To reflect on your sick days

April 23, 2017

“Tiada seorang mukmin yang ditimpa oleh kepenatan atau penyakit atau risau fikiran atau sedih hati, walaupun jika terkena duri, melainkan semua penderitaan itu akan dijadikan penebus dosanya oleh Allah” 

(HR Bukhari-Muslim)

I'm recovering from what I believe through the symptoms as tonsillitis , it hurts so bad that even swallowing saliva seems so painful, do not mention about eating or drinking, alhamdulillah I survived. 

A little more phlegm to get rid off soon, I've been gargling salty lukewarm water at least thrice a day and a spoonful of honey blend in a warm water to sooth the throat ( with hope the phlegm goes away too ) , 

It can be frustrating sometimes when you're coughing , you can actually feel there's phlegm inside your throat but they decided to stay there and not wanting to go out ( its such a rough night for me , perhaps for my housemates too since they need to bare with my never ending cough, tried my best to make it low but the wall and the floor ain't soundproof aye ) ( this sounds gross but I am trying my best to make it sounds imaginable and tolerable at the same time haha

Looked up online on natural ways to get rid of the unpleasant sore throat ( the level is much higher than just sore throats ) , and one of them is garlic, which you need to chew them (#justlikethatIcanimaginehowitfeelslike) early in the morning when your stomach is empty because they contain sulphur ( I'm no good in verifying this ha ha ) to remove all the phlegm from your throat wall? 

I could have done that if its getting worse but as for now I am coping well with honey, salt and a towel full of germs , they perhaps constructing a kingdom now ( its gross I know

And looking at the colour of the phlegm ( gross times by two ) , guided by the massive information on google , its getting better insyaAllah :) 

Nevertheless I am actually prepared for this , 

I mean the getting flat all day on bed -headache attached to it- basically all the pains I'm experiencing for the past few days ( a week ) because the last time I could vividly remember I'm in such condition was back in 2009. And coupled with factors like I went to two camps consecutively , the weather is changing -  and its always better now isn't it? I mean before the exam days.

I am also blessed with many kind souls that pray for my fast recovery, may Allah bless all of you ameeen insyaAllah. 

Not that I am in pink of health all year round, sometimes , overtimes I may say , I (think) I have a sensitive stomach and depended on sachets of herbal medicine to recover fast and alhamdulillah it still works to this very day. 

Despite the pain , I am grateful for the ability to still feel what 'pain' is. 

It reminded me of the days where I am blessed with good health. And in a way your dependency towards Allah become much higher because after all He is the one with the highest blessings and care, and to remind myself that sickness is one of the way to reflect on my sins. And the ability to feel what pain is does not happened to people who suffered leprosy ( kusta ) but their condition gets worse but they don't feel the pain though the effect can be seen evidently. 

Its not easy though to actually feel blessed with pain because apparently you can't think straight. 

It comes after that , after you gets better but I hope next time if I am ever tested with such test, I am able to stay calm and patient , thinking of the rationales and hikmah straight away. 

'and you miss the sun when it started to snow'

Without pain and sickness you become less appreciative towards your healthy days. And such test I've been going through this week is not even comparable to those who experience  other chronic diseases.

And to anyone who is struggling with pains and sickness , 

may Allah grant you patience and may Allah ease it for you in ways you can be eased. 

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