Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk 2014 , Hope - Derbyshire

December 25, 2014

Above all in debt posts , I choose to write about PMS first ! Assalamualaikum and a pleasant day I bet to the eyes who're reading through. Moga ini memberi manfaat.

pre note :

One of the challenge I have masa nak tulis this post is the usage of wording like tarbiyah , da'wah ( educate and spreading knowledge ) , ghuzwatul fiqh ( serangan pemikiran ) , which I need to write it in better explanation to make the message sampai kepada yang sudi membaca. Sebab for those yang dah biasa with all the term will find it understandable without being explained tapi I know yang different people with different level of exposure come and go to my blog ( acah acah ada reader lima saat ) , and I guess that's challenging. Sebab the difficulty to understand the wording would somehow affect the reading .  If you happened to have questions on what these wording is all about , maybe you can note me down here or any places yang I'm kinda reachable , kalau satgi nak ketuk pintu rumah kat Kardipp pun I sedia membantu. mih mih mih.

The original idea on why I choose to go to this camp because I was attracted with this idea of spending your winter break in camps which UK offers me with various of camps and basically with these choices , obviously la kan kena pilih satu. ( kewangan tidak mengizinkan nak langgar tiga camp sekaligus - sambil main biola tepi jalan ) .

I personally masa awal awal macam tak clear dengan pengisian PMS. or even the jaulah ( travelling ) before PMS , note that , PMS is Perhimpunan Musim Sejuk. I can say macam membuta tuli jugak masa apply nak join , and we're ( my housemates ) were in the waiting lists and memang awal awal dah cakap , kalau rezeki , insyaAllah Allah mudahkan jugak jalan nak pergi and beri peluang untuk pergi , which kalau tak dapat pun , bukan jodoh. Kot. Kira macam the urge to join tak di tahap eager gila. Ketahuilah saya tidak berperasaan sangat sejak sejak winter break , sebab tengok luar rumah banyak rumah dah kosong semua balik hometown masing masing , dan secara tidak langsung ini sangat menganggu emosi seorang Anis Najwa. To say that I want to make myself better as the original niat pun macam tidak. I just feel like going sebab nak the experience and why not kan?

But as time goes by , bila dah datang the camp , through slots , I know what I exactly want. Frankly , I acknowledge apa yang berlaku in the society , on how sad we could be , how we allowed ourselves to be influenced by the world agendas to ruin the good personality a good Individu muslim shall have. I've been attending such camps since sekolah like almost every year and still , I know diri ni belum sampai tahap nak bawa perubahan lahiriah ( physically ) .

Despite being in denial dengan hati yang separuh terbuka , I know , sebenarnya what I love about the camp is the surrounding. I ponder yang orang yang datang camp ni adalah orang orang yang choose to be there , because to be there you have to sacrfice your money , your time , perhaps your sleeping time berhibernasi seperti beruang di bawah duvett .  And certainly no one was forced to be there , even me myself . Because at the first place masa nak sign up for the camp , I consented my participation and I have the choice to decline . Tapi memang Allah dah susun , yang Anis Najwa did spent her 4 days of winter break dekat PMS. And what I could say , saya rasa sangat bersyukur. Like sangat sangat !

I reminded myself for countless of times , this is a circle of people yang nak seek to be better , as a believer , as the one who practice the religion thoroughly , so I know these sets of people would somehow positively affect my life. Sebab I always love he quote yang kalau kita berkawan dengan orang yang jual minyak wangi insyaAllah wangi tu akan ada pada kita nak jugak sebaliknya.

