History Class.

April 18, 2013


This special post goes to my History Lecturer : Sir Hafidz Hakimi Haron.

Time runs faster than I expect. ( cliche ) , I was doing my mathematics revision and suddenly it came across my mind, just now was the last class for history with Sir Hakimi. And I don't really get the chance to show my gratitude towards you. Out of sudden I remembered about how I first react towards the History Class. I can really say that Madam Rita who "force" me and Ainaa for history class. At that particular moment, I don't really feel the stress . But once I entered the class, maybe its because of the surrounding an also the subject itself , it makes me determine to drop History at that moment.

 I had one of the most tremendous moments in life . I cried almost every night .  To my friends and family. The day before the history class, I told my mom, I can't really go with History. I'm done. I'm quitting. Then I entered the class. After the class, you actually talk to five of us. I can tell that, IF AND ONLY IF YOU DON'T TALK TO FIVE OF US AT THAT MOMENT, I AM REALLY QUITTING. I don't why , but once you said that you said that I had that face of becoming a litigator, I feel enlightened. Then I started to value back about my decision, and at the end, I do said : If I'm quitting earlier, I'll be one of the most unluckiest person in life. Not having any single regret dropping law, even I'm currently in the lawyer-to-be-path. Because you taught more than you're paid for, you taught us your experience. And we really appreciate that. We're getting both law and history input in your class :D

So Sir,

Thanks for everything that you give. From the knowledge wise and du'as.  Moga dihalalkan segala ilmu. I would like to apologize for the all 'lost focus' in class , for being the 'late comers'  .  In future insyaAllah, I'll be meeting you , and maybe on that particular time, I'm already in the field of justice. I'm saluting you in every single way :) Terima kasih sir. Have a good life here after. Good luck in pursuing your dream. Even though you said that this was the first ever experience of teaching, you're very great in teaching. You've already IN THE STEP OF YOUR DREAM, you've left something ( its a lot of things ) that are beneficial for us, your anak bangsa :) And one fine day, we'll spreading your taught and wise knowledge.

TERIMA KASIH SIR. Only Allah can repay your good deeds.

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