22/8 - Reminiscing the memories in INTEC.

August 23, 2016

I think one of the thing that I've been thinking for the past few weeks is about the missing heart in every writing . Maybe I was contemplating over the matter I'm writing for like thousand time , and I loose the rhythm in writing , hence writing the matter will serve the purpose of storing rather than reflecting. 

I even think about writing on 'Rindu on courtesy basis' but that sounds mushy and I don't think I can write on that.💁

But yesterday , I went to Intec , to pay the lecturers , the staffs , the pakcik pakcik bas , the makcik kafe and perhaps the cats ( everyone who possibly still there and still remembered the easily recognised creature ) , many things changed esp the colours of the building , the new facilities but the people I mentioned above , remains the same , remains warm. Though there may be lots of changes after two years , they were still the warm people I used to know in the past. 

Walking across the buildings tickled my heart. And I realised , being there in INTEC , is about being attached emotionally. 

Days in Intec were full of hopes and dreams. 

Being chose to enrolled A-levels was perhaps one of the best thing could ever happened in my life. Its where I discovered the academic side of me , which I hardly see during my school days. Aku tak rasa masa sekolah aku betul betul memaknai akademik , to the point , I don't really know why I'm studying aside from I need to get straight A's and repay everything I owed my parents. Dan aku rasa ramai je living in the same boat , alhamdulillah I fix my boat during A-level days. Masatu , little that I know yang I'm not qualified for the position and given such opportunity , I know that I can't take things for granted. Its like you're given a second chance , and knowing its a once in a lifetime chance , I took that challenge. 

Tapi masatu pun tak buat banyak research pun what A-levels is all about , its more like gamble ( or sebenarnya memang nampak oh nak fly overseas ) , I was glad I don't know much at that time , because if I know more ( like the risk and stuff ) I might ponder a lot and stick with my dream to be an IIUM Law graduate. 

I must say that the first semester was pretty amazing , simply because Math is not inside the lists of subject. I studied Economics, Law , English and half subject Psychology with ease. Psychology wasn't making sense at first and I saw myself yang develop the same kind of judgement I had for Add Math. So I fake things first , I develop some questions and started to respond to the lecturer's questions ( even though I was clueless ) , and that's where Psychology starts to make sense to me. I enjoyed the other three subjects and scored for the first semester. Things started to be a little bit shaky when there's Mathematics in the second semester. I tried so many things but Math wasn't my forte. Statistic was even worse than ever. I can't tolerate probability. Its just so hard and my points dropped. Still passing paras hidung , I got 12/15 points that semester. It was demotivating wehhhhhhhh sebab I tried everything but still . The third semester , I decided to try harder for math since I'm left with no choice but alhamdulillah somebody stood before me , to drop Math because he can't do math during the meet with HEA. It was in Statistic class when I received my semester 2 paper ,  I asked permission for the lecturer to leave the class , to meet the program coordinator , I want to drop math as well. I can't live in the class where Statistic is making its sense for everyone but not me. 

Oh it was in the second semester too , due to the existence of Math , they need to reshuffle the choice for subjects too , I took History instead of Psychology. History was fun guys I swear ! No pun intended okay. 

And the third and fourth semester was a smooth sailing one for me , except for some drama during my last semester. I lessen the hang out , didn't even go to Mid Valley during my last semester , when you at least went there once in a while each semester. Fourth semester , I've been travelling back and forth , Melaka Shah Alam , esp during the exam gaps. 

Not even once you'll be really convinced yang you'll fly across the sea , even though you pass four big exams ( 1st , 2nd , 3rd , trial ) , so getting good marks for each semester akan bagi kebahagiaan yang tidak hakiki. Until the end , bila ada one of my result pending , dunia kelihatan gelap , its like you're one step further but due to some mistakes , your result is pending. Masatu memang rasa macam my two years , just what happened to my two years. Its very hard to tell yourself that it wasn't your fault since you've gave you very best. At that time , according to the result online ( they showed us the marks as well ) , based on prediction I already got like a C , which means I'm passing with 12/15 , so if the courseworks included , it will either be an A so the points will be 14/15 or a B so the points will be 13/15 . But its not working that way. Still need to wait for the official marks , its a tough week with chaos , time difference some more , and alhamdulillah it turns out good alhamdulillah , I got a B. 

I got the chance to spend quite some time with my lecturers. Lama sikit sembang dengan Madam Nadhirah , my law lecturer. I remembered how clueless I was during trials , I don't have the skills to answer my law paper and I got a C for law , when I'm majoring in law lels masa trial. so post trial sampai real exam , aku rasa aku sangat sangat fokus pada law , went to all classes she offered , went to meet her personally to ask numbers of questions , and passing with an A for law for my external paper , I can't never thanked her enough for the efforts she puts in to help us :') 

Writing these down is like writing back the same thing I wrote in the past hur hur. 

But in case you're looking for INTEC online , I must say my experience there was one of the memories I treasured. The lecturers are tremendously good , I met my lecturers yesterday and how time flies , I'm finishing my degree next year. The environment was conducive , but still it requires you restrain yourself from hanging out too much , well hanging out is not the problem , but hanging out and if it affects your academics , then its a problem.   Because Alevels is all about academics , 100% exam based. Now the system is much more organized , they changed to Cambridge system recently , no longer the standing alone Edexcel haha. They even have AS system now ( maksudnya when you're in your second semester , your paper will be externally marked so you'll have a glimpse on how your final semester paper will be marked ) . The class are really nice , you can stay like all day there with the aircond and fan weh seronoknya  , but you still need to go back to the college. 

Its in INTEC you will learn some little courtesy like saying thanks each time you're going down from the bus , which you perhaps jarang buat in the past. Its where you help to hold any strangers books yang kena berdiri dalam bas. Spent some time mingling with all the pakcik bas , INTEC punya pakcik bas ada skill luar biasa masuk ke dalam lorong lorong kecil di Akasia hahahahha . 

I took some time to go to Section 18 , where the collage is sebab nak pergi Ole-Ole nak makan Pakli hahahha motif sangat , and I went there with my drama partner Aqila , hahaha thank you for being patience for the whole day , and everything taste the same , I ordered the signature Nasi Ayam Lemon with cili potong weh sedap , masih sedap forever sedap ( nangis lagu M. Nasir haha ) 

And now , going to the third year , marks the two years I left Intec for good. INTEC is where I get to experience that people could be so warm , an environment could be so safe ( at least for me ) , I'm just so glad that I've been given such chance to be there. Teringat dulu taknak buat Alevels sebab lama sangat , not knowing A-levels is a blessing to me :')

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