Through my four days there , all of us we're trying to seek the hero in us. The theme is also about seeking " Heroes in You " . You know that its not a five second searching untuk tahu the heroes in you. As for me , I've acknowledge hero hero yang once upon a time had bring Islam to the very peak masa zaman khalifah dulu instead of making all those superman batman dan kawan kawan sebagai icon superheroes ( well mungkin aku manusia yang attracted to these characters so I don't really see them as heroes since kecik )  . As for myself , I acknowledge my parents and my families as my heroes as for me how I define a hero , is someone who're able to change , from the least perspective to the biggest change in someone's life , or taking it up to the next level , changing the society as a whole like what Rasulullah had done in the past years along with the lines of great sahabat. 

I frankly love the last slot of the camp which mainly discussing ways to be a hero , because I'm living in the society yang partially dah sedar whats happening and often question , sebenarnya apa yang aku boleh buat? Because to see myself speaking up to any united nations in the world to stop genocides in the middle east countries ( is something that I can never see ) , what I can say , even after the disastorous surrounding we're leaving , kita ditinggalkan dengan persoalan , 

sebenarnya , apa yang aku boleh buat?

dan blank untuk seketika. Was it normal / cruel to be that blank ? I guess its written yang human do meet points yang mana dia keliru nak buat apa sebenarnya because dulu by the time the first wahyu turun pada Rasulullah , Baginda pun menggeletar and bingung taktahu nak buat apa as mentioned in ( 93 : 7 - Surah Ad-Dhuha ) . But did he stop there? The answer is no. Because if by the time the very first ayat Quran turun and Baginda Rasulullah saw terus berselimut dan menggeletar , and choose to not do anything , perhaps , kita yang Muslim sejak lahir ni , tak tersampai tarbiyah agama pada kita. Even kita mungkin bukan Islam sejak lahir. Because he took the responsibility and spread the dakwah , we , shall be the one yang appreciate it and bukan setakat menghargai , tapi hidup as a muslim in and out , bukan hanya pada nama. 

For someone who I never met , knowing you through the history , the hardships you're going through to educate people in jahiliyyah ( bodoh , berpecah belah , sesat ) , I know I am now in that phase even untuk educate diri sendiri untuk keluar dari jahiliyyah pun rasa berat ( menangis ) and here I am , merasakan ada tanggungjawab dalam diri sendiri untuk educate the people surround me , yang mungkin bila dia baca through this line , dia pun boleh rasa the little spark in them , yang dia pun shall educate people to be close to the religion , to not just know saya Islam tapi tak deeply know what Islam is all about. 

So sebenarnya after lines of explanation , still apa yang kita boleh buat? 

Tarbiyah. Kita kena baca dan sampaikan. Dan I'm currently doing one of the component tarbiyah , which 1.Membaca dan menyampaikan ( I'm delivering what I get from the camp ) , 2. Membersihkan and lastly 3. Mengajarkan pedoman. 

Sepanjang program jugak , there's this one slot I don't really remember the whole slot is all about tapi what attracted me is how someone can read through Al-Quran and understand the wording through arabic phrases instead just baca terjemahan. Which it hits me hard sebab dulu rasa berat sangat nak belajar Bahasa Arab Tinggi and never once I use that knowledge untuk understand tafsir. Sebab ada satu ayat tu , the ustaz mentioned about penggunaan huruf 'Lam' dan 'nun' mati untuk menunjukkan ayat itu ayat penegasan dari Allah , because He used both huruf to show the serious intention in the ayat Quran itself. ( which frankly I am amazed sebab I know yang dulu pernah je belajar benda benda ni dan tak take serious pun the importance of knowing how to understand Al-Quran through what I learned ) 

