March 25, 2013

Assalamualaikum and finally I am writing in the blog using the home internet. Where I don't really need to face super loading buffering etc .

And finally its a long holiday again.I consider it as long if it more than just half Friday-Saturday-Sunday . After the last Chinese New Year break. And its a new laptop by the way :) I've traded in the Grey Asus EEE-PC. Thanks for everything you've been gone through with me kelabu :") 

So I had trouble on what I am going to share inside the blog. My life is getting hectic. With workloads . With revisions. All these time, I've been wasting too much time I guess. Or delaying things that I wasn't supposed to delay. Like Math and Stats. Ni belum kira I abandoned Econs and English. If I couldn't bare the consequences of being dumb, I need to face the hardships of seeking knowledge.  Allah ease it for me. 

Been wondering on university admission. It should be this year. Using the second semester results. Tipu kalau aku rasa tak nak masuk Oxbridge : Neither Oxford or Cambridge. When I saw my law mates were pondering about this, I started to think, is it wrong for me to let go everything and let Allah decide. Its not that I don't care, but tell me what I can do? Is it just by worrying and questioning every single thing?

No I shouldn't . So I'll just let Allah to decide. To make me ready when the time approach.

Now everyone in the house is sleeping . I am alone writing this. 

To be truth. I am scared almost to everything. Fear of not performing in the second semester. Fear of not going to make it through. Fear to dissapoint people surround me. Fear for things that I can't express it into words. Allah. ease this :') 

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