The senses.

February 15, 2014

Give your senses what they deserve. 

Have you every thought , that the eyes that He lent us was being lent to let you see good things? 

To see the beauty of the nature , the see how He's been creating the world as a place to live and share. For you to embrace some moments while it last  - but we're limiting the range of what the eyes supposed to value . You know you need to value the friendship but you tend to let your eyes see virtual things on the phone screen . 

I was reading my economics note and I've been deeply in love with Hazama's voice. But I find it hard when I fall deeply into the music , my mouth were mumbling trying to catch the lyrics and I was doing my economics. Your soul is not there together with you quenching the thirst of knowledge. Then I stop. So I played An-Nur recited by Mishary Al - Rashid . Then I stumbled upon myself - thinking on how bad I am - I am able to fall deeply and reciting the exact lyrics for tons of lovey dovey musics but I couldn't recite whats I've been reciting since I was young. 

Now that I know I've been such a jerk for not giving what my ears supposed to listened to. Music , badmouthing ... If ears were able to cry ... I've been in debt with my own senses for not able to give what they supposed to feel - see - hear - talk. 


Give your mouth the words it deserves to say . Zikr. Good words. Recital of Holy Quran. Have you ever thought , don't you pity yourself - after all these while , dia telah banyak menjadi fitnah bagimu di dunia. You spark a fight with words. You break a relation with the power of words. Why don't you make the words heal you. Speak good things - ask for forgiveness - recite Al-Quran . 

Ada masa kita perlu bagi ruang untuk anggota badan kita merasai hidup yang tenang. Bukankah apa yang Allah bagi ini merupakan satu pinjaman?

How would you feel when you lent someone an amount of money and you know - you notice - you acknowledge that , that one person had been using your money untuk benda benda yang haram. 

It ache right. Or not? 

Then do you ever thought yang Allah tu Maha Berkuasa dan melihat setiap saat - setiap minit - perbuatan hambanya - yang dilakukan dengan anggota anggota pinjaman-Nya. We must be piercing Him A LOT. 


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