Random thoughts looking at the past years post.

January 11, 2016

How did I write up to 24 POSTS , Excuse me its 24 POSTS for a month ( back in 2013 ) , I was in my second semester , the most hectic one , but excuse you again , whats with that numerous post heh? 

I was so glad that I deleted my previous blog , or I'll see myself crying - with the weird jargons * nangis * 

I read through post which includes all the ( in the * actions * contoh * tarik tudung orang sebelah * ) why did I came up with those weird actions , * till now fyi najwa haha * * cakap dengan diri sendiri * 

( menerawang scroll fb )

the posts significantly decreasing - 142 - 75 - 55 in 2015 , you surely sets your priority right huh najwa ? * tembak muka haha dengan pistol air *

I love your choices of words now , says the new Najwa to the new Najwa mengerling kepada old Najwa haha. 

I was reading through someone's status yesterday , a wise person in my memory and not anymore now , the choices of words doesn't reflect what a wise person should use or say. How sad it can be heh ,  wise one cuma dalam memory. :'(

Teringat ada sharing ukhti ni , dia kata sebenarnya Allah jaga je sepanjang He gave us sparks by sparks of hidayah ( lights in the dark ) and He actually guides us through , pastu I read my 2012 reflection post , masa tu dah ada kot spark spark hidayah Allah campak dalam hati , cuma lepas tu macam samar samar , recently jumpa ayat yang berbunyi seperti " Allah tambahkan hidayah pada orang yang dah diberi hidayah " gotta seek for the ayat again 

hence the random thought. Shooooot two random tak berarah kind of posts in a day , * tepuk tangan kawan sebelah haha * 

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