Berkongsi mungkin membahagiakan.

May 19, 2015

I was in the midst of revision while tetiba popped out dalam otak nak sort out souvenirs nak bawak balik Malaysia , sort out benda benda yang dah beli sepanjang travel winter and spring dulu. Of course menjadi manusia yang banyak khilaf , banyak lupa , plus tak buat notes zzz I left out many people from my lists. 

* escaping from the revision *

And tadi mula put into notes for whom this stuff should be for , for this person nak bagi apa , for this person nak provide apa , and plus the financial plans. Deng people might say weh lama lagi kau nak balik ( its 26 days today till Malaysia Here I Come ) , tapi yeah I usually plan my financial like months earlier plus alhamdulillah siap dah calculation expectation expenditure for second year.( semangat haha ) , takdelah , aku tahu aku jenis manusia yang tak berapa nak cermat dengan duit , I overtimes overspent pastu menangisi poket sendiri , though aku tak boleh nak janji I follow hundred percent my plan but this was to make myself aware with my money flowing in and out. Lagi lagi duit yang insyaAllah sekarang aku dapat ni amanah from people back in Malaysia , people pay taxes to support our studies here , and for what reasons I may recklessly use the money en? 

so masa sort out Malaysian Money tadi ( this is for dekat Malaysia nanti ) , yeah certainly I kept an amount of money untuk dibawak balik Malaysia , sebab aku kadang rasa macam it seems unfair I'm living a good life when maybe my adik beradik struggling with minimal money usage , I understand that I came from an average family financially but insyaAllah kaya dengan values agama and morals insyaAllah . Maybe for some people choose to save their money in UK's account because they have like stable financial usage back in Malaysia , not to say that I don't have one but I always want to make my siblings or anyone around me to feel the blessings too , maybe to tick some of their craving list. Nayyy I know that feeling having that one top-craving tapi takleh nak tick sebab you need to prioritize whats important first. Sebab bagi aku , berkongsi mungkin membahagiakan , bukan mungkin, tapi insyaAllah membahagiakan. 

Aku teringat dulu masa apply for scholarship ( mungkin cerita yang tak berapa masuk dengan tajuk but yeah hahah ) , instead of thinking pursuing studies overseas , aku lebih berfikir to ease my parents burden , aku melalui fasa mohon privately for University dekat Mesir for pharmacy , and seeking for financial supports from various private companies and hospitals , I was naive at that time , aku random hantar emails to many companies and some did reply me and channelkan the conversation to relevant departments. Not that I know aku jelas dengan apa yang aku buat time tu . My parents played part as well , pergi pejabat zakat to see whether they can provide me with any financial support with my missing one A ( when most of the places requires 8A's to apply for any supports available ) , dan dari situ aku mula untuk menerima dan belajar yang , kalau if its meant for me , Allah surely ease that way for me , and looking at almost half sejuta punya pharmacy courses over the sea that time , with six siblings yang semua tengah belajar , I guess it wasn't meant to be. Sikit pun sebenarnya takde rasa terkilan tu , sebab lepas SPM actually banyak ajar aku untuk assimilate dalam kepala yang rezeki tu rahsia Allah. 

Many times kita kena ajar diri yang selalu ada rezeki orang lain dalam rezeki kita. And kita kena ingat yang rezeki tu tak tertakluk pada duit semata , rezeki include your understanding in something , your wisdom towards something , or any kelebihan yang kau ada , even kekurangan is indeed rezeki , but the illustration maybe selalu berbentuk financial.  Like giving coins dekat orang yang duduk dekat pasar ke. Tolak tepi isu tipu ke sindiket ke apa , sebab bila kita nak bagi , bagi je , isu sindiket tipu ke segala bagai tu urusan dia dengan Dia. InsyaAllah tak rugi bersedekah. Dan berkongsi ni sekali lagi tak tertakluk pada duit semata , berkongsi ilmu juga membahagiakan. Kadang aku sangat suka bila masuk satu situasi where someone wanted help to clarify on certain issues , tak kisahlah bentuk ilmiah ke masalah ke , aku sangat suka seekkan jawapan for that matter sebab indirectly it seems beneficial to you and the very least , kongsi bahu virtually , kongsi pandangan baca whatssap pepanjang en. Because after all , later in akhirat your anggota badan would be the one yang do the talking part , and wasn't it a good feeling bila tangan kita kata , dulu tangan ni selalu korek purse dia bagi syiling dekat si polan si polan , mulut ni selalu bagi nasihat baik baik dekat orang. 

Even the act of sharing good vibes of words , kongsi potongan ayat Allah , like how delightful it feels like to came across that words , and maybe apa yang kau rasa tu , bila kau kongsi , dia punya kesan refleksi sama pada yang membaca. And at the same time , ( like magic ) , somebody out there mungkin tadi dia fikir no one understands him / her , tapi tetiba baca your thoughts yang you share somewhere on your fb / twitter / insta walls ke kan , he or she might feel like there's more reasons to stay alive because somebody out there understands him / her , pernah sama sama duduk in the same shoes , and overtimes , berkongsi insyaAllah membahagiakan

Maybe that's why I blog. Because I want to share. Mungkin ada masa its for myself to reflect so later aku akan look back and mungkin gelak sendiri , like I've been there , in that tough position , so anything ahead insyaAllah He'll ease through. 

Tadi aku baca balik emails , yea banyak from strangers asking mostly about INTEC , and adalah some people came up with their personal thoughts and problems , which sebenarnya blog ni a very good medium for me to connect with strangers , and indirectly knowing more people yang incredibly sangat baik , because usually at the very end of the long and shorts essay , most of them will say " Good luck akak " or " Good luck awak " or " Saya doakan akak berjaya " , these people you never meet in real life , ( I met some of them in real life after connected through mails heee ) , yang cuma came across your alam maya yang mungkin menipu banyak ( like me banyak cakap dalam blog ) ( in real life ... MASIH BANYAK BERCAKAP WHY hahhaha ) , people give prayers , and these prayers insyaAllah jadi sebab for the blessings I'm blessed with today. 

So berkongsilah apa jua cara  , insyaAllah membahagiakan :)
dan insyaAllah , berkongsi tak pernah membuatkan kita kurang , miskin or anything , BECAUSE , GOOD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU SHARE :)

sumber image : The Google who shares a lot. 

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