Weeeeeeird keywords

May 06, 2014

Well hello. For the past few weeks , I checked my keyword search for the blog and it got weirder that people are searching for stuff like

this had been inside the draft for a week and I am kinda lost in the middle , post acah acah hotstuff haha. 

Annnazari ( my tweethandle )  sakit .
theanisnajwa words and hugs sooth
annnazari hugs
theanisnajwa love thingy.
theanisnaja sakit.
theanisnajwa overly attached.

and just what. And WHY?

And yang lain tu adalah pasal alevel intec , jpa intec , interview mara and stuff.

Okay this may sounds like , kau dah pehal nak market diri sendiri dalam blog woi. Don't get me wrong though you have the right to get me wrong and just continue your thoughts I don't really mind . haha marilah kita menjawab segala persoalan di atas supaya less weird keywords appeared.

SO - sakit? Hm alhamdulillah buat masa ni masih sihat . Masih mampu menarik nafas oxygen and releasing CO2 in return. Sakit virtually sebab nak finals. Which sebenarnya takdelah sakit mana pun ( exegeratting yawws ) , masih di bawah lembahyung rahmat Allah.

Keyword yang repeated for many times are Annnazari / theanisnajwa WORDS AND HUGS SOOTH.

Kah kah jap bagi guling guling jap. why in this world people seek for this aiyo. idk if all these while my words sooth as well as my hugs. You want any soothing words from me? I complicate most people most of the time , so idk if to people my complicated words sooth. Ceyt apa bunyi ayat ni. Lets meet in person and lets talk. or whatssap. or any medium you can find mmy words are soothing or complicating your head. Miahahah. 

Hugs sooth? So far my mom's and my dad's hugs sooth the most . Try hugging your parents frequently , there's always this one magical sprinkles or anything that makes your heart feels at ease. Hugging the people that have been showered you with tons of happiness ( and money / all sorts of investments on you ) and care more than anyone else.

So since the keywords still appear this week , by mean , some still seeking for it. So I guess I am answering anyone who wanted to see all this hugs , soothing words. Ke?

P/S : and btw , to a girl , I am not so sure who but it happened that I followed your blog and saw some of your writing is copying my words. I am not that upset but I feel a bit reluctant , because its my words that you're using. If you're reading through , its nice if you mention it to me first , though you changed it to your perspective. 

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