Quick update.

February 12, 2014

My last post was on the 30th of January , which was like 2 weeks ago. 

I miss ranting lots of stuff inside here. I've been going through hard phase - which I hardly admit its hard since I am blessed with lots more of good things surround me. It kept bugging inside my head - that I shouldn't let myself over think about something that will constantly make me feel sad. But at some points in life - I hardly help myself.

I never knew semester four would be this kind of hectic . At least for now and I know it'll be much more challenging in the future. The workloads were like constantly digging up - the fact that I procrastinate a lot maybe. I finally stick my senses - trials on march - so I started my revision days . Adding inside the research paper I've been doing for English . I really need some constant motivation now . Sebab sekarang nak nasihat diri sendiri terasa susah. Cry. 

I need a constant motivation now. 

I bothered myself too much. Thinking how I can fix something. But I couldn't. Thinking how much I've committed inside the friendship. Thinking how long I've been going through. But that couldn't heal anything. I bothered myself. I'll break once again. And again. Maybe 

I kept thinking - if I constantly act this way . And the other parties concern were happily enjoying their life. What the hell I AM DOING NOW. break. cry . break once again. 

Brace yourself najwa. Brace yourself. 

This is just like a fast update on hows my life doing now. Which I don't really know whats the purpose of doing this post. Purposeless . 

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