tidak normal

April 11, 2017

Semalam scroll facebook nampak satu link ni , pasal 'mental healthiness' , one serious link , sebab selalu suka je buat kuiz facebook yang vaguely fettering people , for example ,

' Anda kelihatan seperti... Beyonce' urgh tipunya. Its Beyonce who looks like me. 😝 eheee. 

Starting to admit that there's a clear boundary between your faith towards your belief and mental disorder. I am getting concerned because it shows ' Tidak normal ' for the majority score of 'sederhana' , 

how it feels like for those who're under the shadow of the black dog / depression and stuck in that room without figuring out a way out to that misery. May Allah ease those with whatever struggles they're facing right now. 

And I was quite alhamdulillah lucky to still have control over my emotions. And fighting back the negative vibes. Sometimes I seems to assert the symptoms I am experiencing as simply laziness , ie laying on bed all day, not wanting to wake up , find no reasons to wake up and pro long the sleep. 

The last question from the set of questions caught my eyes 

' Find no reason to live anymore ' 

Ticked 'Tak pernah' because I am having abudance of reasons to stay alive insyaAllah. Haven't really sowed good deeds or much preparation for the hereafter. I have so many things ahead me , with Allah will insyaAllah. 

For those who have control over their own state of emotion , be wary of excessive happiness nor sadness. 

We can get through this insyaAllah ! 

InsyaAllah after few days home, its time to refresh the long lost thoughts , will be going to Sheffield for the rest of the week for Spring Camp and Mukhayyam Akhawat ! 

Its been a very tough ride for me , as a vice director cum secretary for the camp , I rarely up for JK's position since I see myself more like a bridge between the camp and the beneficiaries instead of the brick for the bridge itself. 

I don't do many to be honest 😔 , very slow with overseeing stuff as a whole , sitting in a very comfort zone as a secretary * I enjoyed the secretary position more to be honest 😑 * , very very slow with the budget and hardly responded to many conversations , I had this one anxiety of seeing too many whatssap conversation hahaha 😅

that explains why I prefer people to contact me via email , even instagram is choking me. I just dislike the vibes it delivers. 

anyway pray for me and for the rest of the team. 

Sungguh insan insan ni dah berusaha sebaiknya , maka Allah selayaknya sebagai sebaik baik perancang. 🙆

Doakan :) 

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