March 31, 2012


I saw some albums uploaded by juniors, esp the one that welcoming their new friends. Then I smiled. My high school memories came in glance. The batch. My batch. :').

When the SPM results was announced, to get 1.78 was unexpected for our batch. Where people kept giving stress, mocking voices that we can't excel. That was unexpected at all. With the past records, which based on our trial results, our ending form four result. Or even the haunted PMR. All I can say, Alhamdulillah, we make it. We did it. yayyy :)

I went to SBPI Selandar last Monday, to give some little presents for the teachers and to settle down with recommendation letter, as well as, to know the particular grade or cgpa for each subject.For example, in English subject, from 1.3 something in 2011, we make it to 0.63 . During our trial exams, no one could achieve A+ and alhamdulillah, during SPM, almost half of the batch obtained A+ and only five got B's. That was satisfying after all. I called my English teacher, two or three days after the results were announced. And I would like to share her status here :)

to all my 2011 students..thank you for the unexpected result you gave was truly a big surprise. It didn't occur to me to check the gpa although i was one of those who helped sarina to key in the grade. I finally saw it after i came back to my room in the library with the analysis i printed from isis. Then my jaw dropped!! HUH? Were my eyes playing tricks on they were NOT!

So our heartfelt thank you to all who had worked hard in making this a reality. See if we work 'togeder geder' anything is possible if Allah wills it. Ape kate we join forces together give sadaqah ke, fasting ke as a token our appreciation to our Mighty Creator. Who's with me?

and I smiled. 

She kept questioning me through the call, " Apa yang korang buat?" I am speechless. Saying it, rezeki daripada Allah, and one of the factor could be the BATCH SPIRIT. To build a batch spirit, for me is not easy but all I can say, I'm happy to have my Machinants around me. The cooperations. Every one of us play their own role. Yes, I know, each and everyone of us, have the spirit inside them . Everyone knows their responsibility to their best in SPM, contributing to the result, and again, we did it. 

I impressed with the spirit that we have. Not to show some kerek sounds or etc, but, yaa I guess, people also could judge, how strong our Van Der Wall. SPM result was one of the clear good ending for us. 

Currently I'm missing my Machinants. The Brothers and The sisters.Dear Allah, take a good care of them, for me.

*the grammar may sucks, but the feelings , sincerely from the heart :')

Hidup baik baik. 

thanks, for making us to meet. 

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