lets wish for a productive morning ( icon tepuk tangan )

April 22, 2016

I'm looking forward to see a productive me today , because somebody is typing something on her laptop , instead of lying on the bed , slothing around , here she is sitting at the table  , have I ever told you I have this magic feelings of being productive once I sat on my chair even tho I'm doing craps like doing exactly nothing , just sit and mess around with my notes. 

So today my very first report ( partially an article ) got published on the IKRAM UK-Eire page. Of the recognition and publication , I felt bad about myself because my choices of Malay words are very limited and it sounds funny , and for not being able to write in full Malay , I felt awful with myself. I initially thought that I should write in English , but I'm not even good with English with all the grammars , I guess Malay it is. ( menyesal tak belajar bahasa jawa before flying of to the UK ) hahaha penyesalan apakah. 

I remembered looking at some books written by people around. Wanting to do the same but I don't think I passed the language stage. I'm currently planning for my summer , it looks busy for now ( har har ) but I really wish that I'll make a productive summer. The original tittle for the post is about Of recognition and appreciation , but I guess there's not much to say anyway. 

I've been wanting to change the blog layout. Its too white for so long. But I can't stand messy backgrounds. so let it be , kot. Haha noob betul teknologi berlevel negative. 

Okay surprisingly I don't wish to write more. Okay bye for now. 

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