February 08, 2017

What an invention of tittle Anis Najwa !

I've been browsing such calendar on Ebay and they cost somewhere around £4 and above , got this for a pound from Poundland yeay ! Alhamdulillah :D

Here I am again , at this hour , wide awake and still finds its the best time to write something down. Keeping stories of what's going on with my life for now. 

I just finished drafting the first raw draft for Master of Ceremony ( MC hahah now I know what MC stands for ) ( after many years ) text for Rohingya talk this Sunday. I don't plan to do that , at least tonight but we're holding a meeting tomorrow , so best to be prepared huh? I answered sets of personality quizzes ( szo expected of Anis Najwa ha ha ) they asked for multiple times , whether I am into the planned or adhock one , I'm good with both but I prefer the well planned one , then we add things in to make it perfect. 

But nothing in this world is perfect , so why plan? HA HA HA 

All is well for now insyaAllah. Signed up for a volunteering with Muslim Hands for Gaza this upcoming Saturday , I don't really get to know the community around so this might be  a good chance for me isn't it? 

Then the awaited talk on Sunday about Rohingya. 

I was trying to bring almost everyone ( the committees especially my adik adik ) to get the feel of doing this , not only for 'pahala' wise but to also empower more knowledge , intellectually , and we did it in our usrah ! I wanted to share it with the Ikram google group but I need to make it for structured. 

And I specially want to thank Kak Tim ( if you're reading this ) , when I read through your comment on my picture ' A bunch of inspirational people' , I find it hard to reply it back , since I know I don't do much , not to the extend of being an inspiration and little that she know , she's the one who inspired me to do that intellectual 'akhbar islami' session with my girls. 

There's this one session during daurah few weeks ago , I am sure its her that says something like ' In Ireland , we're lacking in intellectual discussion ' when we talked about the problem we're facing in our region. 

That's when I started drafting my plan for Rabtul Am ( an open program , I am not sure how to explain this )  , which to do an academically akhbar islami session. Basically akhbar islami is a session where everyone shares the news they've been reading on their timeline ( most accessible one ) and reflect in the circle.  So everyone will have sometimes the same sets of stories but the discussion , personally to me sometimes gets really vague and unguided. Because it was based on one source and that's it. 

Since we're holding an event of awareness this week , I think there's a need to educate everyone especially myself , what is exactly happening in Rohingya . So I looked up online on various article concerningg Rohingya , from different perspective other than just religion. The search include articles written by professors , the history of Rohingya , the roots of religion conflicts in Myanmar , the conflict may be more economics than religion.  This is to shorten the time ( next I should make everyone do their independent research hihi ) 

alhamdulillah it was a success and I received positive feedbacks on it. We have an actual 10 minutes serious reading time in usrah and we share and relate with Al-Hujurat. 18 verses in a chapter that taught us so many things relevant and applicable towards human-human relationship and most current issue ( all the news and advancement of technology ) 

There's so much to learn from the verses in Al Hujurat ( Chapter 49 ) - The Chambers which includes

Verse 6
O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful.

Verse 11 

O you who have believed, let not a people ridicule [another] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one's] faith. And whoever does not repent - then it is those who are the wrongdoers.

Have a look at all the verses [here]

That's how a very short problem addressed by Kak Tim were developed into deeds. And I am thankful that I know such an inspirational people like you Kak Tim :) Moga selalu dalam jagaan Allah. 

And , insyaAllah starting for now , I will be the vice director for Spring Camp UK on April. Its my very first time acting in the bench of the committees on national level program  , I am always that person who're prone towards facilitators position , so this is very new to me , after many years I left school . In case you're reading this through , I am in need of your massive prayers. 

There's submission going on as well , to be submitted on the 16th of March. InsyaAllah starting on that very soon too ! 

Few days ago as I was laying down on my bed , lazily , slothing around , I read an article ' The busiest person is the happiest ' or vice versa , and suddenly I felt the urge of being busy lets get out from the bed * hahahaha I shall be happy then equipped with so many things * Alhamdulillah. 

Indeed this is always the best time to rant on :') 

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