welcoming notes.

March 30, 2012


I decided to delete my previous blog. And of course things happen for reasons.I've read through the blog and I find out that , the post is much more about me. Its like , me myself is selling stories about me. I should have clear purpose, why I write? For saja saja? Or to help in spreading sparks of knowledge's for Ummah? Besides, I am affected by Why The What, written in LangitIlahi and it makes me realized that, I need to re-format my life. The purpose why I write. Because, every single thing that I do in dunia, would be questioned back to me in Padang Mahsyar and I wonder, does the things that I did during those years, benefited me, benefited the people surrounds me.

Basically its about changing myself. Way I expressed. Way I write.

I hope that you would understand. Why I deleted GLANCE THOUGHT and even my previous google account.

So this is the path that I choose. This would be the path that I'll be going through.

so, Assalamualaikum peeps. Welcome to my new blog :)

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