Episode 18.7 - That 10k better be worth it ! ( it will insyaAllah ameen )

July 18, 2016

ITS MY MUM'S BIRTHDAY TODAY ! She's 47 today . This morning while I was getting my baju kurung from the sofa - sofa sounds soft - its hard kerusi kayu jati hahah , I whispered to her " Happy Birthday " then she replied furiously " Eh takde ibu nak sembahyang tak siap apa lagi " And I was like " Ey whut? " 'Oh she must be mistaken that I need her help to iron my clothes hahahahha lols I would never do that , to my mom . " Akak kata Happy Birthday la " sambil terkekek kekek masuk bilik. And there she was , smiling. 

Happy birthday ibu :)

One of the night in summer :)
Did I ever told you I was contemplating over my decision to do CLP, Certificate of Legal Practice after I graduate ( yeah ini cerita lagi setahun punya lag ) . And it was merely because of the fees. Almost or beyond 10K which for now I don't have any choices but to use my savings ( in fact part of my saving was meant for it ) and of course as time goes by , your savings are meant to be used for things like houses and car. I'm not that into cars and I'm now working on conveyancing , I've been looking at houses and what I see was beyond the build and bricks , I see cash flows. 

But not till I had a conversation with my boss earlier , its my second time meeting her and this time our conversation was more into legal world kind of conversation , because the first time I met her was few days ago when she invited the staff for raya feast. Neither we have so much time to talk to each other. I was exceptionally sleepy after lunch hour and Tuhan sahaja yang tahu gimana perasaannya bertelagah sama syaitan yang bermain konda kondi di mataku hahaahhahaha kau cuba bayang sikit syaitan main konda kondi haha. Not till I heard the sound of the door upstairs opened , I'm so glad it makes noises hahaha so I can detect someone is coming downstairs , after seconds of checking on the voices , it was the lawyers and guess what I'M ALL WIDE AWAKE HEY WHATS SLEEPY HUH.

Back to the conversation earlier , I did mentioned to her that I was contemplating over my decision to do CLP but she said , " Having a law degree there without a CLP , its like you're not getting the honours " , that short kind of phrase I shall keep inside my mind , and my decision is solid now. I'm going to do the CLP despite on how hard it may sound or how absurd it may be. So that 10k better be worth it - I shall say this thousand times to myself either. Get your head straight. Make it as your capital gain. ( in a long term ) ( sedapkan hati hahaha ) ( excuse me we're talking about 10k here thank you )

We're also discussing what area of law I'm keen into , and my passion was and forever will be in criminal area. Though currently I'm stuck with conveyancing. In case you don't know what conveyancing is - its an area of law where you dealt with property - how you buy houses , how you apply for loans and it involves numbers , which I don't really favour. I had this one special insecurities for land law and thats what I've been talking about since my pre-exam days , and I got my result last few weeks , I scored second best for land law , its a 2:1 and I was so surprised. Just like how I loathe contract law during my first year , I scored a 2:1 for that paper either. Though I was into criminal , evidence and criminal paper show either way. I guess I'm better off with technical things? Or I shouldn't let my papers define what I like and dislike. Or what , help me to decide.

And soon I'll have two motivational camps , well I hope I may facilitate well , my last facilitating role was in March . Ey no last was in June , during the Ramadhan camp. Got some overlapping events and a really tight schedule , with the thoughts that I shall travel somewhere , I guess my End of July and Early of August will be packed . Well at least I'm doing something beneficial to the community during summer. This time around a more formal I can say. Above all , wish me luck ! I need to keep myself awake after work so I can help my brothers with revisions. But that one is a real struggle ( emoticon ngantuk satu bubble )

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