Attachment student at Kartini & Partners.

August 15, 2016

It feels weird tho , relaxing the whole day when I'm used to start the day early in the morning. Last week I finished my internship ,  I might as well considered it as working since I do things like helping to prepare documents , called the clients and many of the tasks are very new to me.
I was supposed to write this down last week before the camp but I was occupied ( or lazy basically haha ) . I remembered that I was contemplating over my choice to set my last day of working on the 3rd of August but I need to give myself some time off before the Seeds of Deeds camp. Well exactly takde time off pun sebab sibuk run errands and packing. 

I remembered the first day I'm working , I was assigned to draft a letter to forward to a client. I was given a file and was asked to read and understand the content of the file ( which clearly I may excel in reading but not to understand the terms which seems so new to me ). Masa tu dengan tak bercakap dengan orang lain , level keyakinan di tahap negatif bawah laut. Surat tu exactly drafted quite fast than I expected and 

I thought that YEAY I'M DONE FOR THE DAYHHH jejoget bersama mentimun laut di dasar lautan 

ugh well I'm so wrong. The moment when the lawyer corrected my letter , she asked me where are the documents to be forwarded. Aku blank habis of course , because I was told to complete the letter eh jap excuse me what documents we're talking about hahahahah ? That was one of the stressful moment in life , for the first time depan mata kau ni ada bermacam macam terms and mixed between Malay and English. For example dalam surat it was mentioned there - Pendua Gadaian ... when the exact document is in English Tittle ( Duplicate ). Hari tu sebenarnay sangat mencabar the ignorant side of me , because aku back and forth jugak masuk bilik lawyer untuk recheck whether I got the right documents to be forwarded. Its very simple sebenarnya , ada satu tu resit cukai tanah kot , I was supposed to forward the recent resit but I put forward 2015 punya , well of course mata kau tengok Cukai Tanah je . Menangisi sisi sisi lahiriah yang ada pada seorang Anis Najwa hahaha. 

However , dengan Cik Ta la I learnt a lot ! ( the conveyancing lawyer ) I learnt to be someone yang pay attention on little details. I learn that I must knew the things I'm doing bukan sekadar ambik kerja tu without knowing what is it , or whats next. I remembered the day I asked for he signature on a cheque then she asked me , whats next ? ( iols mati kutu takleh jawab hahahah ) With her I learnt to be confident , in the sense that I know what I'm doing and I don't simply say things like ' Saya rasa ' ' kot' 'I'm not sure about that' dan free free kena fire ' tak sure. tak sure ' adududuh sakitnya di sini haha , secara tidak langsung dia ajar aku the importance of being precise with the works. I did not get the chance to bit her farewell but she seriously taught me a lot , a lot more than I expect. I'm forever thankful for that :')

One of the questions asked by the employer when I emailed the firm is , what I expect / want to learn from the firm ? Sebagai seseorang yang selalu go with the flow and berlapang dada acahhh dengan apa jua perkara yang aku akan belajar , this was actually making me pause for minutes. Later I knew that I was expecting to know some procedures , like how the law works in Malaysia , basically to see how was it the law operating in real life. This includes documentations , I must say its more on the technical side ( clerk jobs ) but I really want to see how things were done. During our first meeting before I started working , I told the lawyer that I wanted to give myself a teaser on everything that I'm going to learn during the attachment days. I never had an experience of working in the past , so I badly want to know how is it working from 8 to 5 everyday. Now that I've experienced it , I want to continue studying ha ha ha ha ha * taknak berhadapan dengan reality *

I was placed at the first floor , with the conveyancing team ( fyi conveyancing is about land , its about buying and selling properties , lots of documentations because we're talking about property and plenty of money invested on this area ) with two helpful Asyrafs. I can never tell you how this two guys eased my life , they help me with all the little details that matters. Macam photocopying , it sounds simple but I can never do it without their help , everything seems so odd in my eyes , bertahun hidup tengok mesin fotostat but I was never in to complicated photocopying tasks. Like to have a duplicate letter to each letter you forward , where to put all the cops. The elder Asyraf was a really neat and tidy person , everything seems so organized on his table. I envied a guy who's very organized like him. That explains why he's very particular on the appearance of documents , contoh macam kena stapler berapa banyak on a document in what manner that it will appear nicely. It looks simple , and petty kenkadang , tapi I seriously need someone like him so that ignorant people like me boleh ditanam hidup hidup hahaha. 

The next Asyraf is Asyraf junior. The story behind the workloads I had was because of him ha ha ha , sebab I gathered my courage to ask him whether is there any works I can help with. The key to internship is to ASK for the job if you don't have any. Sebab seriously kau boleh bertukar menjadi kerepek pisang lemau selepas sehari tanpa kerja , looking at the screen doing exactly NOTHING . The fact that he's always ready to hear to my repetitive questions , I thanked him for being patient. Dia mesti macam lol akak ni study jejauh benda camni pun slow huwaaaa I slow which if I'm in the rabbit turtle race , I am perhaps slower than the turtle. HA HA HA 

I must say that my first working experience is a great start for me , I was not exposed to any kinds of negativity like office bias ( nampak memakcik gossip ke ) , or things like kita sapkoklu minum pagi sampai 10 pagi then baru kerja. I saw that people starts working on time and finished on time as well. Thanks to Kak Nadia and Kak Husna , for accepting me to be a part of the office , for a very short period of time I must say. I had the intention to learn about litigations and syarie matters ( in fact that is what I'm looking forward to do ) but I don't have the chance to do so , perhaps someday in the future insyaAllah :) 

Now that I'm exposed to land matters , I'm considering conveyancing in the future. Its not that boring actually. I had fun. Haha. This post was supposed to be sentimental but the time lagged was too long that I've loose the rhythm of writing . So now I'm left with another month left to go before going back to the UK next month. And today , its been three years since that day. How I wished that I could turned back the time , which I can't. Perhaps that's how our path is meant to cross and He knows better than we do ey? 

Hope that someday our path crossed somewhere in the court or perhaps I see myself going to the firm again because I miss working. Ey do you? * kenyit mata angkat kening sikit *

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