20 days before going back thoughts. Ceh

August 28, 2016

so my mum had constantly been asking about whether I already have a steady one when I'm not even thinking about having one . Caught smiling over whatssap conversation ( when its all either my housemates being hilarious or my GE'EF was doing some hambar jokes or some random groups playing teka teki ) . Well the pressure of getting older moreover she got married at the age of 21 , ( looks like she is passing the baton and I am just way toooooooo far behind ) and for some reasons , I don't exactly think I care. Ngeh. The idea of feminism is already invading my head that woman can empower everything on her own. Don't get the idea wrong but I just don't think about any man-woman relationship , comfortable enough i-ship'ing k-drama couple at the moment. 

its about the angle hahaha an awkward potato speaking. I shall upgrade myself to curly fries A&W 
#Loveyourself they said. 

And I wonder what exactly I'm thinking during my school days where I can non-stop talking and thinking about jodoh motion . Curse you hormones ! If I had drawn the line earlier , I'll perhaps score more A's ey? Hahahah but no line were drawn , I was just too young , too dumb , to realise.

Its already 28/08 , another 19 / 20 days before departing back ( for the last time ) to the UK , I thought of migrating but it is still inside rough kind of planning , haven't really give a serious thought about that. Escaping heh? sort of. 

Nevertheless , I should have start buying stuff to bring back to the UK . 

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