My personal statement - Law.

October 22, 2013

         So since I've send my application , I would like to share my personal statement here. Feel free to read through. Boleh dijadikan rujukan idea. InsyaAllah. And remember ! UCAS detect plagiarism :)

I am applying for law degree. And currently doing A-level law in Intec Education College. A subject combination of English Language , Law and Economics. AS History.

My personal statement .

            “If we are living in the world where eye is for an eye and tooth is for tooth, everyone in this world would become handicapped.”  This phrase really caught my eyes and made me think of the importance of the legal system. If everyone were to vindicate for themselves the wrong done to them, would we not then live in an unsafe and chaotic environment? Would the innocents not be victimized too?
            These thoughts led me to see the importance of the enforcement of law in a country. Coupled with my passion for justice and truth, law became my obvious choice of career. I would like to make sure the wrong are punished accordingly and the innocents are vindicated.
            However, the main driving force why I choose to do law is the demise of my beloved uncle. He was a victim of an accident. The driver of the car escaped with a minimal sentence. A dear life was lost due to his negligence and careless and all my uncle got was nothing that stands at his side. In my anguish and grief, I wanted the driver to pay with his life. Being young and naïve, that was how I view life. But later I know, taking the revenge itself is not how justice is being stood up.
            How can a young girl get justice for the meaningless loss of a good man?  So, I put my heart and soul into my studies, spurred on by the awareness that the only way to ensure justice is served by being a lawyer.  My efforts paid off. I was offered a government scholarship and accepted into A-levels, majoring in law.
            As I grow older, I develop a keen interest on how the political system works in my own country. Recently, in Malaysia, a well-known provision was made in our judiciary system that allows indefinite detention without trial. It is ‘The Emergency (Public Order and Crime Prevention) Ordinance’ which is commonly abbreviated as Emergency Ordinance (EO). This Ordinance which was established in the year 1969 was about to be abolished as it fails to curb the alarming crime rates. In my point of view, its abolishment is seen as a pure political move to please the majority in order to solidify Malaysia into a proper democratic and to respect the very basic aspect of liberty itself which guarantees freedom of movement.  However, the logic why the law exists almost about five decades before is because it’s needed to suppress the violence and prevent crimes involving violence. I believe its abolishment would later propagate more capital crimes; such as gangsterism because the process of detention needs proper warrant which will consume more time towards the enforcement bodies.  Somehow as it fails to meet its objective at the first place, the law should be subverted as there is no reasoning for the law to stay.  To think back from the other angle, it’s not about the ordinance, it’s the regulations and the enforcement of the law that should be given an attention here.  The system that regulated and enforced the law should be more efficient. It’s a two ways of interaction. No matter how good the statute was, if it’s conducted in wrong way, even if there is a new law to be replaced with, it will give the same effects.  
            It was in my high school years that I developed a love for debate and verbal exchange, which to me is an added advantage to my choice of career. I have actively involved myself in symposiums and debates such as Fully Residential School International Symposium (FRSIS) in which I was one of the 16 students who was awarded a gold certificate. I am one of the forum panel speakers for an international benchmark with Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College, Brunei Darussalam discussing leadership issues.

I believe a lawyer fights for noble causes, for truth and justice. It is not just any profession as a lawyer is an agent of change. I will put my heart and soul into my studies until such a time when I am in a position to be able to make the changes required for a better nation.

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