Its the first month of my third year here !

October 15, 2016

I don't really have much things to share this days , its not that I'm lazy infact I am currently living a pretty good 22 going 23rd next year woman kind of life. Woke up early in the morning , ( don't go to bed again after subuh ) , bath early , had breakfast on time ( usually breakfast in the past combine both breakfast and lunch  , and later lunch again ha ha ) 

its just that I'm pretty ( not ) occupied and so into my third year. The workloads are not piling up for now since I am doing it on time and I can't really manage last minute anxiety. Did I tell you guys I am all free on Monday and Wednesday ( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaexcitement ) but I considered it as my bonus time to fast and revisions ( not to mention ). I've been thinking on how to cope with 8 am - 5.00 pm stress , got the glimpse of the feeling last summer , but now I'm back to a very relaxed timetable , I might find myself struggling in the future. 

I took like four modules this year ( basically four for every year - double semester ) and its all dry subjects , which don't really need any personal judgements. and I favours all of them ( kenyit mata ) , because its all interconnected with each other. I took company law which basically revolving around managing a business . Earlier , I was returning a book to a seller and saw Ltd in their company's name , suddenly that three letters gave me the whole idea what type of the company they're running. All these while I thought its there to FANCY things . Next , I took Commercial Law which mainly focusing on how a business to business transact with each other , not the figures but the law that regulates / facilitate them. The other two subjects are mandatory subjects , EU Law and trust . Luckily I was so into macro economics during A-levels , so EU law is something that suits my liking even it doesn't really touch the economics part ( we're in law class anyway ) . On the other hand , trust is unique since it triggered lots of curiosity inside my head. Thanks to my short internship dealing with conveyancing , it lessen my trauma towards all these technical land property thingy. 

So far , that's whats been happening in this one month. I did went to Birmingham last two weeks for a daurah , a weekend retreat. Me myself is figuring the things I've been doing all these while. I certainly think I make a full use of the time , since I opened all those social medias only like once daily , and not for a long period of time. Perhaps I'm busy entertaining my kiasu'ness to keep the house/ the room clean all the time , that is so not me , but since its a good kind of kiasu , I will be very happy then. And I know for certain , the reality is really treating me so well. 

Missing home. Like always

People I've been spending my reality with. 

and with this too with no exception haha. 

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