No longer

September 19, 2015

This is me , talking to myself .


This site is no longer my favorite to spur things.
It turns out to be a hateful site , a harmful toxic to the emotions
Though it passed and resolved , still , a harmful one
Like how funny could it be , a dead nonliving site is so powerful to turn your life...

I must know the world is harsher than this. Its just a beginning.

But I am keeping this alive since some people still need it
for a reference based on my past.
Moga sikit tu bermanfaat.
Moga sikit tu membantu.

I have so many things to say. A reply to every single thing.
But I choose stop.
I'm learning and forcing myself to treat a human like how a human should be treated.
if I ever continue lashing out the points ,
I am
just the
person whom I don't wish to be

Walking away , keeping things between me and The Creator.
because it sooth more than ever.

Tak susah pun to walk away because that's always how it seems to happen.
People breaks , and you , is still you in the past.
You walk away.

Human'mean' . Still a human'kind'
Be strong girl. Be strong.

May He instill guilt's in you . Like how He instill guilt's inside me. 
so that you know the steps you should have take 
to kill the guilt's you had in you. 

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