Blessed with awesome people :))

July 08, 2012

Assalamualaikum. *selitkan rasa keterujaan aku dapat online malam malam :))*- its here in Akasia's hall.

I havent shared yet the actual life I have been facing here. As I am being so busy exploring the new world instead being stucked in front of pc's all the way time :)) Explore-holic sangat aku ni.

Basically every night , Aku prefer duduk depan lappy, tengok kartun lepas bosan bukak words dan merapu rapu. But then recently I bought some books to release the cliche ways of life. At least terisi masa lapang sebelum start berdating dengan buku buku. Day-time aku prefer berjalan - by mean pergi blok Aqila. Pergi blok Ain and kalau takde idea sangat, aku akan duduk taman depan Akasia, dengar lagu baca buku. SEE how istiqamah-nya aku terhadap buku buku.

Weekend exploring route ktm all the way dari Shah Alam-KL Central-Mid Valley. I learnt so many things recently and I feel awesome with that.

Photo: Hang out with sisters :))
the sisters in MidValley. :))

One thing that I rarelly found in some other places were, the awesome people that I face almost everyday, the seniors, the batch the people . It reminiscing me back to the very first day we're here. We just end our deen-session and it happens to be , we meet such a caring kakak. Kami baru je berjumpa dalam satu minit and she welcome us, ouhhh ouuhh like so terharu kot bila dia kata, kita exchange number, apa apa nanti akak bantu. Yes she helps us almost with all questions yang berlegar dalam kepala :')

Besides, the surrounding INTEC yang sangat tenang. Mendamaikan. Huhh Huhh. Even it was like everyday I craved for twitter. Bukak phone explore wi-fi yang takkan sampai, I never felt a small regret bila masuk sini. I am still in a path of learning. Adapting. Socializing. In a route of success, insyaAllah.Lagipun setakat ni takpernah mati lagi sebab tak dapat nak tweet.  Here you can see a situation where lab for computers lengang instead di Selandar, people like so eager for pc's. Lots of new things to learn , lots more people to meet . Get a life :))


I am having a good and great life. Saya tengah tersenyum sangat lebar ni :))

some video' regarding our MDS life. Naisss of course :)) - sources youtube :P

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