The OKU and the mother.

June 27, 2014

Hello , I've been reviewing about the boy name Firdaus , who recently found by the Immigration in an anorexia condition in a very unpleasant room to stay. 

Being on the timeline 24/7 after Alevels end , this is something for me to ponder upon. So I waited couple of days to do a review regarding this. At least from a perspective of someone living in the society berlatar belakangkan Malaysia - I am not going to discuss this by comparing this thing with other country on how they solve such problem because certainly my knowledge was not that enough to do so . 

So I did read about the news - articles that support the mother - the news of how his mother tell how hard her life was - about how she don't know all the procedures. And okay , here before I move on , I would like to restate , I am viewing this as a part of society - who don't know the mother and the OKU personally - everything that I said , is from what I can see and how is my perspective towards the situation. Our judgement might differ according to the degree which aku - kenal - dia - lebih - dari - kau - so - kau -tak -layak- cakap -apa apa . 

Bare with the word ridiculous being used repetitively. 

I know its never fair to put the blame alone on the mom. But here, living with a monthly income of RM 1000++ , to leave a boy with disabilities , expecting him to do things by himself is ridiculous. I can never deny yang the mom might not have time to give extra care to the elder son - or certainly can't afford to have a nanny - leaving the boy inside an unpleasant room is ridiculous. I saw pictures on the timeline, seeing how the mother physically dress , an article saying that she couldn't afford to buy a shirt for the child , it doesn't make sense. Can someone just tell me how this thing could make sense? Maybe its me kot rigid pemikiran , tak menjangkau tahap bahawa to see the mum dress like that couldn't afford to provide a good shirt for the boy is just not right. With that small body , the boy can also fit the little brother's shirt. 

Saying that she does not know how to report about the matter? And she's a working woman. I may understand that she does not want to expose her personal life - or the thoughts yang mungkin dia taknak orang hidup untuk kesiankan dia , tapi if betul you can't afford to jaga the boy , can't you find a way then? You're working for god sake, you're not living unemployed , with no access to outside world to not know about this. But I believe the mom knows about zakat or everything , tapi untuk bersangka baik , the mom does not have sufficient ideas / knowledge regarding this. 

Someone might just say , kau pernah rasa ke jaga anak OKU? With that income? In that circumstences ? My answer is NO. Tapi nak tunggu semua manusia ada qualification ni je ke baru boleh bersuara? Okay whats with the comment from a single mom , with a lower income , raising more than two kids , even some with an OKU children. 

Mungkin definisi miskin gila bagi aku di Malaysia is when someone who don't have an access to the internet like you can always see in the BERSAMAMU , and it make sense to me if the mother is in an anorexia condition as well and living in the same room with the boy and having the same outfit as the boy . Sorry maybe our distinctions towards this is different , but if the mom is living in the same way like the boy did , then all these things make sense. 

Kita tak tolak persoalan seperti , mak mana tak sayang anak. Here I don't question about the mom's love towards the son. But as what I can see dari mata kasar , yang tak mengetahui selok belok kehidupan dia membesarkan dua anak dalam keadaan hidup yang sempit , kalau dua dua anak dia , dibiarkan dalam bilik tu , dan dijumpai dua dua dalam keadaan yang sama , that make sense to me that the mom is really living in a hard way raising her kids. Tapi as what I can see , the second child is living healthily , at least its to my eyes. So tell me , who don't speculate that the mom is being unfair towards their children when they see this? Weh even when my mom back up my little brother in an argument pun aku rasa dia unfair , apatah lagi tengok adik beradik lain being showered with physical blessings such as good clothes , and good food , with more money ( even sebenarnya kau dulu dapat equal treat like your other siblings get ) ? Heh. 

We don't really expect the whole society would try to understand the situation right? With all the irony situation?  

I did read through the facebook profile which claimed to be the mum , Puan Lola. 

At some points she did post about she being pity about an OKU child , which to me she's aware with it , which at least to me I know that she loves his son , cuma kadang tu , its like battling with the reality and the thoughts . Tapi by looking at the post. I know certainly she really love the child. Tapi ,

Maybe its never fair to judge a person based on his/her life on the social medias , because we're not living in their circumstances , however all the explanation were too vague - with the addition of the life portrayed by the mum and  the second child.

I guess I am just glad Allah make those officers to rescue this poor little boy. Moga Allah merahmati usaha kalian. To the boy , Malaysian send thousands of prayers and help to you , pay you a visit , I guess it must be a miracle to you , for having a chance to live and blessed with so many people. Tanda Allah redha dengan kehidupan awak di dunia dan insyaAllah di syurga. The mom must felt burdened with all this , maybe its time for her to reflect that even though she's living hard way , to let a child live that way its never fair towards him. Moga Allah juga memberi kekuatan dan ketabahan pada the mom.

 it's sad that everything is so irony in the reality.

PS :  At this point I am so glad that my parents took a great care of me and my siblings. I witness those days we're living in a small house with two rooms , 5 adik beradik kongsi satu bilik which stores thousand of books . Slowly ayah and ibu catching up the rhythm and now alhamdulillah . Despite signify hari hari sempit tu ( bila difikirkan balik , its kinda hard ) , never once I felt ibu ayah lepas tanggungjawab , we were blessed with love and care - makan cukup ,  meski tak mewah dengan permainan , pakai pun cantik. So there are many good things that we can reflect upon this , I am sure who're reading up till this point have a wealthy life I can say ( because you're living with an internet service , having an access to smartphones , laptop , or even walking to the cybercafe ) . Bersyukurlah :)

Thanks ayah ibu :* 

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