To you and your friends , I owe you guys an apology.

September 17, 2015

To you , who're behind all those comments ,
I am sorry. I had this one day to reflect upon my fault.
I had neglected the facts that I should ask you guys before hand.
I've been there , being accused by medias as they wrote a total different facts from my issue ,
I should have see that in your case too.

If there's any way for me to compensate on this issue , please let me know.

For being such a dumb ass to you and your friends , I owe you guys an apology
But its just that I hope you don't relate it with my parents love for me.
For causing such ruckus , I'm sorry. And it's okay if you wish not to forgive me.

I admit all my faults. For writing , and for affecting and neglecting your emotions.

To you and your friends ,
deep inside , akak harap Allah mudahkan urusan awak awak semua. Ease it in any way He can ease it for you guys.  Moga diberikan apa jua jalan to end it with a good settlement. For disappointing too , I'm sorry.  Moga ujian menguatkan awak , akak dan semua.

You have my support , 119 , stay strong and keep fighting.

Maafkan akak.

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