Thats serba sedikit what I got from the camp. I couldn't recall what hits me the most tapi sepanjang dekat sana , one thing  , I feel glad to be surrounded by people yang boleh randomly distribute an answer book to common questions asked by non muslim sewaktu kita dah lay down on our bed dan menyerahkan diri diserang serangan dunia seperti scroll timeline instagram dan twitter ( jatuh berdebuk seperti nangka figuratively ) , yang mengingatkan untuk baca Al-Mulk before tidur sebab last slot that night tak include Al-Mulk , yang ajak Mathurat atas train sebab sepanjang camp all of us dididik dengan adanya Mathurat pagi petang. Which I personally dah rasa all this good feeling masa JOM dulu and I'm kinda expect the same kind of surrounding yang buat kita feel at ease. Yang give us virtual messages yang everyoneeeeee there semua , not even sorang left out , semuaaaaaa nak jadi baik. I don't need to define baik sebab dia mengikut indicator masing masing , if someone is able to cover her aurah dari tudung 1 cm menutupi dada ke 2 cm menutupi dada - or membiasakan diri membaca Mathurat part ulang 3x , or even kepada sekecil kecil niat untuk berubah ke arah kebaikan , me myself note that as baik . 

The surrounding termasuk the place itself was beyond beautiful dia punya tenang , sebab dia terletak di kawasan yang sangat kecil dan comel bersama biri biri yang sangat banyak. And its very windy with rains bersama coverage internet yang sangat rendah ( which this is kinda helpful because less distraction you'd have) and eventually you'll be ditching down your gadjets and started to know people in real life ; sambil bertanya " Awak dari mana? " " Nama siapa eh? " dan tak kurang juga ayat seperti " Eh macam pernah nampak awak ni " dan juga ayat fanclub * kipas angin di tangan * " awak comellah najwa " berguling seperti anak panda. 

I guess for those yang bakal baca this thing ( which might include the AJK's, kakak fasilitator , mungkin juga orang sebelah yang duduk masa sharing atau pun kakak yang tidur katil atas - okay kita mention jugak all the 160+- ( plus or less ) , I'm sorry kalau mungkin ada mana mana benda yang tak tersampai message atau pun terkhilaf sana sini on delivering , atau mungkin nampak diri ni tak bersemangat sepanjang camp , atau pun kelihatan seperti rebellious monster , atau pun kelihatan seperti manusia yang tak bercakap atau juga creepy , maaf dipinta. Its been such a great opportunity to meet you guys , to be included in this good surrounding , the hospitality is beyond perfect from the very beginning , the places , THE FOODS ! , the people , semoga Allah merahmati usaha usaha kalian semua. 

Ketahuilah I got more than what I wrote down here. Hidup ni macam adaptasi novel jadi filem , banyak little details left behind but for those who read / know , knows that its inside the story / me. Camtuuuu haha. Jzzk sisters ! 

Lets include some of the pictures I took there. Seperti biasa tidak mengikut turutan.

at Hope train station , with hope the program would change something in me ( masa baru sampai ) - baju juga banyak kali diulang pakai kerana ketiadaan washing machine miahaha.

during talks. 

Yes , saya nak !

najwa excited because she looks like one of my batchmate haha. May Allah ease your project kakak !

I never know ferroro rocher ( tah camno nak eja ) could be sweeter with the comfort dedications awwww. * wink eyes *

closing ceremony.

the sisters najwa drama tetengah mohon disepuk.

our dormitories , Mews 14. Antara benda yang make me feel so good here. ! Thanks Kak Syaf , Amelia , Farah , Kak Fizah , Yasmin , Nabila , Aina Zamirahhh , Kak Syawal , Kak Shashu :**

seeking the heroes in us !

meet my SBPI Selandar mates ! Ain. Najwa. Kak Tiqa.


Anis kuasa dua. I met Kak Anis masa JOM dulu and still masih excited jumpa kak Anis sebab dia orang Melaka jugak weheehe.

with kak Beilaaa, our dearest camp commander. Wahah sebab pernah dah jumpa kak beila before ni masa usrah , so rasa macam yeay rapat dengan camm com ( takde kaitan hahaha )

Meet Ajlaa , my no choice but to meet her everyday hahaha housemate.

meet Faez , kakak Fazi ( junior debate dulu ) . Lols its like meeting Fazi in Faez , sebab macam lebih kurang sama haha.

hello goats ! adios

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