Seperti cinta...

April 05, 2017

Just arrived home this evening after a long refreshing weekend , in Birmingham and London for different programmes , though our three days two nights in London were planned at 2.00 am in the morning. 

'Dakwah seperti cinta , dan cinta akan meminta semuanya darimu' 

I ( repetitively) watched the video made by our talented regional head for Majlis Perwakilan Nasional IKRAM UKE , and I remembered few days before when they asked us to fill in the 'fun survey' and though it was named 'fun' for reasons we don't know why, it was quite a serious moment where I specifically had a long thought about what IKRAM UKE meant to me.

Have a look :) [ click this ]

I wouldn't mind though to be labelled as 'budak usrah' though me in the past had this negative thoughts on these circles of people , because to me or perhaps to the others in the same circle, this is one of the tiniest effort we're doing in acquiring knowledge and slowly walking back to the Al Mighty , together.

All these mixed feelings, leaving the UK means leaving the place where I get to know Islam and tarbiyah. Ironically in this side of the world , I finally know why I am living to this very day.  With people who defy all my bad thoughts and perception with their efforts and warmness they offered.

I acknowledge the dark past I had , but Allah gave me this chance, still makes my heart inclined to stay in this journey. Its a bitter sweet journey for me, a journey that requires me to leave behind the jahiliyyah side of me, its been there forever in you but knowing there's a clear distinction between what is haq ( the truth ) and the batil ( the lies ) and there's no grey line to it , you know you need to be strong and in need of people's support to remain steadfast

and He sends me a group of human that acknowledged the struggles because they are struggling to. They welcomed you with whatever starting points you had. And they never leaves you behind, but  you always need to keep it in your mind, its really not a one way relationship though , you yourself need to pour your heart out and put effort to be in this journey.

Kan dakwah itu cinta.
Yang sedang menuntut segala perihal darimu.

Hakikatnya semua orang insyaAllah sedang berusaha untuk mencapai redha Allah

Dan kita manusia akan selalu berusaha untuk perkara yang pulangannya

' worth the while '

* nak nangis boleh tak * 

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