March 17, 2013

Assalamualaikum, out of the blue, suddenly I feel like writing something about INTEC. Previously before i entered INTEC, I've been googling about the accommodation , darjah ketersampaian ke tempat tempat sekeliling. But truthfully its hard to find that much about intec. So I'm going to brief a little bit about how the life INTEC would be like :) * with some pictures*

I have another a year to go. I am in my second semester. Hope that this will give some ideas on how INTEC looks like. The environment. Especially people who accidentally read this. Juniors that longing for overseas and seeking for colleges to make preparation, here I provide you some info :) Hope that it helps :) Pray for me too guys. 

* Edited - February 2015 ( alhamdulillah dah kat Cardiff , looking back at this post rasa macam najwa , worth your while leuls haha )

Hello guys , I know that many of you found my blog because seeking for intec punya information. Harapnya membantu insyaAllah , but I've been receiving like many question on how to get into intec?

so , jawapan to this question , I don't precisely know how . Why? sebab last time , I applied for Program Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) under MARA dalam April 2012 macam tu. Then seeing how ignorant I was time tu , I applied for TESL and LAW ( because we're required to choose two ) sebab that's the only thing yang fit to my spm grades ( minimum requirement ) + masa tu memang rasa nak buat law ( walaupun takdelah yakin gila aku buat law , this is helped by doing job career quizzes , massive of them on the line ) and please don't ask how my 7A's got me there when there's no 7A's minimum requirement is not even in the requirement  sekarang , because policies changed like almost every year depending on your sponsor. ( plus I would always say , its rezeki dari Allah and ceqq sedara mara mak pak cucu cicit takde lagi takde siapa pun orang dalam ke takde , jadi its all rezeki Allah ) . And aku serious tak check pun kat mana pusat persediaan yang dia offer time tu , sebab masa mohon tu I wasn't really hoping sebab you know where you're standing kan. So selama menunggu sampailah interview habis sudah , I thought I'd be doing my alevels dekat KMS ( Kolej Mara Seremban ) bhahaha nehi I was wrong sebab the day result interview keluar : I'll be doing ( done Alevels dah weeweee ) at INTEC Education College. 

So point dia kat sini is that , I never know how to get into intec , sebab its all done by the sponsor and ku cuma ingat perlu mendaftarkan diri ke sana last July 2012 ku tidak ingat benda lain . That's it . Camtulah cerita dia. But what I know , you can try looking through Intec's website which would be genuine for you to apply privately , funded by parents ke , or any private scholarship yang suruh kau apply sendiri then dia bayar. You guys are like so lucky sebab sekarang the website dah macam up-to-date gak aaa so sebab tulah I said it genuine luls. hahah. And one more thing , I don't exactly know how sponsor boleh bertukar dari MARA ke JPA , all I know was tiba tiba JPA sponsor. Miahaha. Alhamdulillah :)

Okay back to the post. Maaf merepek banyak. 

Let me give you some ideas what is INTEC. Intec previously known as Pusat Pendidikan Persediaan ( Have a further reading here )  Basically,  we're doing preparation for degree in oversea's here as INTEC is one of the college that offered preparation thingy .  Thats what I am doing now. By the way, I am taking A-levels here. A level Law to be exact. I am sponsored by JPA. You can enter here with scholars or private ( parents paid for the fees ) 

First and for most, if you're a girl like me. Ahaks. Surely you'll be staying in Kolej Akasia. The chance to stay at Kolej Cemara with the boys , would not be that high but it based on your fate or I  call it, your luck. College for class is in Seksyen 17 , but kolej kediaman, We're at Seksyen 18 , surrounded by shops. So,there would be an easy  access to foods ( from mamak to fast foods ) , internet , photostats ( you can get various of books here , trust me you'll be amazed ), dobi, or even Mydin , Giant, Ole-Ole is here ( significant place ahaks ) . The curfew would be at 11.

* harus acknowledege yang my phone punya camera mega-pixel cuma 2.00 , the reality looks better :). Susunan gambar adalah tidak teratur * 

The room. 

toilet and the pantry. 

yang besar belakang tu, library :) 

fall in INTEC :P

boards and table for study.

Akasia :)

One of the good place to eat : PakLi.

Blok W :)

The library :)

Little idea about what a house in Akasia looks like : There's only 4 people will be staying in a house. There's a toilet, a pantry and also a place to dry you clothes. The highest floor should be the fifth floor. There would be two sofa's . Each of you would have a study table with your own board. A single bed. A locker. And as far as I'm concern for now, all the furniture is in PINK colours girls :) 

If you're thinking about sports, Akasia offered you court badminton dalam Dewan Akasia. Banyak open court. And there's a park situated not far from Akasia. You can just walk there. 

For College in Seksyen 17. Usually you'll be having your own class here where lecturers come to the class. Nothing much different from the school. There would be airconds and fans inside a class. 3 cafe's ( For this time being, I preferred Blok W's cafe. A-level cafe ) , if you wanted to know more, use the Google search engine well people :p . Everyday, to go to the college, there would be buses accommodate from 7 am  for the kolej kediaman.

Back to the Kolej Kediaman . 

If you wish to hang out during weekends. Or even weekdays : No worries people. There would be TAXI. BUS. And KTM not far from here. That KTM will linked you to many places you wish to go. I've been to MidValley ( the most often one ) ( This one by KTM ) , Sunway Piramid ( This one it could be by taxi , bus or even KTM ) , Setia City Mall ( This one by bus. But its quite far ) . The Mines ( by KTM ) . KLCC ( by KTM and LRT )  Trust me you'll be learning this here :) . Not to forget Ole Ole ( by legs ) Mydin and Giant too ( by legs ) ahaha :p

From my personal view : Intec is a very convenient place to study . In some other ways, its important to secure yourself because its a place that you  were exposed to everything. The environment here, I mean you can see bright people that read early in the morning inside the bus. Whenever you;re standing inside the bus, people who sit , will offered themselves to hold what you're holding on that time.  

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