak tunjuk minority of 2% matters. Which kadang betullah sebab kita selalu go for majority and tends to forget the minority just because they're minority , we can clearly neglects their point? We often neglect pun secara fitrahnya. So nak katanya though dalam equal distribution tu tadi , even majority feel it's fair , dengan adanya ketidak adilan pada a minority , we will conclude yang equal distribution is not a true explanation for fairness.

Tapi kalau kita berada dalam kedudukan the medium and the tall boy , we will see equal distribution as fairly fair because we're at the advantage .

And I saw myself struggling to be a fair person myself. Because sometimes I tend to mess up my room and I kept saying to myself that if you want to be a fair person , or even a fair judge and lawyer in the future , starts with being fair to your room. Which says your room can be super tidy if you put your stuff at the right place. Like how you mess your wardrobe to choose a shawl for a day , trying to match the colours , leave everything on the bed without putting it back inside the closet  and you're late to class , you  automatically be the most unfair person in your own world on reason that you're not able to put your shawl to where it belongs. Kah kah kah analogy sempit.

So I said to myself , the key to a tidy room is

Be fair. Put the right thing at the right place.
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And the concept of fairness sebenarnya shall revolve around us , from the smallest thing like keeping your room tidy ( guess who tertampar tampar semasa menulis ni hahahahhahahahaha ) to the biggest issue of politics. And sebenarnya it can reach a point where sebenarnya sangatlah susah to be fair ni. Though it sounds simple, which to put something to where it supposed to belong.

Sebab tulah kot most of quotations will say things like “ Jadilah pemimpin / seseorang yang adil” , and the opposite of being fair is cruel or zalim , does zalim equivalent to cruel or not ( oh my melayu hahah padahal aku cakap melayu k most of the time ) . Aku taktahulah kalau aku sorang je rasa perkataan zalim tu macam lagi tinggi degree dia dari jahat , tapi dia tahap yang dia jahat sebab mengkhianati , mungkin diri sendiri , atau mungkin orang lain. Hahahaha I guess it depends on how you define zalim tu. Tapi generally zalim sounds cruel enuf said.

But of all , we shall train ourselves to be a fair person , a person who always put things at the right place tak tertakluk pada barang barang , tapi juga pada pancaindera , sisi manusiawi keseluruhannya . Application sounds vague? Let us see some ways yang fairness can be applied.

Like sometimes people may seeks advises from us and being fair doesn't allows you to give a jump into conclusion answer tanpa mencuba meletakkan diri kita ke tempat specific person. Sebab boleh jadi you two have different burden tolerance. And boleh jadi her / his problem nampak picisan dekat mata kita , tapi its so big to someone that it may affect his or her life as a whole. That's when you be fair. When you fit something according to the specific thing. Kadang tanpa kita sedar , kalau kita skip part of being fair -.- , we can automatically menzalimi seseorang. Sebab nak tak nak hukum meletakkan yang if someone is seeking an advise from you , wajib for you to give advise.

Giving advises to some people adalah benda yang susah untuk dia buat , on reasons that he or she might felt yang their words tak dapat nak bantu apa apa pun, or some people might even feel yang putting things into words are seriously hard but I believe in making effort to give an advise or idea that counts. Penyampaian advises doesn't necessarily be into wise words , wise organized words with fancy lines .

If you can't create wordings , you seek for wordings , online ke Quran ke orang perhaps you heard someone said something yang berbekas ke di hati , kadang yang menyentuh tu bukan kata kata pun tapi usaha , and I learnt it last time in a hadith , about nasihat , advise. Malay language tends to direct nasihat to wordings , berbentuk perkataan yang diucapkan, padahal in that hadith nasihat / advise is deemed as apa apa yang baik . Tapi sebabkan usage of our language menuju ke arah perkataan  , it kinda make the scope narrower.

But worth highlighting , make effort people , effort ni lebih kurang je penampakan dia macam ikhlas , kadang muka kita ni takleh nak bohong pun kalau kita tak ikhlas , tak kisahlah orang kata ikhlas ni macam semut hitam di malam kelam , it's THERE still ! The semut is still there and you takleh deny its still there duhhh , and your face and your deeds can somehow be assessed by mata hati aicewah. If you don't make effort , people will know that you're not even trying to. Doesn't it hurt when someone don't even try to make effort for you when you're desperately in need? It hurts right. So just don't do it to the others wehhh even you're badly bruised by people who don't make effort for you. Biar orang buat kita jangan kita buat orang. Sebab at the end of the day , urusan kita ni bukan sekadar sesama manusia , kita ada urusan dengan Allah , and kalau Allah tak bayar kesabaran kita di dunia ( through manusia )  , may He reward you with something big sebab kau sabar and you don't do shits to people. After all buat jahat doesn't seems to suits to your liking , nanti mulalah tak sedap badan bila bohong dengan Mak ( contohnya ) hahaha.

Allocating time for studies when you're a student is also the act of being fair to your time , samalah macam tanggungjawab like being a daughter or sister , failing to act accordingly , at the lowest point those failures menzalimi diri sendiri , like being a daughter pastu kurang ajar dengan Mak bapak , when an anak is prohibited to even say AH to their parents , you're not acting your role as a daughter at the right place.

Okay this may sounds not making sense at all bila dah tulis pepanjang but slowly digest ( biskut digestive sounds real nice now wehaaa ) .

Aku sangat takut bila one day , if Allah allows , and I'm practicing as lawyer , and if aku nanti tak berusaha pun nak menjadi manusia yang adil tu mungkin sebab dibayangi harta atau pangkat. I hope one day I will look back at my own writing , yang satu masa dahulu aku pernah menyeru pada manusia untuk berlaku adil. It's just sad to see yourself eating back your own words , bagai menjilat ludah sendiri. Being adil is hard , but to keep trying to be a fair person is an effort yang indeed semuaaaaaa orang kena buat pun regardless anything.

Here's to err I thought a wordless Saturday but I end up writing passages through this Google document , I'm just plain lazy to open the laptop and chrome crashing for thousand times and with all the advertisement. Ugh hello excuse me advertisers , adil sikit la macha letak iklan tu kadang biar adil pada semua lapisan masyarakat, ni hang pi letak iklan “ want massage , are you alone tonight” pastu hang pi letak badan perempuan haish. T.T semak hañg tauuu semak. Ceqq kalau marah ceqq cakap Kedah hahahahaahha. Kbye.

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