Its good to be here again , says me in April.

April 19, 2016

so long ( singing Helena , MCR hahah its kept bugging my head , all the so long and good night , I was never into MCR so this is temporary ehee ) and here I am again writing , wishing that my fingers can still produce wonders ( flying with the unicorn in the air har har har )

I went back from Turkey last weekend I supposed  , it was a pleasant trip and I don't really wish to write it all here , because it will definitely cost timeless ( tipu ) scrolls . I tried writing for only Istanbul and Bursa , I end up giving up and not writing more . I guess I tell it all inside my instagram and I shall hope Instagram will still be valid by the time my first son or daughter reach 7 so I may brag about my so long captions on Instagram , says someone who can even die before she got married . Kalau ikutkan we're swayed away by the thoughts yang we will end up marrying er at least a decent guy , naming two babies a boy and a girl , when eventually Allah tak bagi jaminan pun jodoh tu di dunia. Hahah well sebenarnya its my safest zone I create so I won't fantasize ( more ) about being married . escapism level 99/101.3

My second year examination is just around the corner , 5 miles away kiddin , my first paper will be on the 9th of May yada yada and it ends a month after that , on the 3rd of June . I guess the school is not even giving their full attention to second years , my housemate ends her term before June last year ugh hello whats up with the third of June again?! But whats with the fuss sebab tak puasa lagi ( gojet sotong ) , punyalah cheating level lima flight balik Malaysia pun ambik waktu lepas buka so I can basically eat on the plane heh , sebab tak puasa atas sebab musafir doesn't sounds appealing enuf pada mungkin penumpang sebelah dalam plane , since naik Qatar hiks.

So whats more to write here , blog is not genuinely accessible like instagram kalau tak dah tulis berkajang dah right on spot boleh buat daily reports. Hahah I guess I'm drawing priority lines over here , blog is no longer my muse aicewah kau aku tepuk karang.

Its my one of GE'EF 's birthday today - icon ketabahan berlevel bezita ( dragon ball fyi ) , perhaps menginjak 22 ni I would like to thank my mom for bringing me dari alam rahim sampailah dewasa , but I wonder how about her yang tak pernah able to say those lines to her biological mum. You never know how thankful I am when someone took a good care of her , after she lost her adopted father .  Dia kasih sayang tahap kau nak jadi more than just a friend , nak jadi someone who cares like a sister does , give as much love like a guardian. I wish you a happy birthday :) , aku tahu kau tak baca pun benda ni neither I speak english with you haha sebab selalu bantai iteww iteww dengan segala bahasa pelik , masih berdarah melayu.

second year so far treating me good , still trying to keep a distance from social medias but I can't help sharing video itik pergi makan slug di petang hari di Africa haha , videos appearing on facebook are so contagious pada mata , you just want to keep watching different videos , thanks to facebook I finally resolved my inquiries regarding what planes do to the waste stuff , do they spur the human wastes as rains and we play human-waste-rain? that is such a disgrace to my childhood memories . haha.

you see I can still be humorous haha kalau kita tak puji diri sendiri siapa lagi , hahahahaha.

Anyway after seven years , Baba came back as Ayahanda Selandar , rasa nak balik sekolah balik sekarang jugak. T.T Welcome home baba , may you continue the great legacy of SBPI Selandar which you will always do. 

enough with all the random rambles , it feels good writing again. It feels good being here again. My laptop is making fuss these days that I decided not to open it , I guess its already three weeks by now. Pastu gelabah kejap kenapa laptop takleh bukak , the battery is dead you hidiott ( make it sounds like how Hermoine says it in Harry Potter so it won't sounds that harsh , I'm classifying here still )

Okay I'm done.

a piece of picture that might torn my heart apart. I wish I could do better for you guys #beedadari_project 2.0 

oh ya what I wrote with Iwani ( the Humaira ) about our trip to Istanbul ( click the link thank you )   just got published in IKRAM Media UK-Eire website , if the language sounds nice its iwani , if its sounds funny , its me trying to be half good in Malay literature and trying to stop Manglish'ing. Sekian. 

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