Bersyukur , nanti Allah tambah lagi :)

October 31, 2016

Mungkin saja kau lupa untuk bersyukur tatkala kau mula membanding - bandingkan takdir kau dan manusia yang 'lebih' dalam segala hal.
And above all , you forgot about the people who might looked up to your life and wonder how lucky you are for living in such a beautiful fate.  And currently I am that ungrateful phase and it breaks my heart reading through the captions I used to write in the past . The one who knows how to be grateful just by looking at the dead leaves when winter's approaching. The one who sees animals are more than just a four legged creature with a pointy cute nose. Now , here I am doubting whether its really me who jot down all those reflecting points - for being who I am now is just sad. 

I might said in the past , the reason why I kept the photos along with reflection caption , which to show to my child , to my grandchildren that your mother used to be this cool and thoughtful , not knowing it was kept as a reminder to myself , to be grateful for every fold of episodes in my life. You doesn't need to wait to be that 'cool' and 'thoughtful' to your descendent , enough with being thoughtful to the present you. 

The incomplete law clans since 2014. 

Today maghrib is at 4.55 pm and it may be the start of the gloomy days , Cardiff haven't rain that much like last year , and I am glad that it happened that way. I know some days can be much worse than feeling worthless like in the past days , but I shall start counting blessings , and perhaps write more than I used to do. 

I did post up on my instagram that I experienced some symptoms of being depressed by watching the black dog depression video. Saved it for weeks , not bothering to watch because I think my stress level is manageable , well perhaps its just me thinks that way. After a very long rest , I went for a swim , completed 12 laps in 45 minutes , 24 times going back and forth the pool. The moment I stood up to catch some breath and offering a sweet smile to people around , my body heated up and it feels so good.  Wishing to make it weekly , an hour shall be good. £4 for every session but compared to the money I spent for foods (for example) , £4 is a good investment for the body aite? It should be. I just googled what swimming does to your body , just realized I've been doing the breaststroke all the time haha. That's perhaps what I am best at , for now , free style needs more concentration , I cannot. 

And I went for a short trip 45 minutes away from Cathays ( the place I lived at ) to Barry Island. Its not that I am immuned to dogs because there's a lot of them running freely there , the place is so comforting that I wish to go there again , some days in the weekdays. Spent some times with my fellow sisters from Bristol and I am so glad that I decided to join them. 

Yet there are many things to be grateful for each day. 

the highest I can go haha

missing them and the KFCs sobs

indeed my happy pills of the day 

right after the pose I was like camne nak turun ni hahaha
Anis Najwa , don't you realize how blessed you are for being who you are , where are you standing , manifestasikan kesyukuran hatta dalam fikiranmu bukan sekadar pada lisanmu. 


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