REDHA, and Allah will replace it with something even good.

March 30, 2012


The fever of Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia still last until today.Even me myself, whenever I came to a new place, people would question the same question over and over again. Dapat berapa. So, I fluently said : Dapat tujuh with a JE behind. Jerk me, isn't it? The sounds of JE ,is like, I am not satisfied with what fated and, kinda TAK REDHA la kan. So I hate myself for that.

Kebahagian anak cucu Adam a.s terletak pada keredhaannya terhadap apa yang telah ditentukan Allah untuknya.

Peeps. If you wanted to feel happy. To feel awesome. Maka redha-lah.

I know there are times, you feel like : Hey saya dah berusaha bersungguh sungguh, tapi dapat ini je ? Again the JE sounds jerk. Stop saying that JE. If people with many many A,s says : Saya dapat 10 A JE. shuttt. Itu namanya kerek. Kerek satu, tak bersyukur satu. Double jerk.

To feel un-satisfied. To feel regret. To feel all the negative feelings may sound normal, but back to Allah. When you are satisfied with the fates fares for you, after you have give all your effort into it, surely, Allah will replace them with something better.

Not to get flying colours results, could teach us, not to repeat the same mistakes. When you can take iktibar and when you can learn a new thing, it is much much more adorable than the results matter.

So, stop from being so so down to the earth when you didn't get good results. Or you didn't achieve your etc etc target. After all, Allah knows whats best for you. If Seven A's is the best for me, redha :)

THE PATH that you'll be going through after this is much more longer, tougher , because after all, life isn't about what you got on the UPSR, PMR,SPM, STPM  slips or etc etc , it is more than you imagine. *tagline KBSW.

Who knows, with your biasa biasa, or teruk result, you might be a better person in future, or even much more better than the high achiever holistically. In terms of akhlak, ilmu, addin and etc etc.


renung renungkan, selamat beramal :) *with Nada Professor Izzi Haji Ali 

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