Just some little updates

September 27, 2016

Still got many traffics for the US , I'm wondering why . It scares me , a bit haha

Got myself a pair of sketchers today , which I never thought of having one. But the shoes I bought last week ( its permissible to get another pair since its 80% off the original price and its considered cheap £12 for a waterproof shoes , and just got a chance to try it ) ( doing some justification here ) biting my foot , and I'm literally tortured all the way from the house to the city. Not giving a long thought of getting a new one ( moreover on the price )  since my foot are in need of a comfy shoes asap.

I went for a weekend retreat last weekend , which we called it daurah. And its a program , more like a training program of becoming a more proactive person of spreading dakwah and basically a platform to make you a better you , because some of the points touched things like how to improve your human - human relationship. Got to acquire some skills isn't it?

lama dah tak main ulat ni haha

I shall start to translate a letter for my sister. Adios.

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