Menggapai Bintang :)

March 03, 2013

Hey assalamualaikum people. I just got back from a motivational camp for UPSR candidates of SK Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor. I mean like its obviously not me who're attending the camp as a participants, I am a TRENG TENG TENG TADAAAA A facilitator. Awwwwch so sweet. *cats eyes*  Well I consider this as a fast update ; hormones triggered me to do so.

Its a first program for us, the new bench line of JPKCA's . To be exact, JPKCA's is like the members that represent our kolej kediaman Cemara and Akasia, Intec. It was exactly a rushed plan as it supposed to be held earlier than 1st of March , but due to our schedule , we can't really make it into reality. So there you go, 1st of March, 22 or 25 if I am not mistaken of JPKCA's members heading to Hulu Selangor. And I don't really want to sounds like doing some sorts of reports here. Ehek ehek *include some fillers - fillers like seriously?* to reduce the formality. Again, ahaks :p

An hour journey , include dizziness finding the school , we finally arrived :) Yeayy the first impressions was not bad but seeing the kids was like overly excited waving hands and shouting Hyeeeeee from the second floor really drive my anxiousness to the highest level petala lapan. I haven't been handling these kinds of program ever since I leave high school which is two years ago.

We've been preparing ourselves to sleep in a class on the floor. Here we go, we slept in a kindergarten :) Yeay and on the floor. The first activity was held before Maghrib , the first LDK, I got PINK group which later happened to be We Are Muslim , which I don't really give that name because I let them to decide, I am there to guide. For me, it was like fascinating to have a group yang budak budak dia tawadhu' , very very knowledgeable for their age , and the most important part was I never got any heart attacks symptoms handling them. Ihik. Ihik.  Some of the group members called me Ustazah because the way I dress make them conclude it that way. Ahakzz. I am trying to be one, still in process insyaAllah.

That night, I've been appointed to conduct the Kuliah Maghrib and I guess yeah I got energized well by talking and yeaaaaaaah it works. Call me awkward. Mih mih. Its Cikgu Hassan's slot that night, Intec's HEP. Lenguhhhh pak anggg aku cakap kau. Sitting on the floor and tak payah cerita berapa banyak kali aku tukar position duduk. Grrr grr.  After done with everything, its time to have a good rest. Pukul 2 jugak kitaorang tidur, having chats between the members, packing presents for the kids. Personally , I really think that this is a very good start for us to keep the bond strong so it would be easier in future for us to do any work together. Best kot, tidur sepah sepah, masing masing muka survival redha je. Lagipun its just for night. Tidur atas lantai sepah sepah without proper comforter ke hapa, should be okay for leaders. Ehh. haha.

The second day seems to be that kind of packed. Early in the morning, we had qiam with the kids. Subuh. Kuliah Subuh. Morning exercise. Sukaneka. LDK 2. Treasure Hunt. LDK 3. LDK 4. Majlis penutup.

Maybe its because I write this post in different day, the spirits went away and i am lazy for this. I am grateful that I finally go to the camp. Despite what I plan ruined but there's always hikmah. To my group We Are Muslim. Kakak miss you guys already here. Hafizah, Nurin, Hajar, Azimah, Basyirah, Aini , Fitri, Hafiz, Ilyasa, Syafiq. Good luck. Its an unforgettable memory to conduct you guys. Good luck for your UPSR. Good luck with everything. Chase after your dreams adik adik. Nothing is impossible. Akak doakan. Its not the matter you guys read this or what, this is part of my prayer for you guys :')

Le groupmates :)

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