Why Korean movie/drama?

February 17, 2014

I am not into K-pop wave - because I could never assimilate their dances and the songs. So because its too complicated for me to accept the related jargon regarding K-pop - I choose to set up a barrier and constantly saying no to blonde korean guys . Haha. 

But , I am into korean movie and drama's . So please , be able to distinguish both because it seems absurd to me whenever people says I am a k-pop fans but I AM NOTT. <-- ni pun nak rasa absurd lols najwa haha. 

I am not trying to downgrade the movies and dramas produced by local produces because I do watch some , sometimes. I was watching the seventh episode of Emergency couple last night - when I am sleepy - but I just can't resist the pressure of watching it. I know its worthless to cry over a role play - I know I'm being judged but yeah , I cried so what. Haha. 

I just love how the directors being able to show an accurate pace on how the love line starts , and you feels everything on how they start , how they're connected , and from the connections - how the story is being played. My favourite dramas and movie so far ( since I only keep dramas and movies I want to watch for times ) , Boys Over Flower , Secret Garden , 49 Days , Master Sun , I Hear Your Voice ,  Reply 1997 , Princess Hours , Miracle in Cell No 7 and for now , Emergency Couple. So basically its cliche sebenarnya , sebab biasanya a korean drama , will be fun at the first , then dia akan emotionally dragged in the middle , but thats how life works right , so cliche tak cliche , I still love on how they set up such a wonderful story . Though at certain points sebenarnya tak make sense for someone that able to see whats inside someone's mind or even see tons of hantu hantu berkeliaran , but it still make sense to me when it comes to " Aaaa patutlah dia camni camni at first , because they have the connections in between " 

Macam takde motif , tapi takpelah.  

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