Finally an A Levels survivor !

June 23, 2014

Okay the tittle sounds like me battling with lions and tigers in the jungle and finally survived , alive. haha. Well not really , its just a tense battle between your motor skills , the knowledge and a piece of paper. 

Well basically this post will be a combination of pictures and some captions , all the way from 1st of July 2012 to 19th of June 2014. And basically its my posts - statuses from facebook , at this moment I would like to thank Mark Zuckerberg for having new inventions such as making timeline from the past years easily accessible - boleh lah nampak diri sendiri bertambah matang dari ejaan dax dax rempitzzzz kepada ejaan yang diterima manusia sejagat. Wahahahambar sangat diri ini sekarang . Lols. 

Now lets start.

I'm planning to get some of the details before I went to INTEC , which tak banyak dalam facebook , because I'm kinda ranting inside my blog. Ni zaman belum tukar url blog. Uhuks. 

exactly its not university but facebook doesn't seems to provide any preparatory college label. 

semester satu je rajin ambik gambar gambar macam ni. 

Habis dah semester 1. - more details would be the blog post , time interval July - November 2012.

Ni  motif dia nak tunjuk packing untuk semester 2 je. I guess masuk semester 4 dah takde gambar cemni T.T

Nampak sangat dah mengurangkan masa bersama media sosial , well semester 2 is kinda hectic to me . Because I have math and math is torturing my life literally. Though people might just judge me and say , ini semua alasan semata - well you can continue with the judgement I don't really care. 

But certainly , I am just not good with numbers , with math that need extra care - extra exercises , plus with my slow adaption towards statistic , plus the inside me were so rebellious towards numbers. I face a real downturn when I did tons and tons tons tons of exercises and still score Cacing kerawit , duniaku tiba tiba menjadi gelap gelita. haha

It was in semester 3 that I finally got a grip about myself , my current performances on my academics and I took a decision to drop math. ( my dad is a math teacher and certainly he probably don't favour my decision this time around ). How I drop those cosine and all ? It was during the Math / Statistic first class if I am not wrong - the moment I got my second semester's paper - I suddenly stood up and say I wanted to go out from the class and meet my program coordinator , Madam Lili. 

And that's it. I made a letter ehew. Siaaaaap. 

Well semester 3 sebenarnya banyak belajar benda benda baru macam went through IELTS , LNAT , university application from A - Z. 

Masa ni I still remember its crucial dealing with those , sebab the schedule is kinda mixing here and there , I doubt myself for thousand times , boleh ke lalu ni , boleh ke buat ni , I can cry all night after telling my mum - Akak penat. 

Tapi , no matter how I much I whine pun , still I need to go through the things , which satu je jadi source kekuatan , which is with Allah's will. And looking at where I am sitting now , meeting the end of June of 2014 , I can say I finally make it ( weeeeeeeeeeho )

Well the caption really tell huh. 

Jang jang janggggg ! Nak masuk semester 4 dah wee wee. Time ni macam percaya tak percaya , akhirnya berjumpa dengan semester akhir di intec. 

Did I cherish those valuable moment? Certainly I did. I guess. 

This was after trials I bet. Ye kot. Haha. Finally graduated. Intec's graduation is yet so simple and fast I can say . Still it's meaningful for me - though masa ni macam baru rehat hadap hectikus trial ( sebab bila tengok jadual two weeks paper hari hari ada , gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rasanya )

So ni dah masuk fasa terakhir , usaha dua tahun bakal dihamburkan atas kertas. Well some of the papers ada yang macam tak sedap je rasa bila dah habis , tapi nak buek camno , redho ajelah. Haha sounds mak jemah. But to end with good feelings with my law paper 2, its kinda. Satisfying. 

13th of May - 19th of June. 

exactly gambar ni ambik before paper Law 2 , few hours before the paper. Wahahaha. Takde kerja nak patah balik blok Alevel semata mata nak ambik gambar ni pukul 7 malam. After 3 hours , 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm , not to mention the energy used from 8.00 am - finally Alevel melabuhkan tirainya , at least for me. Ehew. 

So here , I could include some pictures of my post Alevels activities. Some was before Alevels ends though. Haha. And some random photos. Not in order so yeah ( nampak sangat kan malas tu haha )

I made an album . Which chua bagi last few months. 

Random places in intec / akasia view from my room

legendary Cafe .  Kafe Alevel. With good ayam and good fried cendawan. Wonderful food. Certainly a good price :) and very mesra alam makcik makcik :)

kucing Alevel , my friend call him bobby but I prefer stokin. Hahaha tengok mukaaa malas nak layan. 

 though I may not want to sit for Alevels once again but I'll be missing this place. * Alevels square *

Intec library. 

my law lecturer , Madam Nad . She's been helping me through this path and thanks for the knowledge. A short thanks probably never be enough :')

my awwessssomeeeee nerds. Literally nerd. 

me with two aina :)

konon macam candid wakakaka

ini gaya perempuan 20 tahun yang pathethic. ic ic ic. 

Felai efem troopers. They really cheer us up after going through a noon police road block with the hot steaming taxi I swear that should be my last time there with taxi 

 The Seoul Garden. Probably the only reason why it must be Setia City Mall. Haha

my prits ajlaa on the ug floor. haha. But seriously the toilets make me dizzy with all the mirrors.

Aina Zamirah with her forever obsession for How to Train Your Dragon.

ni bukan sebab obses. Ni sebab nak gambar wahaha, introducing Nurul Nasuha.

Thank you girls. 

Aliatul Athirah with her foreverrrrrrrrrrr obsession for Cantonese movies. Dia nak Jay Chou pandang dia haha. Lols pakai letak je nama Jay Chou najwa luls.

the girls were tolerating our obsession for Remy Ishak ( me ) and Beto ( Ainaa ) 

Idk but toilet pictures are always the must. See this is by coincidence, both wearing polka dots shirt. haha

my sources of happiness :")

attempt to take good photo with the water show but certainly its veghy hard I tell you. 

Yeti versi Nasuha.

my clumsy best mate . Ainaa Mazelin. 

Can't you tell? Its me hahaha and I really bought that. Good price , post Alevel treat haha

So yeah. Habis dah Alevel. And truth to be told , its kinda awkward living after Alevels , dah takde apa nak study. Sounds poyo pehal minah ni , but yeah I am so serious. Kbye.

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