Telemovie ; Izinku Kembali

November 02, 2016

I couldn't contain my sadness any longer watching this Izinku Kembali , I've been watching Tiz Zaqyah's telemovie for the past week , some drowned me into frustration because I couldn't really tolerate the unclear story line but this Izinku Kembali ( though I kept wondering where 'Kan' between Izin and Ku missing ) is an exception. 

The story : 

Its a story about a single mother , divorced by her husband because his another wife refuse polygamy when the husband initially says that he will keep the marriage for the sake of the children as long as the first wife gave the permission for him to marry another one . Things got worse when they need to move out from the house as his husband were in debt , and she couldn't afford to pay for the rent. Tiz Zaqyah ( named Ara in the movie ) had two children , a son and a daughter. The son was rebelling towards the situation and got into some troubles with the teenage at the village , I partially hated him for not compromising or even trying to make it easier for the mum but he actually got some soft sides as a brother and still got that sense of responsibility of a son. Eventually as typical teenagers , he did went into trouble again and again which makes it harder for Ara who was thinking how to take care of the daughter who falls sick due to kidney failure. I couldn't blame him though , he was at one of his toughest time to deal with his parents separation and he ought to say that life will be much easier if he live with the father. Oh I forgot the husband married a wealthy woman ; it goes without saying that he is living in a pretty good life. The son blames Ara for being the one who asked for a divorce , but as usual he only captures the part where the mother says so , but not the earlier part when the father who initiate the separation. 

Though I thought at some points its just ridiculous how things get worse each time , and life never been easy for her. Some of the villagers even badmouth behind her for being a beautiful widow that will seduce their husbands. But that's the reality  , people will talk bad things about you , even for the things you haven't done wrong for , and for some what she felt was just a beginning of what's life is actually offering to you. And because she's the mother , she must be the strongest one , the one who needs to work for the family , WHEN EVERYTHING IS SO HARD FOR HER TO BARE ( scream inside while crying on the outside ) . I can't help but understand how Ara feels . 

But you can actually expect that first son went to the father's place and the step mother ( the second wife ) is excellently following the Cinderella stepmother scheme , the evil one , the one who claims that he was the one who helps the husband escaping the miseries. The son now worked in the second wife's house as a gardener. It saddens me to see the father helplessly allow that to happen . But this is perhaps a very good lesson to the son because finally he realized what's the reality .  I guess the son really plays a powerful role , we owe so much to his rebelling side because that hits the father's hard. 

Luckily , Ara found a friend , who offers her emotional help , the friend is also a single mother. The friend brought her to support circle for people who's experiencing the same situation as hers. I wish that I will keep the same kind of friend till the very end. 


THE FATHER FINALLY STOOD UP ! ( this what happened when you are writing while watching the movie )  ouw that slap on the second wife feels so real. 

Now I get it , Izinku Kembali actually applies to the father and the son. Even though the father does not really appear that much in the story. What unique about Ara's character is such doesn't hold grudge , forgetting what happened is never possible , and I believe a woman with such good hearts forgives like Ara does because its for the sake of the children. If its according to the story I don't think the parents got back together . And the father sacrifice his kidney to save the daughter. The ending of the story is so simple , they took a photograph together on the son's graduation day. 

I know it may sounds cliché enough but that's what film / telemovie producers should have been doing , highlight some hidden reality behind cliché corporate world. What I love about this movie is that it shows the realistic side of the world , things will hit you hard , and it will not get easier over one night. Ara's friend said in one of the scene that 'You can never expect things will magically heal , you need to work something out' . Her role as an outsider played well because that's what outsiders do , you can never deny the emotional help though it may sounds helpless. Even if they never stand in our shoes. 

For a very short story , an hour an a half , this television movie is grasp really well and I love it !

Bade Hj Azmi , bravo ! 

Some quotes I love from the movie is when the son refused to eat dinner ( which looks like a cat's food ) and says that he won't get wiser by eating those , Ara replied ' Back then the prophet only eats dates but his message spreads to the world ' and 

' Not even once what happened in our life is coincidence , its by fate ( by good reason ) and God is never wrong ' 

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