Perhaps its Allah's best tarbiyah

September 15, 2016

I lost my Nokia phone , my second Nokia phone , again. 

Did I told you I have this one purple Nokia phone , my first first-hand hand phone. Though I bought a smarter kind of phone two years back , I still bring the phone to the UK , mainly as a second phone to place my Malaysia simcard and basically its for a perfect escape ( music plus the battery last for like five days ) and recently ( a month ago ) , I lost it and never intend to search for it ( again ) since the simcard inside it was deactivated months ago , still  , it saddens me because its the first phone I had , for like four years and now its gone. 

Long story cut short , I browsed Lazada for a new second phone ( still opting for Nokia because of the battery ) , bought it at a really good price with all the specs I'm looking for and yeah , I lost it again. 


Guess what , this summer , I was such a careless person. I misplaced all important things , my Mi phone , search for it high and low for like 8 hours , misplaced it like for many times , with the silent mode on ( mari gelakkan diri sendiri ) , I misplaced my purse ( with a lot of money inside there ) , it turns out my mom as usual , kept it somewhere and enjoyed my miseries ( you guys should see how good she is with acting ) . I did lost some pounds ( both weight and currency wakaka ) too , and I am not bothered to trace it back 

and each time I lost my stuff , I'll be like

random Kalsom memories

Takpelah , nantilah jumpa 
Takpelah , nanti Allah ganti dengan benda yang lebih baik 

( dan masih menangis di sebalik keredhaan itu )
( apakah itu redha ) ( mungkin untuk meREDhAkan perasaan * read meredakan perasaan haha * ) 

so back to the second Nokia , lost it with a really good RM 3.00 earphone sobs. There's an actual issue for it , which is the UK simcard in it and the MUSICS

The main reason why I searched for the phone is to acquire the simcard , but guess what , things solved since its pretty easy to do sim swapping ( I took one unused sim from Haziqah last week ) . So I don't need the phone anymore ( though I badly want it for the musics ) . Main issue solved. 

Next , the musics , the lovely playlist I put effort it to search and download it ,  I never thought of detaching from musics , since I am not even an avid listener to headbanging musics , neither the new released. But I had this one constant playlist and its one of my way of escaping ( the reality , and its just my way to get swayed away by my emotions alone ) . Its not that listening to music is bad , but knowing how I really want to be a better person , I need to ditch it. This thing had been constantly inside my mind since I heard about a story of a sister , who used to attach herself 24/7 with musics , but the moment when she decided to change herself , she deleted all possible ways for her to get connected to musics.

And , My Mi phone is clean from musics , or any musics apps , simply because of the limited storage. I am that storage kiasu who can't tolerate 2.00 gb left in your phone. 

 Considering my main issue solved , and I experienced the same thing twice , I guess that's Allah's way to tarbiyah me , to detach myself from it. And perhaps by loosing it is Allah's best tarbiyah he offered since I don't see myself doing any physical damage on it , I don't throw a fit when I am angry , I am just an excellent careless person and I just need to teach myself untuk bersangka yang baik baik pada Allah. 

Now , its two days before departing back to my second home. I will miss my loads summer programs and now I am back , kicking the reality. 

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