#RoadToUK Visa Application – TB / Tuberculosis test.

June 13, 2014

So Hello , since I’ve been getting lots of questions about this , I would like to share the experience with you guys so your route would be easier later . Last Wednesday  , between my Alevels finals , while dealing with papers , between the gap I went to do the TB test for UK visa application.

And ramai tanya , visa kan buat lepas result awat buat sekarang? Yes, memang visa buat after result , but in order to do the visa , there's some procedures you need to go through and one of them is this tb test.  The reason was , last time JPA suruh hantar medical check up on 29th of June – the only reason why I did the tb test early was because I taknak buat chest xray twice ( which this is not good to be done banyak kali in a period of six months ) ditambah dengan visa only recognized 5 centres in Malaysia to do the TB test. 

You can visit this link : Tuberculosis test  ( they provide the address / how to contact the clinics )

and as you can see ( if you've read through the link ) ,  only 2 places yang kinda reachable which is in KL . First , I wanted to do the test in Ampang , but the thing about the centre in Ampang was dia kena ada appointment done . So I tried to call the Life Care Centre in Bangsar. Walk in – first come first serve basis. 

What  did I do in sequence before the TB test ?

First I renewed my passport  * sebab TB test pakai passport * ( everything done in between the gaps - I did mine in UTC Melaka , the service was like so fast and I love it ) , I brought along the JPA letter ( discount letter for the 5 years period ) for the passport , so you'll only pay RM 150.00 . Next buat this TB test and soon medical check up. 

What to bring? What to prepare? ( this applies to all centres ) 

I sarankan untuk call dulu tempat tu , which they need appointments or not . This is untuk elakkan kesusahan dan kerenyahan urusan anda.

A passport ( I am not really sure about the tempoh hidup dia ) – a passport sized photo ( the white background – some people said it was grey but to play in the safe side , white would be okay ) -  your address in UK ( including the postcode ). Lets just say tak dapat accommodation lagi , your university address would be okay.

Mungkin ada yang tanya – what if kita bagi alamat firm university tapi later dapat insurance? This one I heard from a friend that it can be changed. But I am not really sure about this sorry.

How to get there? In my case , its Life Care Medical Centre , Bangsar South.

I went there with my classmate by car , which Google Map really help. Tapi personally looking at the area there , its quite easy to go with public. Which naik LRT turun dekat Stesyen Universiti. And its just a walking distance of 10 minutes perhaps ( mungkin sebab naik kereta nampak dekat ) . Kalau naik kereta , mungkin jugak dari federal highway is much more easier? ( well don’t ask me this because apparently I am not that good with the roads in KL , too many highways , Melaka tu AMJ punya lebuh raya pun belum habis hafal )

Landmark dia , from the centre I can see Menara TM . So kalau nak cari dia area area situ gak. Best is to study the map / jalan / GPS before going there. I went there in the morning , very early in the morning , like in 8.00 something.

What to do there?

When you arrived there, first pergi dekat Ground Floor. Dekat receptionist tu dia akan terangkan what to do – which basically they’re very particular about the form. Kena capital letters – takde bin / binti for Muslim . No worries they provide examples – the third forms ( after salah isi dua borang yang awal ) they charged you RM 1.00. Note that the form later would be your certificate for visa application which last for 6 months.

Next after dah settle everything at the Ground floor – pergi ke first floor. Dekat situ , like in other places , take your number – nanti dia panggil semua – settle the payment.

How much eh?

Everything cost RM210.00. Note that RM210.00 is WITHOUT the xray film and the report. So since I’ve stated earlier I don’t want to do this xray things twice , I requested for the film and report ( RM 40.00) – so total semua RM 250.00

What they do?

The only thing yang dia akan buat is to take a chest xray and a very short meet dengan the doctor ( which memang kejap gilos amigos , dia tanya things like , pernah buat tattoo kea pa ke which no worries kalau takde TB punya sejarah , insyaAllah okay je ) . No TB shots and all.

Berapa lama nak siap result dia?

Earlier when I emailed the one yang dekat Ampang tu , they said the result is within 3 days. For Bangsar ,  I am not sure , earlier reception cakap dapat in 2 hours , bergantung pada bilangan orang yang ada. Mine, I got it within an hour sebab awal pagi and maybe buat awal , so tak berapa nak ramai. Idk , if time passes by it’ll get busier.

Here's an addition to the post from a friend of mine , credit : Hazim Ikhwan I bet he's more accurate in exploring things and giving the details about how to reach there by traffic and what to do there. Have fun :)

Here you go :

Oh yaaa not to forget waktu operasi for the Life Care Centre ( for this tb test ).

Monday to Friday : 8.00 am to 3.00 pm
Weekend : 8.00 am to 11.00 am 
* note that this differ according to centres * 

So if you have anything to ask , feel free to ask me.  InsyaAllah akan ditolong. No worries , other visa application would be done after result. InsyaAllah Allah permudah urusan. If its meant to be , it would be. Have faith people. If you're reading through this line, pray for my last paper . Doakan lepas semua , mudah urusan. Thanks :) 

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