To you and your friends , I owe you guys an apology.

To you , who're behind all those comments ,
I am sorry. I had this one day to reflect upon my fault.
I had neglected the facts that I should ask you guys before hand.
I've been there , being accused by medias as they wrote a total different facts from my issue ,
I should have see that in your case too.

If there's any way for me to compensate on this issue , please let me know.

For being such a dumb ass to you and your friends , I owe you guys an apology
But its just that I hope you don't relate it with my parents love for me.
For causing such ruckus , I'm sorry. And it's okay if you wish not to forgive me.

I admit all my faults. For writing , and for affecting and neglecting your emotions.

To you and your friends ,
deep inside , akak harap Allah mudahkan urusan awak awak semua. Ease it in any way He can ease it for you guys.  Moga diberikan apa jua jalan to end it with a good settlement. For disappointing too , I'm sorry.  Moga ujian menguatkan awak , akak dan semua.

You have my support , 119 , stay strong and keep fighting.

Maafkan akak.


Anonymous said...

Okay kak. Lain kali jangan buat lagi taww..

Aidiela Asri said...

thanks akak. doakan yg baik2 utk kami.
God bless u, akak =)

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how we feel. Cursed, belittled, humiliated by you people who had know idea of the whole truth. I dare say that only we know the whole truth. It's okay, everybody makes mistakes, most mistakes are forgiveable. Therefore I personally forgive you and apologise for making that harsh statement about the 'courts and cops' thing. I stand firm with my opinion on the stated rule of law. Feel free to disagree but think twice, trice and be wise. Have a nice day sister, it's good to see you start using your brains ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you sis. It's okay to make mistake, at least u admit it. It just that, don't ever judge someone on what you heard, cuz it's hurt the most when it's not true at all. Those people talked too much and made such blind accusations when little do they know. Goodluck in your journey, akak. May Allah bless you and ease your way. I pray all the best too for all of us, 119 and also the seniors, wherever they are right now.

- Adamantium

Anonymous said...

Hai kakk anis.. dun wori kitorg maafkan. Sorry jugak comments tu ad yg cm melampau. Diorg nk melawak je tu utk hiburkan kitorg yg takde support ni. So jgn ambil hati eaa.. jauh di lubuk hati tenang rasa hati bila nmpak post yg trbaru ni brbanding ngn post smalm kitorg sedih kak. Kitorg harap support dri senior tpi tak sangka senior pn pandang kitorg cmtu sekali. To me, senior tak affected pn tpi kenapa nk benci mcm tu sekali. Jgn la burukkan keadaan. Bila ad sorg kata benci yg lain akan mula benci, kitorg nak bila ad sorg kata support yg lain mula support. Kitorg hargai sgt siapa yg support, korang tak rugi pun serius. To seniors xlepas yg rasa insecure sorry. Weolls nk jdi mcm korg. Nk layak mcm you guys. Kalau kitorg mmpertikaikan korg, sama la mcm mmpertikaikan diri sendiri. Tpi tak kan, kitorg berhabis-habisan fight sbb tau kitorg layak walaupun org rmai kata xlayak. Org kata kitorg lazy la problematic la sabo je la. Rmai brlagak cm diorg kwn baik ke rumet ke hosmet ke nk ukur tahap kesungguhan kitorg. Padahal kenal pn tak. Takpe. Thats life, byk dugaan.

Anonymous said...

What's the truth then?

Anis Nazari said...

I'm sorry but I don't know. It's better for you to ask from whom who're directly affected with the issue. Because I believe I am in no position to talk about this again. Thank you and sorry.